AD-4 SKYRAIDER | 56 HYDRA ROCKET Ground Strike (War Thunder Plane Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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56 HYDRA ROCKET Ground Strike ( Plane Gameplay)


  1. Sharonjazzlyn Stantonvaspuez

    THE type riter rockets

  2. thats why every BR over 4.7 is no fun for germany anymore. deal with tanks of every time/era, CAS-Span, no more working Armor, Heavy Tanks not able to pen othe rtanks from the front while they easily pen a tiger front above 2km.

  3. Track name at the m41 part?

  4. Tank challenge time!
    Play the russian T-26 in top tier. Try to get atleast 2 kills. For everytime your shot bounces/has no effect or misses you have to drink a shot of vodka (try not to die)

  5. Phly, APDS on the M41 can penetrate the frontal armour of the Panther with no problem. You could have gone right though any part of that top plate at any time.

  6. Merry Christmas

  7. Why u not spam those rockets like a crazy!? Why?

  8. * vietnam flashback intensifies *

  9. i bet you to 1 shot a kv-2 with a m8 scott

  10. hey yo pls play the F3D-1

  11. Marry Christmas phly

  12. Take either the Cromwell V or Cromwell I and whatever plane of your choice, with one exception:
    Play the entire game when you are in the Cromwell in reverse. Good luck with the -3kmph top speed.

    Attempt #2

  13. Phly!
    Been watching your videos for a long ass time now man!
    Love them! Don’t change!
    <3 A loyal viewer!

  14. RBGF plane controls are a joke. They should be forced into cockpit or something… its a joke how you can just put a mouse cursor on enemy tank and it flies itself. Really ruins the mode.

  15. 2:20-2:45 a rare occurrence of german bias

  16. As if the ad-2 wasn’t already responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent kitties

  17. when you watch him aim for the weak spots of a panther instead of shooting it’s center of mass with 232mm pen sabot

  18. See this is how rockets should work they should be like a tank round fired from a plane if they hit they should act like they type of round they are HEAT for HEAT based rockets like the hydras and AP like the RP-3s

  19. This will not make the wehraboos happy

  20. I’ve been loving the hydras

  21. I disapprove go to gulag

  22. What’s the name of the track 8:00???

  23. 9:08 poor dude got hit direct with that rocket

  24. Hey Phly, I have a question for you: How does one get past the horrendous stock grind on the M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo with the 75 mm gun?

  25. challenge attempt #6. take out the leo A1A1 nad get 3 kills going at least 25kph.

  26. nothin like apfsds on a aircraft

  27. lol yeah give german all the shit BR MM now fking adding more rockets planes? fucking retarded

  28. Spector Warhammer 45

    Someone plz tell me the name of the music

  29. Hey Phly, huge fan of the channel. I wanted to ask if you could shout out my friend? He just started making YouTube videos and loves war thunder and your channel. This is the link to his channel

  30. I play ru 251 just like he play m41

  31. French op vehicles yep they definitely had this back then that’s why they won war against the Germans

  32. BIlly the SMall Bong thorton from india

    “” what the fuck just happen” MURICA! thats what happen.

  33. remember to scout for deecrase in spawn points

  34. 2:21 it was a t34, not a tractor.

  35. you have a hole in your hole!

  36. Phly I figured I would let you know that I got 2 gay condom ads on this video

  37. Ad-4 aka A-10

  38. What’s the name of the song that starts from 6:45?

  39. Yeah, check price of it…

  40. God Germany is just so obsolete now, the tanks are too old for what you verse and just have insufficient weapons, unless it fires heat which there is one but its premium and the shitter td with the same gun cant be 6.7

  41. Been playing the M41 lately myself, but I haven’t unlocked that sabot yet… Really missing out as you can see with them butt clenching moments you had there. Fantastic demonstration of light tanking done right. I love it. Speed > armor, in both ballistics and tactics.

  42. 10:57 that guy that was killstealed from you was even called kill_steal lol

  43. Fly the La-174!

  44. can you give me replay of 8:15 I want to clip that shit

  45. Got love Phly ,making Soviet light tanks life harder

  46. These rockets kill the game. I mean 56 rockets, 28 salvos and one salvo can potentially take out a heavy tank…

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