Adventures of GIRTH BOI & War Thunder memes (War Thunder)

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  1. some exquisite memes here

  2. @PhlyDaily Is Germany’s High Tier Tanks viable? Or is it basically Ruski bias :/

  3. Nice 1

  4. How much pen does that heat round have?

  5. Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

  6. B1s nightmare

  7. I used to do the same thing in CoD, to nly when they saw me, the rule was that I’d have to explode… The old days.

    Also dem Girth Bois have been cancer with that reload, but I’ll take my pound of flesh yet.

  8. PhlyDaily when driving wheeled vehicles turn using the driver assistance mode (I mapped it to a button on my joystick and a backup mapping on middle mouse) and keep it held. It helps immensely with turning.

  9. Now THIS is epic!

  10. And THIS is why I keep coming back to watch Phly’s videos.

  11. I thoroughly enjoyed this video and I really like the editing done at the end

  12. This whole vid is thunder show

  13. The german american combo. The german M4 and the german P47

  14. Amazing video phly, keep up the great work!

  15. d e m o n e t i z e d

  16. CALLENGE!!!!!! Not a tank but try to whistle your intro in the next video. But don’t play it

  17. name a more iconic duo than THE GIRTH BOI & THE SQUEEZE BOI
    i’ll wait

  18. Phly: cruises around with enemy tanks no problem

    Me: *thinks* about looking around a corner at my own spawn…dies

  19. (Guile’s theme) Listened to this song in my 28 mm Squeezy Boi, now it’s a 75 mm Girth Boi

  20. the other Girthy Boi outta nowhere killed me man lmao its like bumping into a guy wearing the same shirt at a party hahah *chuckles* ” What’s up brother!”

  21. That ending was the dumbest thing I’ve seen on the internet. Thank you, have a like.

  22. I dont get do you see targets and how do they not see you? Enemies to me look like either a rock, a hulk, or don’t see them at all.

  23. Oh my God hahahaha

  24. Hey man I need someone to talk to I’m feeling way down I’m lost and don’t know what to do with my life

  25. SO good video man! 😀

  26. Last time I met a Squeezy-Boy and a Girth-Boi, I was in a San Francisco bath house.

  27. Love low BR gameplay!

  28. Felix James Ainsley

    Girthboi squeezyboi and pakboi

  29. Is this available in the store now?

  30. I drove the sd.kfz 221 out for the first time the other night, only to be confused when everyone I ran into on my team greeted me with a “Hi Squeezyboi” comment.

  31. You total wuss. You could at least have shown us the death to the French tank. I love seeing these things get killed.

  32. 10:01 was perfectly timed

  33. ArE yOu SurE aBoUt tHAt?

    Illusion at max peak performance.

  34. This are my fv videos keep it going:)

  35. YES! JUST, YES!

  36. Phly you’re too fucking funny man. That friendship was hilarious (6:25) and squeezy boi?! lmfao.

  37. Just use cruise control on wheel mounteds man, its easier i think

  38. how do you get girth boi in WT?

  39. It is actually the same gun of the first StuG, phly

  40. If anyone wants to do girth boi/sqeezy boi squad’s dm me

  41. That made me smile

  42. I have that tank too

  43. why you not use HEAT shell only?. is can kill char B1 eazy! (HL.Gr38 C shell)


  45. Give me five!

  46. Starcaster "Universe of Gaming"

    This was one of the best videos you have ever made.

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