Against ALL odds! – BDR

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Source: Circonflexes

As of recording, second most dmg ever done in this tank.
Most dmg ever done with this skin.

Upload your replays here: !


  1. kelleman needs to see the invisible o-i

  2. Blood for the blood god!

  3. id say this counts as a 1 vs 29

  4. Circon gunner voice, When you hit you hear, nngghuuuuuuu. When you bounce, Are you serious!!

  5. 12:21 dat arta just scared the shit out of you XD

  6. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    Emperror forgot to protect 🙁

  7. If Foche was a crew member, every time you tried putting him into Object 268v4 you’d hear a “FUCK NO!”

  8. fucking arty ofc

  9. just a note on the chat, lol. the Jingles sixth sense would be “time to put on the man pants”

  10. What you do after reach 100k subs ?

  11. The emperor protects

  12. yaaaay, arrrrtaaaaaa

  13. Jorden Benjamins

    Idk why but it just triggers me how much prem u spam for 0 reason..

  14. What a surprise artillery ruining carries, very good gameplay mechanic.

  15. Killed by sniping German arty………………………

    • Since when is <100m pointblank shot at a slow target... sniping? That word does not mean what you think it means.

  16. The MightyBubbels

    i saw this game on twitch was noice

  17. Almost all odds anyway

  18. GG is was the SPG ☺

  19. Matthew Sinclair

    4K damage. Outspotted by ninja O-I and shot in the face by arta. Nice meme!

  20. not like this!

  21. yesterday i posted on WoT int. FB group about having patience. your gameplay, especially in this video, shows very well what a little bit of patience can do.
    well played, sir! i tip my hat! 🙂

  22. fack yes to having quickie an jingles an urself as crew member!!! make it a damned mission for f2p folks tho

  23. Jingles is already in a couple of games. I think it’s a good idea.

  24. 😲 Someone dabbed the 2key. Time for some cry hard action😂

  25. Game of Throws 🙁

    Also did u just spam gold on O-I in T5 tank? Literally unwatchable! Unsubscribe!

  26. Do you get this skin with the BD R missions ?? Or do you have to buy this skin??

  27. No bitching Circon. I managed to bounce a T92 arty twice in my IS7. Broadside. How the hell does that happen other than rolling a 1 on a 20 sided die.

  28. Cool Circon, well done ! Cannot win them all, very cool you did show defeat as well !

  29. Love it circ

  30. Owned 😂 unlucky mate

  31. Circon’s voice on commander when you land a hit: ”yeeessss”. From that 152 memes episode when enemy killed his own IS! XD

  32. I really hope this doesn’t offend you Circon but I’m really glad you died. Normal people can’t bring that much premium ammo to each battle. I know I can’t and still play the game without loosing hand over fist in silver. Good try, thanks for putting this one up. If that KV-2 driver had actually been driving right that battle would have been over a lot sooner.

  33. That did not end like I was expecting it to end.

  34. Jingles could be the commander, not telling you every time you were spotted, calling out wrong crew member that died, call out wrong moduels that got taken out, say you are ready to fire when you still have like 2 second of reload left and telling you that you hit or penned when you missed or bounced:p

  35. What’s with the stupid panning in and out?

  36. Ricardo Carmine

    I LOVE your no shits given attitude! Keep it up, man

  37. pleace make it hapen with streamer crew . i want that crew 🙂 just to hear jingels and foch flame the crapp out off circon iff he misses a shot. im all ready having fun just thinking about it. it would be so awesome

  38. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    Arty … finds a way … to ruin fun.

  39. Lukas Schiemann

    ue-57, My pen is 180! on apcr (2 tiers lower)

  40. lol good game

  41. That O-I did a good job, 306 HP WTF was he asleep

  42. Artillerized.

  43. William Linklater

    That was awesome how the arty took down this gold spamming EU tomato.

  44. 10:42 that speed 😀 there should’ve been a ramp

  45. That’s for you going full gold retard Circon… you never go full gold retard man!!!!

  46. I’ve trolled bounces of my mantle on my St Emil on more than one occasion …. particularly when using its insane gun depression….. no idea how your shot didn’t go through LOL!

  47. Maximum effort!

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