Advice for the Worst Medium Tank Map in the Game – World of Tanks

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Source: LemmingRush

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  1. Yeeeeeeeeeeet

  2. Yay! How’s it goin lemming?! It’s been a while! You doin good?

  3. And I actually am looking for a vpn

  4. Uploading at 2 in the morning I see… Noice

  5. Lol everyone so fast

  6. i find paris harder

  7. Sir Duckingtoniii

    What about paris

  8. Thanks Lemming… how would you play this if you were not in a top tier medium? Say you were one or two tiers down? Any suggestions?

    • David Thompson he was not using his armor, he was using his tracks, so any fast enough tank can do this, as long it can pen( and he was shootting in their sides a lot )

  9. let’s send hate to that arty at 3:56 in chat.

    • RHYS Style he has 900 battles in his GW Tiger. Doubt he has the brain capacity to even read a message, nevermind realizing that he is supposed to take his dad’s dick off his caps lock key and respond properly

  10. Hey Lemming, I was wondering about what enticed you to go back to base to defend as opposed to pushing the flank you were already on? (Besides the fact that its hard for them to push through that area you mentioned on stratsketch)

    • _NexZt cuz enemy will get on cap way before his own team wouldve
      And if they didnt cap, enemies wouldve surrounded his team way before his team pushed the city

  11. Lemming You are thousands of hours better than me, but I’ll give you a tip, get any Hull down Premium medium and just camp on D4 eventually when you lose you’ll at least have blocked a few shots and farmed a bit and then you can say to your team, Thank god I can afford to lose games n my XXXXXXX premium Medium tank

  12. Krisztián Mátraházi

    Paris is the worst. For me. Period.

    • Paris is absolute shit for meds, yea. The mid and the field don’t offer much opportunities beyond camping while the heavies decide the battle, or suicide rushing hoping for a high risk high reward development of the situation.

  13. Ensk is too small

  14. So the last step is just making sure the K-v4 doesn’t pull a carry out of his ass ???

  15. Glad you picked this replay. Ensk is pure cancer for me. Any advice is good. I’ll try some of this next time. I’m screwing up Siegfried line too. Much for the same reasons I do Ensk

  16. The next patch is apparently going to fix the problems you had with Mines for years. North is finally not going be an instant I-Win Spawn.

    I hope.

  17. 20 year old youngan holding one of the most popular and skilled positions in a multi million player game getting sponsored to put up any and all types of content regarding WOT.
    Well done buddy. I knew u had it in you, that’s why I suggested you go big in a comment way back.. the one you said you remembered on a stream a while back.

    • Paul Griffith, good advice. LR has clearly got great potential. You’re showing some North East routes; Toon or Makem?

  18. flaconY1 falconY1

    not all mediums have good armor

  19. Soooooo, the advice boils down to…… top tier and have a better tanks than most of the other team. Roger! ?

  20. Hey lemming, great channel man keep it up. Been learning heaps of you, but still make stupid decisions lol.

  21. zeropuffs recorded

    I understand you would like to help others improve in the game, but instead of playing great tanks such as the 140, play more of a soft tank or less dpm, mobility or what so ever, people listen to utubers such as urself, and end up dying bc they heard that a maus can cross the open field(go med side)

    • It does make sense what you are saying, but let’s be honest, give the average player the 140 and he won’t be able to do 5k dmg, let alone 7k and playing in such manner to win that game. In my opinion, the players need to increase the skill cap on the server they are playing. To do that, they need to get better in good tanks. You can’t be better if you struggle in a tank that requires perfect positioning and relying greatly on the team. When you master the good tanks you can go back to lesser tanks and make them work. But then again, on that map, it’s hard to carry in this manner with a Leo 1.

  22. This map should be removed at least from tier 8 and above games

  23. Loving the vids keep it up

  24. A monetized channel with 42k subs running sponsored ads? I guess I will unsub.

  25. I would have thought Abbey is the worst medium map.

  26. Thank you for the clean language. I can have my grandkids watch it.

  27. Dis arty, side scrape, and aim, full multitasking 🙂

  28. “I was just constantly shooting my gun it was practically melting” LOL

  29. Can you do LTG video? Maybe live video or a good replay

  30. Hi Lemming, would you find a replay in T57 with 9.7k by a normie (1500wn8 player) interesting?:)

  31. Mines map is the hardest no matter what tank u play 😛 except artys cuz that is shit friendly class

  32. 6:45 *_Now that’s a LOTTA damage!_*

  33. lemming ,
    say how to do Ranked .. ??

  34. Wow, I always learn something.
    You are a really good Tanker.

  35. Not trying to be a douche, but minor correction. 40321 credits made without boosters. But yeah, GG man.

  36. Valentin Kovachev

    Lemming’s got himself sponsors!! I am so happy for you, bro!

  37. Once again, great play and advice.

  38. Paris is way worse for mediums in my opinions. The issues you talk about are pushed to extremes while playing that map.

  39. 0 dislikes! wowowow!

  40. 3:00 yes! you tell that arty.
    gosh i hate people that play arty

  41. Hey lemming, when do you stream now? I looked at your schedule on twitch but it doesn’t seem to be accurate.

  42. And how to play one of the worse t9 medium as wz120?…

  43. Hi Lemming could you give me piece of advice D-54 or D-10T2S gun on T-54 ?

  44. You trip over your words a lot. It’s a replay, take your time and talk slower.

  45. I disagree. Paris is the most trash (medium) map in the game. In fact it’s trash for arty and lights too. Heavies have one spot to go to. Ensk is glorious in comparison

  46. Your videos are the best…

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