AE Phase I – Frontline Reward REVEALED in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – AE Phase I. Finally Wargaming have revealed the reward for Frontline the T9 American heavy – the AE Phase I!


World of Tanks is a 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. I thought thats an Autoloader

  2. UncleFestersWorld

    Why bother with Frontline to get this tank, just wait til Christmas, it will be for sale in a gift box or something of that nature.

  3. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    No news about Obj 777 or wz 120 gft? what a shame.

  4. think thing are a little to unatinable in FL for the average player that has well a life away from a screen
    get capitan most matches some majors and only just done the first pertege

  5. Andrija Brankovic

    Thanx, but I think I’ll spend my summer outdoors since frontline is sooooo boring and stupid game mod that requires too much time per game, and I’m really not into it…

  6. its not Russian, so it’ll be shit. Its how WG works

  7. Flipeecup’s Stuff

    Nation : Heavy
    Type : American

  8. They could put a tier 9 pre nerfed WTF E100 and still i would not grind that hell of a Boringline If u are an above average player u make more credits in random anyway but grats to those who are going to get it u totally dezerve it xD

  9. Brandon Hepworth

    WG make the take Russian and not American and it will be good that’s how u fix the tank

  10. Ugly Cyclops. That’s what it is

  11. War gaming. Please make the game easier

  12. I would love to get this tank but, A. I don’t have the time to put hundreds of hours into the game, B. I wouldn’t put that much time into the game even if I had the time. WAY to grindy.

  13. would you call this a real tank, I mean it is a tier 9? but looks like it came from transformers, Wargaming has no ideas?

  14. It’s a T-30 with the little gun and better hill climbing. The built in repair kit is worth more than the cost savings as the large comes with a bump to repair time even with out using it, making a repair crew put tracks back on in a blink.

  15. i now want to grind it

  16. I dont want this american thing ….
    It is not worth the hard grind, at least for me..

  17. WG just doesn’t get it, their patrons are fleeing the game and they are sending out special tanks to benefit those who don’t need them. Worst management EVER……

  18. I don’t give a coffee. Just gonna punch anything in front of me with “2-Key”

  19. Good call QB.

  20. I think it’s fine.

  21. I’m almost at Tier 7 so its to late to turn back now. But you also get gold, bonds, tons of credits, another premium tank and can do a lot of crew and tank training without the stress of random battles, so all around its worth it. It is one heck of a grind though.

  22. When you make a video with no game play you need to let us know somehow. Either in the thumbnail or at the beginning of the video.

    I still love your content though.

  23. Looks cool. May 2018 I adored FL, but they turned the XP requirement up a lot this year and this 1 week/month thing is a killer. Febryary, March, April, and May episodes all happened during exam weeks at Uni, and June’s happened during a 3 week long work trip. Not even at prestige level 1 yet.

  24. Wonder if the top of the turret is going to get overmatched by just breathing on it…Yea.. of course its not USSR so it’ll be like 20mm.

  25. 1stTime (Yes I'm Global)

    tbh it looks like a hardnerfed Chieftain

  26. It’s like you guys might have noticed the split tracks and I’m like no, no I didn’t I was looking at the rang finder on the turret.

  27. I wonder if this will be on console as well.

  28. How is track tension accomplished? Through the support rollers? And two final drives! What a maintenance hog.

  29. Tellem QB! Great preview

  30. claudiu laurentiu

    Hope that wg think about weak spots and ballancing the tanks ..

  31. Another advantage of tha tank is, that you grind all the tasty credits in frontline 😀

  32. I’m happy I didn’t save my frontline points. American tanks are… the thing I hate most in World of Tanks, especially the M44.

  33. There is more in life then spending 3 weeks grinding like a mad men to get it…

  34. Hmm those looks as independent tracks to me. Could this work as the wheeled vehicles when it comes to de-tracking?

  35. Change it’s flag to russian and it’ll get an instant 10% buff.
    At least that’s the feeling I tend to get in WoT lately with the new tanks

  36. Players: “Can you make a reward vehicle that is actually worth the time?”
    Wargaming: “No, I don’t think I will.”

  37. What a twat…

  38. Cornelius Gerdes

    hoped for a Sturmtiger 🙁

  39. Its gonna be OP like the Chieftan?

  40. awwww yeah!!! need 3 more prestiges and take this :v

  41. Hahahahahhaah, what a fucking waste of time for that shit tank, is not even at the level of Conqueror.

  42. I’m playing FL for about 3 or 4 h a week (RL and so on…) and so I’m far away of getting one of these reward tanks. But I would be really disappointed if I had waited for this special new T9-tank!!

  43. Wierd turret m103 t110e5 hybrid
    Should be able to move with 50% efficiency with 1 track broken would be interesting

  44. The 30 second version:
    The Conquerror is better in every regard – got apcr, more hp, more armor, a far better gun, more dmg per minute, more view range, better aiming time => Get the Conq and save yourselves some time ^^

  45. Is this tank going to be on Xbox One

  46. Not a permium? Then it does not worth it IMHO.

  47. When i look at this tank, i know again why i stopped with this game. Its no fun fighting super fake looking tanks.

  48. world of tankls spieler zu 90% geistig behinderte bots 3% unicums die noobs abfamen 5% die polnische häcks benutzen 2% normale spieler die was ereichen möchten und 101% geldgierige wg team wo das letzte aus dem kunden saugen wollen und nur scheisse bringen!!!!!!!!

  49. Polnisches ebay camo häcks tundra häcks aimbot häcks to amoreck gz wg

  50. 12 минут просидеть над скринами.

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