AIRMOBILE 7 TON Tank Destroyer | M56 Scorpion (War Thunder)

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The most sophisticated truck ?oi in game | SU-57 (War Thunder)

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  1. *Have a good Monday everyone! Please watch this video with your family :)*
    Also is it just me or Youtube really phucked the bitrate on this?

  2. Nissan U. -SUBW00FER-

    Phly your videos look very blurry, please increase the bitrate of them. Other WT youtubers videos look much nicer.

  3. dude, you sound so much like doraleous XD

  4. The Scorpion looks a lot faster in WT than WoT

  5. Playing the T32 was a pain in the ass atm. Will you do a vid playing that 7.3br tank

  6. Do I taste SALT?

  7. 6:27 subtitles :(Applause)

  8. Remember when he took out an Maus with this tank back in the days when swearing was aloud on YouTube

  9. @8:00 wow the instant salt


    FOr some reason when I use M82 it does nothing at all. I remember when using the M46, I shot the back of a Tiger IIH’s turret like 3 times and each were no opens and he was not angled. Other times the just no pen of of things that should pen like the 120mm cheeks of a Panther II. IDK why, but when I use M82 it does not pen 182mm of armor, it pens nothing.


      I even recorded that video where I shot the back of the turret of the Tiger II and it no penned, and sent used it for a bug report, and guess what. They responded saying not enough evidence and other bullshit.


      warthunder is just broken

  11. 14:45: Why I quit this game.

  12. It signifies that , that crew member is turned into hamburger and is comepletely pulverized which is why they took him out….l

  13. I too live life like a glass cannon

  14. World of tanks has m56 scorpion, enjoy it so much, difficult at ties due to……….let’s say game mechanics, but it’s armor is 1mm armor every direction! In wot just fast enough but slow enough make knife fight flanking tricky, main issues for it in wot, ramming, just tap does damage when puny little light tank kills you vi ramming…………………..MANY choice words ahead! lol, great video phly!

  15. what recorder do you use?

  16. Is not fair that m56 at 6.3 has 320mm heat and hash rounds. T92 rounds are weaker than m56.
    Apdfs rounds are quite good in t92 but heat not at all!!

  17. Just realized watching thru the video that the m56 down a crew member, in game only has 3 crew members, originally 4, driver, gunner, loader and commander……..

  18. I hate this thing when I face it, when I play it dies after 5 minutes of gameplay.

  19. Stalin’s ghost ü x

    What was the panther doing I couldn’t make that out?

  20. Patchouli Knowledge

    im here pretty early huh

  21. “DrunkDaily”

  22. Patchouli Knowledge


  23. HFS is still heat Heat no like side skirts

  24. How the fuck do you not have the hesh round for this tank yet?!? That hesh round wrecks tanks!

  25. Is it just me or Phly start sounding like married man?… =D

  26. Used that recoil many times to launch myself out of being stuck??

  27. Penny: I am the scariest thing in the Universe

    WarThunder sound mechanics: Im going to end this mans whole career

  28. warthunder drives phly even more insane… love that brrrt sound when you swear … know the meme? a10: the ability to say fuck you 1800 times a minute… that would work perfect when you beep the fuck with a brrt

  29. Is it just me, or did anyone else watch him freak ot at the pe8 several times?

  30. Hi phly it is a Tuesday for me and I tore the muscle in my leg near my hip and I’m in pain I got an x-ray and it is ok but my dad is making a joke about my balls showing up in the x-ray

  31. They don’t even try to hide the fact it doesn’t have armor..
    Hull Armor: 0/0/0
    Turret Armor 5/0/0

  32. It’s hilarious how he screams at 200 decibels that the 25 decibel thing was too loud lol 🙂 <3

  33. 18:38,
    Beast fast typing ever.

  34. 12:44 in the game is it just me or does it sound like the worst fart you ever had sound effects for that gun

  35. CHALLENGE FOR YOU, the only place you can penetrate Tiger II, with M42 or M19, is back side of the turret ring, try to destroy it that way, I did it, a few times XD GL

  36. william tell nice

  37. around 5:00
    they just chucked the body into a bush

  38. metalmoltres121 Moltres

    Everyone make a formal complaint to gaijin about the fire extinguishers

  39. juking the IS6 and killing him….. so good

  40. AT gun on mario kart … what can go wrong 🙂

  41. Commander is not dead. He’s just off the tank to fire. Says to do so in the actual manual irl. Source: The Chieftain

  42. Its not balanced AT ALL… check how much it hops when firing… Always hilarious coming around a corner and surprising one, they jump in fright…

  43. Shame on you Phly for killing a JpZ 4-5

    Poor guy was just an unprotected kid trying to make his way in a harsh, harsh world.

  44. Call the guy “Mitch”. Mitch the Meat Shield.

  45. When that loud explosion hit your tank I was wearing headphones and now my ears hurt

  46. This gunshield is not a joke! it protect it’s crew from the wind ‘or gun blast’ xP

  47. Hey phly would you try usin the f4 phantom with ground targets some when you get around to makin another video on it pleas i think its a little broken insta fier almost

  48. Ultimate Bush Kemp the m56 scorpion

  49. Thanks Phly for putting me in the intro, makes it a bit more bearable (was raging as hell :))

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