Aircraft ammo guide / War Thunder

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

Every time we go into an air battle, we choose to use certain ammunition belts — and it’s not always clear whether we make a right choice, especially given the fact that there are loads of different belt-types in the game. Let’s settle this issue once and for all and answer three simple questions: what types of ammunition belts exist, what do they do… and which ones should we choose!



  1. Alway load air targets whenever possible (unless you have British cannons, universal is better), air targets allow you to shred fighters, set alight heavy fighters, rip apart bombers and make short work of artillery , vehicles and AAA.

    Your welcome

  2. German 20mm: Universal
    Soviet 20mm: Ground Targets
    Hispanos: Tracer

  3. Only level 35 bosses use stealth

  4. I wanna be tracer

  5. Use plasma lance when hunting ufos

  6. I usually use stealth but on the P51D for example it has epic tracers, and the 109G has epic air targets. I would use stealth but gunpods come only in air targets so I can’t use stealth…

  7. 6 years late warthunder 😀 thx tho

  8. High Velocity rounds AP 10/10

  9. Learned through experience. I’ll pass on this vid.

  10. *ATTENTION* never use ground targets on 20mm even if you are goig to ground pound use air targets/stealth. On 50.cals use ground targets only. Its the best choce for killing air targets.

  11. Can y’all fix 13mm?

  12. Stealth belts, not cause I’m a good shot because cause I’m not. Tracers are just a big warning “Here I am shooting at you!!” so stealth actually lets me get kills.

  13. One thing you didn’t mention there friend….Your PING matters when it comes to belts! For example if you have a ping above 70ms? Don’t even bother flying a bird with USSR FI/FI-T belts because they are gonna do nothing but spark, same goes for the British HEF-SAPI, whereas Minengeschoss? Has no issue up 150ms, same goes for freedomcals.

    I really really REALLY wish you’d fix this Gaijin as it didn’t used to be this way, I used to be able to fly on any server with any bird and be combat effective, now? I don’t dare fly on any server but USA with anything other than a German or American bird, the amount of useless “hits” as dozens of cannon rounds slam home? Just too frustrating to be enjoyable.

  14. Where is the AMX 50 Surblinde

  15. Kikusaku 〈( ;..;)〉

    Begins showing the 1 Japanese plane with “GERMAN” belts!

  16. Stealth is kinda useful for a surprise attack in SB

  17. What’s the point when it all sparks anyways?

  18. Hold on, let me make a video of American planes getting absolutely shat on……..

    Also, let’s talk about HE shells while showing an aircraft that has no cannons.

  19. I owny use stealth

  20. How do I get Russian bias rounds?

  21. 12.7 machine guns: immediately kills an enemy in 1 hit
    20mm hispanos: *Sparks all over the places*

  22. This Is A Great Video

  23. P-47 with Tracers.
    Now that one is fun to use

  24. Can you please add crosses or an X on the back of german planes like you did in Wings of Prey ?

  25. We should be able to make our own belts

  26. Crear un canal en español de YouTube

  27. Finnaly an explenation, good video!

  28. What’s the best ammo type for ripping the asshole out of Soviet biplanes

  29. thank you comrade snail

  30. This tutorial is so useless, it only covered the german 20mm which are, since canons, are useless

  31. “practice shells”. I’m aware sometimes training squads were jumped or found an opertunity but in a game they’re dumb


  33. Stealth is the way XD
    In naval it’s just too funny XD

  34. minengeschoss squad where you at??

  35. 1000 subs without any videos

    I never knew what’s the best I always took tracers or default but now universal and I am way better now with universal

  36. What about the green ammo on PS4

  37. What about the Night Ammunition ?

  38. I only use stealth ammunition. Playing on console makes aiming much easier, so even being a **ahem** relative novice to the game, I can still down at least 5 planes with one life because of the accuracy stealth offers

  39. where is the night shell and what shoud we use for the slow AF german 30mm mk 108?

  40. We’ve never seen the ammunition icons in such HD.

  41. What about gunners? What ammo should a b17 fun crew use? Cuz neither seem to do any damage to engine or pilot

  42. Hey Gaijin let’s talk about the HO-229 hvap belts

  43. Gaijin knows how bad the Japanese 20mm cannon ammo types are so much so that they end up using the one plane with MGFF cannons if that isn’t them trying to avoid a problem then I don’t know. Fix the Japanese cannons and stop ignoring the obvious issues it’s insulting towards the Japanese community have you no respect towards history that you dare say some aspects of the game are historical.

  44. I don’t know how to change ammo and i play on Ps4 ;-;


  46. what are the green shells used for?

  47. Which controls are better xbox 1 or pc?

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