Advice for Playing the Bad Side on Ruinberg

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Hi Lemming

  2. i’m first dude. 😛

  3. The tips you give really help me to get better at tactics that i have problems with

  4. Would you have played differently if the WZ did go field?

  5. lemming do u like EU so far? I find it more cancerous than NA

  6. Warcrimes incarnate

    Lemming, you should slowly replace the “you don’t have to be Erwin Rommel to see…” schtick with more and more obscure tank commanders.

  7. Congrats on 30k subs. Do 30k live stream nub

  8. When I read ruinberg on bad side I thought other spawn… Wtf this the good side

    • And to add to my comment, e3 or d3 whatever it is you can win city easily, and knowing pubs they’re retarded and won’t really push field so as long as you got spots on field, you can shoot them there or brawl in town a lot easier. Basically, if both did win properly, south spawn wins city easy and north wins fidld. In my experience heavy beats meds in pubs

    • Justin Koch the field has a lot of cover and resets north base easily… so many bushes and buildings.. and HT drivers just drive into the open and gets outplayed easily, and the city takes a long time to win.. field is fast, heavies will still fight and then meds/lights are already behind u

    • Lfc Maniac yeah I understand what you’re saying, and if field has good players then I agree. But more often than not they are just shitters and they will be focused on fighting tanks in front of them on 90 and the 12 line has shots on their side

    • Justin Koch normally when i play field from north spawn, i always push the field hard and those bad players tend to follow me and we attack enemy from behind in city. U just need 1 “leader” and the rest will most likely follow

  9. The Pleasant Pheasant

    Funny, in my recent experience on EU the south team will push to E2-F2 and deny the field so hard because they often don’t get punished by the pubbies that, providing they even go to the city in the first place, go to the common E1-2 positions because said pubbies are too scared to take damage.

    The trouble is those players from the south that do take the E2-f2 positions can get free shots into the side of anyone in the field up to a point where the people in the field become useless not being able to turn their hulls to the people shooting them without being shot from the field in the side of the turret themselves. This forces them to run thus giving the south team the field for free and quiet often the city will be lost by this point and the remaining meds are forced to defend their cap.

    I guess different servers have different strats.

    PS. Grats on 30k my man, keep going.

    Edit. North spawn players that are caught out can try and go 0 line and do something but normally there are camping TD’s and at tier 10 at least I don’t want to take damage from tanks I cant see.

  10. That steam notification spooked me tbh

  11. The only times I win from the south is when the north spammers are super stupids.

  12. Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for your videos, they help me improve a lot! Keep on the good work!

  13. It's not what you think

    This side is fantastic because the O-Ho doesn’t have a retarded boob on the right side. Just on the left and mid.

  14. I would say that dmg farming still helps the team as they will not need to focus on the occupied players as well as killing them in this replay specificly you did not aquire any(until the lost end). Overall however miniscule your impact was still there

  15. “How to deal with ruinbergs south spawn” You cant.
    End of the tutorial.

  16. Damn you hit 30k subs nice job Lemming keep it up

  17. I never realized how trash Ruinberg is until I saw this video. At least it’ll get a new coat of paint soon!

    It’ll be like throwing gold glitter on a turd.

  18. I feel like nobody realises this side sucks, thanks for bringing it up

  19. I once spawned in the IS-7 and rushed the middle road up G3 and F3 and shit on a WZ-111-4 and AMX 13 90 going E5 and E6, I was then able to shoot the tanks crossing F2 and F3, and the tanks in the field, I was able to help my team clean up field, then win the city. if the South wins the middle road and the field there’s a really good chance you will win. I might have the replay I should look for it.

  20. How about on swamp map when you spawn on the south side?

  21. You are so wrong…the total HP doesn’t matter in the slightest. If you have 5 tanks with 1k hp and they have 10 tanks with 500hp…you might have the same total HP…but they have double the fire power with the same HP…that’s why when you have a big ass gun with let’s say 750 alpha…and there are 2 tanks in front of you…one who is on 1 HP and one who is on 1000 HP…you always…let me repeat that ALWAYS! shoot and kill the 1 HP tank…because you will double your chance of winning the fight since you halved the enemy fire power. Obviously…there’s some skill involved in there…if you put 5 unicorns…vs 10 pubbies…well…yeah…but talking in general…with some exceptions…kolobanovs and shit…what i said…it’s true.

