AE Phase I goes 1 vs 7 in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today Johnyk97 is going in World of Tanks playing their AE Phase I!



  1. Nikola Maksimović

    Soo what tank should I buy from these 4 tanks for 9 tokens?

  2. He did ok . Checking for the wrong game mode cap a couple times was annoying lol. But this is basically another example of the enemy team are idiots. Full hp tvp did Jack squat. Enemy leopard was a dunce . Jagpanzer bounced twice . Object 257 bounced and threw his opportunity.French heavy didn’t know how to backup without turning his turret and gave his tank away. The e100 who capped was the only smart one

  3. Great gameplay. Luck is always needed and JGPZ with TVP were just unlucky, when it comes to TVP, he have no idea what to do at that moment. Anyway, as you said, his only mistake was, that he didn’t try to go for a cap. Still, something tells me that he mistook normal game mode game for an engagement.

  4. Juanito Alcachofa

    Hey QB, have a great time on your holiday … Have some rest, and thanks for the amazing work

  5. Federico Spadone

    For the silent engines issue, I would have recorded an audio track saying “vrooooooooooom” and making the engine sounds with my voice. xD

    That’d be fun.

  6. Hit the Home button during the countdown.

  7. probably the most boring replay in recent memory

  8. With the engine issue, I think rewinding could help. It did for me once.

  9. Nice! I almost have enough Battle Pass points to get the AE Phase 1!

  10. YouTube algorithm works when ppl hit the like button on a related video like yours. If I like a video from skill4ltu playing world of tanks, then it’s more likely to recommend your video too. Subscribing doesn’t help algorithm. And it’s doesn’t guarantee that we will see your videos

  11. Man this was dumb as shit.

  12. “I’m losing viewers” – qb
    Also qb – bans people for no reason from his discord and live streams

  13. Maybe to fix the lack of engine noise you can make the noises yourself lol

  14. Man such a shame quickybaby that you don’t get all the views you deserve! Your by far the best youtuber on any wot game period blitz PC console or otherwise your always so entertaining positive and informative always so knowledgeable just always a pure pleasure to watch every time you release a video it’s always something I look forward to as a fun and positive break from all the negativity out there been watching you for 8 years and it’s been so fun and awesome watching you progress grow and improve definitely deserve without a doubt more support now than you ever have thank you for all the amazing content over the years thoroughly enjoyed everything about it!

  15. QuickyBaby, you missed a key moment in the game. 2:27 JohnyK97 drove up and blocked the td from getting shot, awesome team player move there. My question is, was the td tracked? anyways i dont normally comment but man thats a great learning point for new players.

    • I wondered about that moment too. I thought Johny was just avoiding revealing his hull to players below and ended up blocking the K91pt from firing. Thought that the K91’s “thanks” was a sarcastic “thanks for blocking my shots”. Could be that he was saving the K91 from eating side shots tho.

  16. Out of the 7 players remaining that he faced the only one that wasn’t a complete and utter red bot was the AE. Literal garbage player getting lucky dmg against bots. He had 1 shot of dmg 5 mins into the game, he is the reason why it was a 1vs 7 in the first place, letting his team die on the hill. (oh btw 28ap round in an AE….. thinking….)

  17. Have a good holiday, well deserved!

  18. No regret there. He hold them down when they can all jump on him if enemies were bloody greedy.

  19. I do miss the old days when QB would do subscriber/viewer replays, seems like a forgotten time.

  20. Biggest noobs in the world

  21. we have switched to tesla engines, they should have said.

  22. It was a mostly well played match, but either he got to flustered and passive in the end or he thought it was a standard battle.

  23. The enemy team was full of donkeys. The one who capped is the only one who had braincells.

  24. @QuickyBaby
    Hey qb I just wanted to tell you that unfortunately there is a qb hate channel that had been blowing up lately wich might be a reason for the slight slip in the number of views lately. Love your content btw. Still a big fan.

  25. Γιάννης Κουρουμίδης

    I can’t believe you showed my game! I kinda messed up in the end. Thanks for the honor qb!

  26. Somebody help pls. Ae phase 1 or char future?

  27. He had lot of time to go to interupt capping. No idea wtf he was thinking

  28. Is this the luckiest player ever ? :O GG !!

  29. The E-100 did the right thing, the problem is I hate people who cap when there is a 7-1 advantage. That E-100 is a coward, top tier heavy hiding in the cap what a wimp

  30. The engine sound is low because i game settings u can mute the effects for engine and when u record the replay and don’t put these settings back to normal the sound for engine is low.

  31. Go enjoy your time off quickybaby we will be waiting for you when you get back!

  32. Maybe this player has switched off the engine sound or is using some mods? I wonder – is this written in replays or only applied when watching?
    Have a nice holiday!

  33. @Quickybaby To get the sounds back on a wot replay, reverse time back 20 seconds and then play at normal speed again. It’s obviously some kind of bug.

  34. Why the fuck was the is7 firing HE? And im not even gonna comment the leopard and the tvp.

  35. Have a great holiday, QB! Thanks for all the content so far this year

  36. A video that is not from QB himself? Are you sick QB?

  37. LOL this was amazing but he was very lucky that they were so stupid

  38. AE stands for All Electric 😉

  39. just press home key, it restarts the replay and fix the engine sounds

  40. Nice thumbnail, good to see some change still

  41. Paid actors

  42. Enjoy your well earned time away with the Mrs Quacky!

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