AGAINST ALL ODDS (War Thunder Gameplay)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Thanks watching!


  1. Rambo_Lambo_Bear

    Love the guy that’s just sat in the back of the Sturer Emil like he’s in a
    hot tub :P

  2. Hayden Greenwood

    Slick, shut the fuck up with silly voices, songs and impressions.

    People want to see Warthunder gameplay, not listen to your shit.

  3. Wish you could put the canopy over it

  4. Boooo! Video plays black screen for me:( Other vids just fine…tried the
    Chrome flag trick. No luck. Sounded great tho.

  5. someone know if baron and phly have problem between them

  6. Clockwise Whooves

    Eh, play the Conway i guess?

  7. xXx_420Pu$$y_Destroyer69_xXx.mlg

    Mk stands for Mark in English too. (ie. Mk 19)

  8. Baron can you do a vid on the m4a2 again? That thing got a new modification
    upgrade and you can put more armor on it

  9. Absolutely beautiful gameplay guys! ^^ Gotta love these long lasting
    balanced battles.

  10. Legendofstrength 1234

    Should I get German kv2 or American cobra king premium

  11. OsamaBinWeavel The3rd

    Fuck That things cannon breach is huge dayum

  12. richie thach (TitanicMan2)

    most of the war thunder youtubers i watch are now gone. baron and phly now
    got addicted to boringistic mode. krebs no longer posts videos. only angry
    nerd i watch now because he plays arcade.

  13. Benjamin Coltish

    What do you use o talk to your friend?

  14. love how you can’t talk about hackers, and if you do Gayjin will ban
    you/flag your vids or chat ban you, fucking bolsheviks.

  15. Why didn’t they put tops on the strum Emile I now it was mostly used for
    longer range shooting but that still seems like a huge weakness any guy
    with a hand grenade could run up and Toss it in lol

  16. Oh well if that’s the case that makes sense

  17. I did something similar to that on a low tier night battle and lost because
    the last guy hid and time ran out.

  18. whats the song playing at the begining

  19. What’s the intro music

  20. Nike semper Fi02

    That’s how I feed my eel

  21. Am I the only one who thinks the HE 219 looks and feels like an A-10 or a
    CAS plane

  22. The Reagan Administration

    Baron y u no like Sturer Emil?

  23. TheGamingCanadian TGC

    baron why dont you and phly play together anymore?

  24. did anyone not see that in the beginning clip he hit the antennae of the
    t-44 and killed him!?

  25. love the intro music!

  26. Brian Gehre Mendoza

    i like your content baron… but your new intro is really bad.. please
    think of something else…

  27. And the slaying of baron begins

  28. i thought this would be like a Phil Collins colab.

  29. P51 Swarm Vs Flack

  30. … Slick… Uhm… I think the men in white jackets wanna put you in that
    nice shirt that makes you hug yourself!

  31. They are Motor-Kanonens!!!! Next time is penal battalion for you!

  32. can you play as the E100

  33. Hi! (Sorry for bad English)

  34. oh my holy shit, that F6F that got shot down was me ….We still won that
    match btw =))))

  35. oh I was the dude with 7 kills and no deaths =))) this is so freaking cool

  36. how can you use a vehicle more then once, after its been destroyed?

  37. That tank has more depression than your alcoholic grandmother on steroids…

    P.S Kemp the bushes

  38. Yo wat is slickbee name on War Thunder

  39. Shot the T-34 in the front just underneath the turret!

  40. Shepard Playz (D0GG1E)

    what is your intro song?

  41. your new intro music is lit af ?

  42. please do the achilles and beaufighter?

  43. 2:40 you talkin to me?

  44. what’s your intro song

  45. whats that music on start ?

  46. The Random Dude “The Object 430” XD

    “Hva sah dude” haha.

  47. Mmm night recon plane rekts ground..

  48. You know with the Tiger E you coulda one shooted the t34 from the front

  49. Computer Addictionzz

    what is the intro song? plz

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