^^| Advent Calendar Day 24 – EU/SEA + other xmas special

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  1. hej circon, nice to see you putting out more vids, great work;-) and since
    you are a unicorn and you get sometimes frustrated with the noobs in youre
    team, maybe you can teach us what to do, how to make the right plays,like
    tutorials, strategy etc.

  2. 11:35 I think the there’s nothing behind that gun manlet; just a hole. Bit
    weak I think.
    And, the tiger paint job is just that; and doesn’t add towards camo.

  3. Many thanks for all this great job for the calendar event. Very good advice
    each day’s in à very short time you’re a boss!!!!

  4. so highlight reels of the “bad” or “mediocre” tanks and teach people how to
    excel in them. you’re an excellent player and it would benefit the

  5. “Wot in a Nutshell” random topics that arise from stream about tanks. mini
    reviews to rants to map guides. easy as pie.

  6. Thank you for all you vids they are Awesome . Merry Christmas X

  7. a bit live gameplay? or Playing tanks what the viewers request?

  8. well great i have a code for the Hydrostat Pz4 and now they sell that
    shit… its gonna be worth less now i guess…

  9. Mate You have a very happy Xmas – keep the great stream and content coming

  10. Those eyes make the tank look deranged, or like it suffered a concussion
    from trying to bounce one too many Russian 122’s.

  11. meanwhile we on xbox got the PZ II D as a gift , ah WG why u so kind

  12. So not available on US server :(?

  13. I would like to point out anyone in Canada gets absolutely buttfucked by
    wargaming. The is-3a is $82 CDN, the T34 is on sale for 13% off at
    $64(normally $73) and the Lowe is normally $76

  14. Plz don’t call the Toldi German tank! It is a Hungarian tank in the German
    tech tree! ;)

  15. Toldi is not too terrible. SU-76I is still better tho.

  16. Fuck tanks, when there’s beer, food and family waiting for christmas then
    go do that. GG anyway.

  17. that idea sounds good man you could review replays and thanks or talk about

  18. The camo works in the same way as AMX 13 57 (Grand Finals version)

  19. WG seems to make Troll bundles like the Pz2J and the Hydrostat cost 100

  20. And guess what server doesnt get the Patton KR? If you guessed NA, you’d be

  21. Ok who else tried to click the java update?

  22. “Why don’t they make it for sale all year round?”

    1) US already have the Super Pershing for a crew trainer, so it’s not too
    necessary, but it would still be nice
    2) Same reason the Kanonen Jagdpanzer isn’t on sale all year round, despite
    them removing the JT 88. WG logic, don’t argue

  23. Seems odd the American medium isn’t for sale in NA. Those painted eyes on
    the tank are just creepy.

    Regarding the video idea, I don’t watch Twitch much but I did see you test
    the IS3-A and one thing I found very useful was during a bad game where you
    uttered the phrase “WoT in a nutshell”. You then gave some really good tips
    and suggestions on why the match went bad. That kind of stuff is very
    useful to those of us just trying to not suck. If you just pulled those bad
    matches where you talk about what your team did wrong and what they should
    have done and why I’d watch it. I assume it wouldn’t be too much work since
    you’re just pulling content from the stream.

    Thanks for this series. Enjoy the holidays.

  24. Your advent calendar series has been very good. An idea for short videos
    would be your thoughts on changes to WOT such as the Stat hiding you
    discussed on yesterdays stream. I also find your platooning videos very
    informative and often very funny.

  25. And then theres the T-34-3 at 40 euro

  26. Quantum Imperfections

    Don’t forget ladies and gents: AXTHGH12BN15MASA is the Advent Calendar
    Wargaming code for 2015. You get 24 Chocolate to use for your german tanks.

  27. The Gunmantle is really shit you can pen it with a e25 and AP not APCR

  28. State of balance videos from your hardened prescriptive would be awesome.

  29. how about a reaction video for ”best moments of the week” where u comment
    on some random troll or epic moments that happened in like a week or so? or
    once every couple of days? Love to see you laugh and comment on hilarious

  30. Circon, I think you have a good idea about your “10-15 minute dailies”
    video series. Talking about random WoT topics and then feature some
    gameplay is an interesting idea, and would also bring in more subs with the
    increased regular channel content.

  31. WoT Bonus Code: AXTHGH12BN15MASA = 24x Choclate

  32. Louis-Philippe Nault

    god damnit we NA players don’t have that bundle,

  33. wtf why do u guys get so much shit with the toldi, (from Asia server) i
    know we got it 1 week earlier but we only get the tank.

  34. will it be 15% off from the 25dec ?

  35. I’ll be watching your Christmas Stream and New Year’s Stream

  36. The turret does not bounce very much, I got penned by things like t34-85,
    commet, is6 ap at a long distance, etc. The gun works well and the pen can
    hold up well in t8/9 but struggles with some t10 situations. But you can
    spam gold like there’s no tomorrow and still make 30 – 50k profit each game
    so that’s nice. took about 1250 base xp to ace it at the moment.

  37. leave us some funny gameplay of the new tier 3 german tank, circon

  38. would’ve been cool if you played like 1 game in the gift tank but ok

  39. Weow, it actually was fully painted with turret and all:

  40. Review tanks WoT and AW maybe.

  41. For those short clips you might consider minor things like showing your
    in-game settings and why you choose it. Perhaps crew skills for dummies.
    Thanks for the videos.

  42. Do an arty rant every day until WG balances them

  43. You could make more videos of the chech tanks

  44. ten minute videos could be tank guides, map guides, q&a, weakspot guides,
    tactics, playing arty, stream highlights, maybe mod spotlight and many
    more. Great vid and merry christmas.

  45. The Patton is historically accurate. Just google ”Patton Tiger Korea” :P

  46. Make a reroll…Play the line chosen by, say a strawpoll… And play it
    with minimal gold. New players would greatly appreciate. You can even bring
    in other Youtubers like Foch, Jingles etc as guests. Call it something like
    – “How to not be a tomato – WOT Edition”or something. Would be pretty
    unique :)

  47. Hi Circ, I personally would like to see quick how to guides for different
    tiers and vehicles. Maybe even quick map guides. that sort of thing. advice
    from a super unicum how how not to be a pancake.

  48. Inb4 wargaming is watching and they give you stuff not in bundles but at
    the same price.. And 1% off!

  49. 24 chocolate for world of tanks code : AXTHGH12BN15MASA

  50. Some ideas for weekly videos:
    -Frequently asked questions that people can ask you about the game, so
    people can learn to game better.
    -Showcasing game mechanics, pretty much noob-tutorials.
    -Maybe something like a podcast with people you play with every once in a
    while discussing games you play like World of Tanks, AW etc.

    Merry Christmas Circon! :)

  51. so bad quality

  52. Weekend special would be nice. Altough there seems to be very little to
    talk about alot of times. Maybe a video showcasing mechanics in the game
    you stumbled across in your streams and talk about that? Interesting
    spotting situations, is-3 side armor, revisiting buffed tanks,
    how2heavytank video series with sidescraping & wiggling etc….

  53. 360p?

  54. Am I first ?

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