Actually having fun in War Thunder

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Source: Munitions


  1. hey nice video!! 😜 keep it up buddy because I love those contents

  2. Let’s goooo


    I love how he insults people that probably have like 10 hours of not less in tank battles

  4. Munitions: We are not going to stop
    Dog: Not today
    Munitions: I cant stop dog now go

  5. Thank you for a long video

  6. The bored Itamar

    2:09 have u ever play with the char b1 bis? its so fun making new players angry

  7. LuisWarThunder YT

    Hahahaha, I love watching your videos, they are very funny and original, keep uploading content like this, I love you, Munitions UwU ❤️

  8. Why u this reading

    He got windows 7 on this bitch respect bro windows 7 only

  9. noice. Also on the howitzer puma I would recommend taking like 5 HE just to shoot open tops like AAA. When I play my M56 I always take HESH shells to deal with AAA and Nashorns and Waffletragers and stuff

  10. Average Tiger H1 Enjoyer

    4:49 Bruh…He’ve been scared by a Marder, while playing a German.

    Anyway, great to see another long video, good job!

  11. Conrad Øllgaard

    can he please make more videos like this? I really like his videos, since they arent too long, and arent too short. I like them alot

  12. Used default belt on gun stuker 🤮

  13. Uniquethoughtss

    Stop shitting on newcomers 🙁


    chad move

  15. Zero Two's Senpai


  16. Battle for freedo,

    Did you say your having fun… No one is allowed to have FUN!!!!!

  17. василий вахнин

    Muzik of USSR

  18. The Sarc that you were looking at – it’s insane when turning corners, I was playing as it earlier and almost barrel rolled three times on two corners

  19. Impossible

  20. It’s illegal to have fun in war thunder

  21. How to have fun in war thunder: play Germany and remember and make peace with the fact that your team mates are always incompetent

  22. Very epic. Very honest. Very fun to watch. I love the longer videos and the shorts as well!

  23. 3:19 *literally fucking dies*

  24. Have you tried the T95 yet? Downtier? Fun!
    Uptier? Pain with a bit fun!

  25. fun?! in war thunder?!?! impossible..

  26. 9:39 1. good job doxxing yourself 2. why do you still use windows 7 in 21

  27. I Play Kog'Maw Alot

    How do you get the red crossair

  28. Shelly Gartside

    Don’t test the flak limo it the deadliest thing on the battlefield

  29. Just sub! ಥ⌣ಥ

  30. Never seen a more relatable game ever
    Just almost completely pointless singing
    Mixed with strange noises about my current situation.
    And then slowly increasing pitch until I break my voice box
    Trying to make a friend with a random guy
    Then dying due to the other player not knowing our intentions

  31. Arcangelo Ogbonna

    “War Thunder, it, it’s almost fun” ~PhlyDaily, 2017-19 I can’t remember.

  32. Fran Knežević

    So… u are using the wheeled Panzer 4 g which has more things to soak up damage than millimeters of armour all together

  33. Pumas are actually the reason I still use the Kv2, yaknow, its just to spite them

  34. Uncle Schmäniuäll

    In may lobbies, everyone is playing theese

  35. Vinicius Ferreira Gozzi

    If dominic toretto was an tank driver on the german side in the ww2.

  36. Can u do a vid on the bmp1 plz

  37. Brian the boss loves falling off the bed

    12:42 ah poo


    The KGB is on their way, the should only be a few minutes

  39. Иван Ивков

    Ha-ha, respect for mr. Tro-lo-lo

  40. Wait that’s not allowed

  41. impossible

  42. what is that sight

  43. Are you a Hungarian?

  44. Dem “singing” skillz tho

  45. Yeees zippy bois!

  46. Do you realize that Ju is for bombing the tanks? 😂

  47. Bro, it is “Pew-mur” not “poo-mur”

  48. John Mckaly • 7 years ago

    Fun fact: Puma can go faster when drive backward(on road)

  49. Another joy is using Churchill with the 150 mm front armor at downtier

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