Against All Odds – A Great Light Tank Game on Ensk

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Source: LemmingRush

Thanks 🙂


  1. I think I just nutted…

  2. Yeah needed a good RRRUUUSSSSHHHHH ; P

  3. Good to see your work Lem.

  4. I hate Ensk

  5. Lemming, why do you have such high ping?

  6. Not sure if sidescraping in almost any light tank is a good idea. Also maybe kind of a misplay at the end there. I dont know if you noticed the little bounce from the nashorn’s shot that hit the wreck of the GW arty that you were hiding behind of. Maybe shooting the Nashorn then and there right after he had shot could have won you the game. Great effort non-the-less.
    Edit: I meant blindshooting the Nashorn, because you knew where he was.

    • Smaller target to shot at and your tracks may block the shell. Better showing your .. hum “first wheel”?

    • if I recall correctly, the wz 131 has been 40 mm of side armour so that was doable. I agree with popping the nashorn when you see the miss

    • snowisthebestweather

      20mm, so unless the P43 _only_ hits his tracks, that should be going through.
      What he probably should have done is just wait for the p43 to come around the corner.
      Of course, we’re all able to stop time and analyze the situation as long as we like, while he had to decide what to do in about 2 seconds.

  7. Fuck Ensk in over tier 6 games.

  8. Another great vid, Lemming!

  9. Can LemmingRush tell us how to get better teams? I finish off better than the players that hide and they tell me to shut up because I am dead and then they lose the match, and I have a better score?

    • no one can tell you that time to time Retards come out to play 🙂

    • When you die don’t type in the chat. Just go play another game. It’s pointless cause no one listens anyway and it can be very annoying when you trying to save the game and all the dead guys are suddenly Rommels.
      And he didn’t really get good team in this game. Progetto with less then 2k in top tier game. IS sitting in cap on ensk encounet just waiting for them to come and kill him…

    • +Honza Lhotský it is annoying though, because I watch LemmingRush’s videos, and I tell them where to go and they go the opposite most of the time and we lose.

    • +BaronBoar Tell them what to do, if they listen cool, if not, well that’s to be expected.

    • WoT is less of a team game than you think, play for yourself loosely based on what your team does

  10. I like your replay commentary much better than your “live” commentary.

  11. Spoiler alert: He has a good game

  12. Conner Colledge smith

    they just released a wheel tank i mean apc on the eu server…..

  13. Deja vue…. I saw this on your stream. 🙂 Nice game!

  14. Got the 69th like, i feel special.

  15. Hey lemming deffective_xd here!

    Drop A Line OF U seen me on twitch 🙂

  16. Yea, that was really well played either way. Great commentary as usual. 🙂 Also I think the Nashorn spotted you between those two houses towards the end. Is there not a gap between them?

  17. Ensk is arguably the worst map in the game above Tier 5. It is too bloody small.

  18. LR almost at his best. Who else is as critical about his own game; I’d be pleased to be half as good.

  19. Lemming rush is so asmr damn..

  20. I’m not a fan of Ensk at all but I like seeing good light tank gameplay. LT’s are the best!

  21. Are you done with NA? I don’t really care but was just wondering

    • que times are pretty long at tier 10, tier 8 que times are fine, t6 is super quick, idk bout below that since i don’t like to play under t5.

  22. Coolest voice ever so relaxing 🙂

  23. Why, at the start, didn’t you spot the rails, and get the “early spots and DMG” ?!

  24. Neighborhood Asshole.

    I smell a virgin…

  25. LemingRush are you going to make a video on how to deal with wheeled tanks? 🙂

  26. sad ending, end please start to commentate on subscriber games man.

  27. Great analysis and self awareness, as always mate. Thanks again for doing these ‘break down’ videos…. oh to have your in-game awareness🧐.

    • it comes with thousands of games, practice, and the willingness to learn every battle you play mate. from [CLAWS] NA!

    • miserere nobis thanks mate! As a nearly 60yr old, the inner 18yr old tends to over-commit in comparison to my real reactions haha!

      I certainly keep trying to learn the lessons for sure and I’m lucky that I’m on the SEA server with the better MM so that partially compensates the inner foolishness.