  22. Iscaran complaining about people being AFK, and he did 132 damage …

  23. Also, the spawn at the south is closer to the city and has more houses between the field and your spawn. You also have to go through rougher terrain that all slow you down. I use to go that way in my STB-1 one I always find T-62 Obj140 and even M48 sometimes arrive at the field houses faster than me. Now I do pretty much the same as you said in the video and it really works.

  24. Hey, did making video private work, for monetizing? Great video, thanks btw 🙂

    • I uploaded this one before trying, I wanted to make a video as not to keep my viewers waiting. Ill do one more where I try not to swear, and for the one after that itll be kept private for 2 days beforehand. 🙂

  25. Always had problems with this side. Makes sense why.
    What I tried (only with fast tanks) going wide and rush the 0 line to the small town. From there, you can do something, but you need heavy backup and still loose most of the time.

    Now i realized. You can dominate the position I mentioned, but you are no help for the town until you absolutely cleared the small town and most of the time also the redline campers in the north. That in mind when you win the small town, the big town gets lost and you are in a sheit position. feelsbadman

  26. I knew the map was flawed, but this really opened my eyes.

  27. WZ 111 did zero dmg … in 3-5-7 top tier…

  28. I’d guess the wz pinged the field because he didn’t want to be shot in the side all game like his last 10 games on this map. Kind of funny that was your cue to abandon the field

  29. I think you should go forward to kill tiger p. I would not be afraid of ISU-152. your teammate was alive facing ISU and you flanking a non-turreted TD could actually make you win the town. Also you said that you know it is probably 40t capping the bases. Well I wound not think of that when I were in your situation, but if you believe it is likely to face a autoloader on your own, you should probably run away to find opportunity to farm damages.

  30. I see your point but with this vid I will not get the K line support that I need to make my push/spotting work. I win an inordinate amount of games with my spotting and destruction around the village. just my thoughts.

  31. Why did you think many people playing World of Tank competent enough to do that?

  32. People often ping the map to tell other people that someone should go there. If it’s not a light tank that pings the map, I assume nothing.

  33. agree, superheavys can look after themselves in the city, top tier med job is to pull low tier supporting allies to the field. no tier6 will go to the field alone. top tier presence on the field makes enemies think twice.
    The lorr40t saw you in the city and laughed his ass off.
    Lemming totally selfish farming his wn8 in this game. no regard for the win at all.

  34. Idk, according to vbaddict this map is fairly balanced, i.e. 50,5%/49,5%. Imho the problem is that you just can’t allow the southspawners to farm from field, and how can you deny that when the only tanks that went sort of in the direction of the field, didn’t go there to brawl, but to camp at around K0. This is a really bad spot as you mentioned, you get shots there when it’s already too late to decide that flank. But I guess that’s just an instinct of “I don’t wanna get shot” and I can’t really blame them, no1 wants and no1 should be in the first line when bottom tiered. Just my thoughts, but what do I know, I’m just a scrub.

  35. WG need to review some of their maps. there are some imbalances:
    *Ruinberg: north has the advantage, including the fact that TDs can hide in A4-A5 and hide behind a ridge when need be, + what Lemming mentioned in that video
    *Mines: on encounter, the south has to go through water to reach the hill, which always results in the north taking control of the middle (I guess Lemming mentioned it in another vid too)
    *Lakeville: south has the advantage as tanks can hide behind that mini-hill as they head towards the city, while the north are open. Not to mention that south has clearer shots into the center of the city and to both sides of the church, without having to commit deep into the middle lane

    @Lemming, you should do a full map reviews about spawn imbalances in maps 🙂

  36. Lemming taught me Damage is Damage.

  37. according to vbaddict the win rate swing is about 2.6% based on side – which is pretty significant

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