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Source: QuickyBaby

AFK teammates can be the worst thing in World of Tanks… but not today!!!



  1. Accidentally won a game in my O-I years ago when I keep getting disconnected everytime I play, when I came back the last remaining medium tank (comet or cromwell) was just circling me, I watched him while having my turret locked so he wouldn’t notice and when he was close to the front i just moved forward and he rammed me and won the game

  2. also lucky HE shell into the rock in front of you doesn’t do dmg to yourself like an SPG can do, eh?

  3. You left out how he was a Chad and didn’t respond to your message just carried game left without a word in dm

  4. Lovely skin for FV4005. Any way to obtain it currently?

  5. Meh… the ‘afk’ player that Dez used was a much better video even though his team lost.

    The guy was connected but AFK so Dez pushed him into a bush and used him as a spotter to rack up as much damage as he could. THAT was a _truly_ AFK player, not just a late connection.

  6. He wasn’t afk. He just wasn’t unlocked yet as the final boss.

  7. Fitzcairn Gaming

    Get well soon my friend

  8. Do take of yourself Will!

  9. Running2 StandStill

    get well soon qb!

  10. UDES playing on a 50kbps internet

  11. How do i change my scoreboard to be the same as QB’s? Where its black. Right now its green/red and ugly

  12. why should you report a player who hasn’t even connected to the game. i have had many internet and game issues over last few years. last year with some update i had a problen that i couldn’t load into 2 maps. whenever mm put me in one of those maps my game would crash every single time and i had to wait for the battle to finish to enter the game again. it was luckily fixed with next update

  13. I think my most WEIRD AFK player was I was trying to grind a stock T6 tank, I think it was the American Light, and a TOG II* joined the battle and instead of playing he was messing around in his settings for some reason

  14. If there is one thing Claus showed us is that reporting AFK players in WoT doesn’t do anything.

  15. Get well, QB!

  16. “It’s very important that we stay together”
    Quicky did not stay together.

  17. I get DcD so bad I can’t even play the game anymore.. missed out on countless battle pass rewards and events to the point I don’t even bother playing anymore. Imagine getting in the garage then pressing battle then getting sent back to the start up screen.. then when you do get logged in you get hit with desertion and threatened to be banned. I love playing WoT but now I just play other games because I’m tired of constantly being disconnected. No it’s not my wifi it’s the game. I’ve lost so muchs credits to the point I barely can afford to repair or replenish my ammo and consumables. Tell WoT to FIX NA SERVERS I CANT EVEN BUY TANKS AT ALL

  18. wow what a game, full hp tank with a support of trashbarn cleaning up oneshots, so exciting

  19. Long time ago I had similar story: logged into battle in my trusty KV-1 but just as the battle was about to start I got a call from my boss, so I had to go afk. After the call ended I realised I was the only one left on my team against lonely enemy tank. Luckily I managed to kill him and take the win 🙂

  20. Edoardo Tregattini

    i’m loving the new season of the mandalorian too 😀

  21. I surprisingly always have great games when im afk for the first 5 minutes.

  22. omg that u miss that 5:50 deserve also a Report 😀
    80% of WOT players had that problem … looks always like that almost everyone is playing on High ping

  23. Get well soon 🙂

  24. Fv4005 is for me the most fun of all the tier 10 tanks. Its not competetive its actualy a bad tank but when it works it is glorious.
    I personaly dont care if there is afk tank in a battle. Sure its propably going to be a loss, but you dont know why they are afk. Did their wife call them, did their child need something or is there something important they sudently have to go do. It is just a game. I will drop any battle on the spot if something actualy important comes up.

  25. QB, look after yourself dude. 3 days is not long at all – put your wellbeing before content, as we are all human and understand you are as human as the rest of us.

  26. Too AFK players all the time in all battles… Insane players

  27. Get well soon sir.

  28. Get well soon QB

  29. Average WOT player: 5:25

  30. no dude the mando this seasons is awesome!

  31. So qb uploads videos of 3k damage now?

  32. Not sure why anyone would be concerned about reporting… IMHO the reporting system is mainly in place to give angered players a way to blow off steam “REPORTING […]!!!111oneeleven” (typically, for not playing the way the reporting party deemed appropriate), and it will have no effect. Being a mediocre player myself, I have been told “reported” often enough, and have never suffered any consequences (and rightly so, in my opinion).
    I remember one Wargaming-employed CC being asked on Twitch “When will the reporting system be fixed?” and his answer being “As soon as players stop abusing it – meaning, never.”

  33. Reports doesn’t do anything in this game, and it’s not really fear when a medium using vision sistem and the tank destroyer can’t.

  34. Hey Baby did you try the new reticle mod? It a must have I think. Tell us what you think of it.

  35. get well soon 🙂

  36. Get well soon QB. Well done and respect for playing WoT and uploading content when you’re feeling rubbish.

  37. idk how i got sick through this vdeo

  38. I had to go afk once (to help my son with a diaper change) and said so in the chat. Came back to a guy absolutely raging, full mental breakdown. I was a traitor, idiot, a future cancer patient and something about my family dying. The verbal diarrhea from this guy continued after the game, which we won btw. So I told him why I was afk and that I dont give a shit about a random match in a game. He then called me old and that I would die soon yada yada. People these days, get your shit together.

  39. Thank you QB, now I got a computer virus.

    Good you feeling better 🙂

  40. Been waiting for your video.

  41. Have the same problem in SEA server got disconnected before the start of the game then it’s hard to connect back to the server.

  42. bernhardt rupprecht

    Quickybaby’s temperature was 102.2 in freedom units, I did the conversion so you didn’t have to.

  43. Only reason qb hates the 40uhoh5 is because 06wallst kicked his ass with one lmfao

  44. 3:52 you can see the dead AXs name move ( someone pushed his wreck) indicating someone could have been there 🙁

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