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Source: PhlyDaily

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✈▼My Setup ▼✈ Link the build –
●CPU: https://amzn./3mHXi1N
●GPU: https://amzn./3i0Wi5q
●MOBO: https://amzn./2FRqC5h
●RAM: https://amzn./3iXCeSz
●M.2 NVMe Storage : https://amzn./3iV6tcU
●SSD: https://amzn./32QINRc

0:00​ INTRO
4:00 We meet official phlydaily (game one)
16:23 dirt = butter (game 2)
21:03 i camp harder than Daniel Boone ( grape) (game 4)
27:44 bye


  1. 6 ads in one video??? I miss the old phly when it was more about just fucking around and having fun. He has reached the stage of a YouTubers career when its all about money… ad blocker don’t care anyway lmao

  2. My guy looking like the generic police officer and Elon Musk hybrid.

  3. I want WT to add air-drop spawns to air-droppable vehicles.

  4. Phly is so handsome

  5. Feminists will find a way to say testicular cancer is sexist

  6. Phly looks like he should be wearing a butler costume while handling a panzershreck

  7. Are you trying to go for a Reno 911 look? Because you get the outfit and some aviators and you would look the part really well.

  8. Phly you have a nice
    Mustache . 😀

  9. Adriano Mancinelli

    Mama said: “Youtube doesn’ t teach you nothing” PhlyDaily: “How to save your balls” That’ s all I need to know

  10. Want the truth, when firing this cannon, NO ONE in in the tank. They sit behind and on sides, OUTSIDE.

  11. Day 5 of asking for SMK Derp tank I love your videos Phly keep it up!!!

  12. It was like in one of those shows where CEO comes to his own company disguised as regular worker to check his employees.

  13. Pls a vid on the zut-37

  14. We need more facecam vids

  15. tank_commander 577

    Day 1 play HSTV-L

  16. Ethan Plays Blitz

    Phly you should get a gaming set up for your son so you 2 can play wt together

  17. Zis-30 big brother?

  18. I remember when you hunted that one Nashorn in one of the last m56 videos. too funny

  19. After i get killed by it i drop f bomb on it

  20. I get you need sponsors and all but.. Manscaped is trash. Over-prices shit products. Nothing unique. There are cheaper, and BETTER versions elsewhere. They just use loads of money on commercials and ads..

  21. Did you know the word “Avocado” comes from an older word that means “testicle”?

    Brings a whole new meaning to guacamole.

  22. So… the shockwave makes the M56 backflip but doesn’t kill none of the completely exposed crew?… nice Gaijin!

  23. Play the ta 154 in ground rb.
    Go four open tops.

  24. Hey Phly, if you played as a SARC yesterday, i think I was in a match with you….

    Also, i do watch every single video and the whole video

  25. This is the first time i see his face, i’m not dissapointed.

  26. no shaving demonstration this time phly? how dare you…

  27. Phly! Play the M Phive Phive One Sheridan with HE! It’s a beast!

  28. that failed revenge kill was hilarious..

  29. comrade Specter

    Where was the airdrop?

  30. Congrats on da child dude.

  31. SeverinveganiGang

    Guys, it was a clickbait

  32. Your Balls are very importmant, so be carefully with them!

  33. Phly, you look like you belong in the super troopers movies lmao

  34. love the mustache

  35. Me: What? Where’s my Tiger II.
    M56: What Tiger II?

  36. Didn’t expect to see your face today.

    But that moustache is badass.

  37. The atomic blast proof tank is 8.3.

  38. 11:14 the discord sound effect had me DYING

  39. Day 21: play the Rbt-5 at top tier

  40. Phly101 is a legend looooool

  41. Thanos Karanasios

    Please Phly try taking off in a Do 17 E1 with all the 10 kg bombs while in stock please Iwant to see you try.

  42. When phly’s child is born he’s gonna teach them how to play War Thunder

  43. Wasn’t quite sure I heard it right, but —
    Did you name your cat Baba?
    In Mandarin Chinese that means “father”. Now that you know . . . have fun with that.

  44. sporting the 1970s p0rn stash!!

  45. the fuck you look younger than I taught you’ll be

  46. Phly: knows every tank he looks at
    me: that looks like a tank I think.

  47. Don’t you just love that mustache

  48. hahaha, i thought u was really a fat bastard, but u look normal. sweet mustache

  49. this is the first time I’ve seen your face, stache is awesome

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