^^| Advent Calendar Day 1 2016 – EU/NA/SEA

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Source: SirCircon


  1. Great Idea! Please continue doing these advent calendar reviews :)

  2. Marshmellows Cheesecake

    oh wow! He actually remember for SEA!

  3. bundels!!!!!!!! get yooo bundles!!!!!!

  4. Thanks for the mini tank review/warning…. Mucho appreciated.

  5. SEA had this tank before.

    Still not even worth it. It’s the go to tank i point at when people
    complain about premiums being “OP”

  6. Ahhh, the WoT Advent Calendar. At least so far an event for people with a
    great deal more money than sanity.

  7. Need to see your face! Last year’s bundles resulted in some epic reactions
    from you lol

  8. when you’re looking at the advent calender, look at the yellow mark, click
    on it, you can erase some of it by clicking it and it reveals something

  9. Still expecting to run into players who bought this tank in Asia server
    because raisins.

  10. a f*cking PzIII can out play this PzK shit every time

  11. Roll up roll up, come and get your bundles, lovely xmas bundles.

  12. The Ausf K is a freaking command tank. What value does that have in a game
    like this? Why not just make it an Ausf M, which is all it is minus the
    coax mg and adding more radios and a star antenna.

  13. Question for everyone about the prices. Are we really seeing a difference
    for the same item from different regions or is the user interface not
    translating correctly? I’m trying to figure out if there is any reason why
    WG would not do the math and make sure that each region charged the same
    amount for the same item.

  14. I hope you don’t get annoyed but I’m going to say this a few times before
    the year is done … THANK YOU for doing this series. Such valuable advice
    at a time when I’m looking to spend some money on myself.

  15. So why am I watching this when I’ve basically stopped playing WoT…BECAUSE
    CIRCON! 😀

    (WG eat shit)

  16. Sigh, the Pz 3K again. WG really needs to discount it, so not worth $12.99

    I prefer the Turan 3 PT over it.

  17. Now I don’t want to make you mad… But I may have bought the non Bundle Pz
    III K… K bye

  18. Thanks for putting up the video

  19. Please for the love of all that is Holy and Good in the world… tell me
    that the code is not a ‘limited amount of codes’ thing, like they did for
    the WG leagues, or whatever they were.

  20. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ BUY BUNDLES ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  21. I think i’m getting a sense of …. or even a hint of “Don’t fucking buy it”

    Anyone else getting this vibe?

  22. Thanks circon for doing this again this year :-)

  23. I’ve been waiting for this, I appreciate your opinion and input on these
    things and the work you put in for us <3

  24. Why would you buy a prem on NA you got 3 rentals every week to play. Stop
    the rental tanks war gaming you can make more money!

  25. Start guide.
    “It’s a bad tier 4. But it’s actually a tier 5 tank so your double fucked.”
    End guide.


  27. horrifyingly bad tank, i am suprised WG even dare to sell this piece of
    poop. keep up the good work circon. altho i already feel bad for the few
    poor sods that will get it.

  28. scratch the yellow bit

  29. Hes doing the Lords work again.

  30. $17.74 Canadian to 12.99 American got to love the exchange rate hate to see
    it for South America what they would have to pay

  31. Don’t buy the pz iii K until they buff that thing. This tank has my highest
    exp game ever but it’s just not a good vehicle. Needs so many fixes
    especially the gun handling. The best thing they could do for thus tank us
    drop it a tier but keep the credit making potential that way you could have
    a reason to buy it. I play it for shits and giggles when I want to troll
    lower tier players but you get fucked when you yourself are low tier. So
    beware !

  32. oh… the wot ass sucking calendar. comedy gold.

  33. Thank you for doing this, cool to see real opinion not sales person! GL

  34. Bundle for me on Na is 67$. Nice meme. Also Canadian monopoly money strikes

  35. I’m waiting for the Rudy. Or not. I’ll rather buy pizza ?

  36. U forgot the bonus code bit

  37. Why wouldn’t NA get fucked lol

  38. ‘It’s a bad tier 4, but it’s actually a tier 5’ – 😀 😀 😀 – Circon 10 / 10

  39. I’m thinking WG is not sending you a Christmas card Circon, lmao.

  40. Love this. It saves me so much time and effort compared to just trying to
    research all the tanks


    THE only thing they had to do is give it the pz3 mobility!!!! THATS ALL BUT
    NOOOOOOOOOOO lets make it slower then a fucking panzer 4 and worse then the
    pz4 D which is tier 4 btw!

  42. NA is getting fucked.

    So everything is normal.

  43. on NA, it isnt 24hrs, but available 3 days? nice consistency

    it is basically a Pz IV ausf D (from tier IV) but at tier V
    so it gets even worse MM, same bad pen at 103mm., with worse gun stats, bad
    ammo count and it is slower.

  44. Is it that time again? Well,time flies fast.

  45. Thanks :). We can always rely on your honest opinion

  46. Saw a normal tier 4 Pz III rape this in a 1 on 1. The K has great DPM for a
    tier 5 premium, but with that pen and worse mobility then it’s tier 4
    counterpart. He had zero chance. After I saw that I was like “nope, not
    getting that”

  47. I cant wait for the really shit bundles that are gonna be later more close
    to Christmas. Lowe Black with a year of prem BiA and 12k gold. Calling rn

  48. Trust me: Getting every tank is REALLY expensive…

  49. You should Have said Why it’s Bad… other than it a bad tier 4 , at tier 5

  50. Best part about the calendar ? It has 30 “doors” FailFish

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