  28. Strongest tanks didn’t go city.  To bad we can’t tell if they were noobs being dump, or unicums trying to make a play.  TURN ON XVM already…

    • xvm does not ‘make’ a player quit, they quit because the are stupid/lazy/cowards.  People who ‘get xvm sniped’ are also cowards.  Name a professional sport where the players don’t have a number OR THEIR NAME right on their jersey.  Good players that feel the need to ‘hide’ their skill are cowards.  I too get xvm sniped – but I’m good so I deal with it.  I even use it, especially with arty.  Arty trys to focus me down, I (unlike a noob) know how to stick-and-move.  And while they are wasting time trying to shoot me, my team is arty safe…

    • snowisthebestweather

      If they didn’t have xvm, they wouldn’t quit right at the start, so XVM _is_ making them quit.
      In sports, the number benefits the player’s own team more than it benefits their opponents because it’s good to know who is who and that you’re using your teammates’ skills correctly. In WoT, it doesn’t matter because you never know if a teammate has blue wn8 because he’s good, or because he has 4000 games in a T67. Knowing your teammates’ stats isn’t very useful because there’s no consistency.
      You’re good, so you deal with it. Cool. So how does your skill help you when you’re on a map that just doesn’t have arty cover (or that only has it in a couple of locations)? And even on the ones that do have it, you just get to sit behind cover for the entire game, doing basically nothing, dealing basically no damage. Sounds like fun. Also, “stick-and-move”? As in, stop in the open, fire, and start moving again? Yeah, that doesn’t work in WoT. Arty can hit a light that’s camping at 65km/h. They can definitely hit you while you’re stopped, or just getting up to speed. If they’re missing you, it’s because RNG decided they would miss you.

    • +bikebudha01 so how much wn8 you have then?

    • snow.  XVM DOES NOT MAKE ANYONE QUIT.  It’s a computer program.  It has never gained conciseness, given itself a body, reached out and MADE someone quit.  That weak minded morons quit because they see numbers on a screen is ON THE MORONS, not the computer program.  FACT….  Oh, it’s apparent you don’t play team sports.  Everyone on their own team knows their teammates.  It’s the ‘visiting’ team they don’t have memorized.   Oh,  and it’s bs to say xvm doesn’t work because it’s not ‘100%’ because some seal clubbing stat padders have a high ranking.  For one thing, if you can see the stat padder in his T67, then he’s good in his T67 and will present problems in battle.  It won’t matter if he sucks in his E100, he isn’t playing it right now.   Um,   I can’t type words at you and make you understand what ‘stick and move’ means in game.  I’ve had 3 arty focus me down, and I made them miss and miss.  Using cover if available, unpredictable movement, going dark, all techniques to keep them missing.

    • +bikebudha01 what is your name in world of tanks?

  29. you made a mistake in a game, what a noob

  30. Giovanni Ruffinengo

    -Tries to sidescrape a 90mm gun with 20mm of side armor
    -gets overmatched
    -blames the ping
    Stop sidescraping, it just isn’t reliable!

  31. snowisthebestweather

    3:30 Love the Strv. Some things never change, and one of those things is that TDs and arty are allergic to WASD after the 1st minute of the game.

  32. You got what you deserved side-scraping against a 90mm

  33. 0 assistant in this game as light tank, you call it the best game you has played?

  34. it’s not Na-shorn, it’s Nas-horn

  35. Eyyy I saw this live on your stream.

  36. You would’ve won if your room was clean! I’m jk, you played really well. . . I see you’re doing the Future Authoring program, what do you think of it? Has it actually been useful and helpful?

  37. Nasschhorn ,)

  38. Good video, LR. It’s a good thing you show a game that doesn’t end as the best case scenario. For obvious reasons, you should do this only occasionally, but it’s really nice to see someone play very well; even when the odds are stacked against. GG!

  39. OMG, “Nash-horn” sounds so cute… 😉

  40. Reupload? Could’ve sworn I just watched this a few days ago…

  41. You should completions of you grinding lines

    Like if you agree

  42. I hope you give some reasonable advice on anti-wheeled-vehicle combat in a week or two, because it might make the community calm their shit. The outcries are insane right now (even if the Tier X is rather nuts in the hands of a good player).

  43. This tank is a beast. Recently 3 marked it and enjoyed it so much. Gj lemming

  44. I dunno about anyone else thinks, but I just find his voice really cool and easy to listen to… Actually I find that it makes me want to keep watching.

  45. 8:40 Why didn’t you push north around the buildings (bottom of E8/top of F8) and get the Nashorn from behind? Especially since you expected the P 43 to be coming from your left. Theoretically, wouldn’t that have been better? If you were assuming that the P 43 was coming from their spawn it makes sense to me to push around and get the Nashorn from behind then deal with the P 43 afterwards instead of falling back and letting them push into you. It’s a higher risk move, but then you don’t risk trapping yourself in a 2v1 situation like you were at the end.

  46. Any chance on a video about how to play corners?

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