Aircraft Rocket ON A TANK | Cromwell RP-3 Rocket Tank (War Thunder Ground Forces)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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Aircraft Rocket ON A TANK | Cromwell RP-3 Rocket Tank (War Thunder Ground Forces)


  1. Rocket man?

  2. I stopped playing STALKER to watch this. I am not disappointed.

  3. Play the M26 T99

  4. I was expecting the great “omae wa mou shindeiru” for the intro

  5. uᴉʇɹɐW llɐɥsɹɐW

    dont ever sing again or im leaving the channel

  6. Heads up phly, the 3rd tank battalion need some reconnaissance to help then win the war against fasicm and communism, they require you to take out the m24 Chaffee and once you have gathered enough intelligence on your enemy (capture control points and passive scouting), they require you to provide close Air support with the a20 havoc (i like to call it the gunship)
    *Attempt #3*

  7. Nguyễn Hải Dương

    In Company of Heroes 2, flyflies equiped with those rockets are the most op shit in the game.

  8. Hey tank daily

  9. thumbs up for S.T.A.L.K.E.R

  10. me: *shoots at tarjet *bounce*
    Phly: *shoots at smoke *target destroyed*

  11. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. daily

  12. Phaly play t 34 and i 15 in a tank arcade battle please

  13. 3rd try. Do the is-2 and the pe-8 komrade. Btw should the 22,000 pound RAF bomb be added to war thunder? Love you phly +phlydaily

  14. those rockets look like panzerfausts

  15. Viseage Hazukemiata

    Hey Phyl, if you want to effectively use the upper rockets, whilst moving, suddenly brake and your tank will dip in the front and bring your rockets into range. Gotta time it though. The dip is momentary as the tanks suspension tries to correct.

  16. That… is actually a smart way to balance an OP weapon. Make it OP to Hell, but super hard to aim.

  17. You are scary good

  18. Your laugh make me happy ?


  20. That hysterical laughter when he shot the wall was hilarious

  21. kamrunnessa rahman

    Can u please make a vid on Nerfed rockets please :)I wanna kill tigers with hvars on p47s

  22. Hi phly,can u send an advice to gaijin? Can we change the rocket’s angle of this tank in the garage? Its too difficult to use her rp3 now……

  23. I checked out the game, wasnt realy my type of game

  24. Seeing that tank at the begging made me think, What if you played a entire match backwards. comment down below for what tank he should do!

  25. Challenge!, Cromwell RP-3 4 rocket kills in one match.

  26. Did you sad “I was brainwashed in college”?

  27. Why the gmoke, ur not plaing gurmany

  28. FK off with these sponsored shit. do it at the start or not at all.

  29. Great video man!

  30. Josh killuminadi

    The only tank you have to pay for twice

  31. Phly, we are almost out of ammo,
    But we still can fight!
    Take the M6A1 with 37mm only!
    For freedom Phly!

  32. Hey een euro

  33. I have a challenge for you Phly – try completing the Paulu’s Last Tanks mission. Since tanks were introduced to War Thunder bombs and rockets have been nerfed so much it’s totally impossible to complete this mission – you won’t even come close, even in Arcade mode. Very annoying that the tankers have such a huge impact on the air game play.

  34. ipostrandomstuff

    You can still buy it from the tech tree

  35. Hey Phly can you do a tips and tricks video of how to grind?

  36. Hey Phly can you do a stray video? Of how to handle encounters based off of the tank the user is playing? Some rules of thumb?

  37. The Glorious Crusader to take back Europe

    the Cromwell RP-3 is fucking amazing

  38. Phly go with USSR 5.3 Combo: SU-85M & Su-6 (M-71F). Attempt #10

  39. Loving the unloved. Ju-88A-4, B-10B, F4U-1A, I-16 type 5

  40. I started singing along because of BMT LOL.

  41. Yeah in the end you finally get it! They are Aircraft Rockets, for killing Aircraft, duh!!

    By the way the « wall kill » on the AAA was epic!

  42. That wall shot is too op bruddah

  43. PHLY ! play the Object 268 only with the HE shell, it could be a perfect tank destroyer with it

  44. can u do more crossout vids

  45. Phly could you take the ASU-57 out please???? Thanks love your vids ??

  46. Take out the Valentine MK1 and halt all hostile programs.

    You’d be surprised how effectively it wrecks.

  47. When is he going to do another plane?

  48. You should play stalker

  49. Nazario Nataniel

    more armor mmo lol

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