ALIEN TANK- T92 Light TANK (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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ALIEN TANK- T92 Light TANK ( Gameplay)

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  1. Phly take out the t32 and the a-26. Show the power of the mighty t32 and
    its massive upper mantlet and then bomb them into oblivion with the 4000lbs
    of bombs. Love your videos, hope this gets pick.

  2. Phly use the m10 gmc please I have taken out a Kv-1 and a German churnchill

  3. Please play M22 and F-2 Sabre? Or maybe the M22 and M18? If so thanks!

  4. Su 122p and the il 10

  5. Love all your vids bro! But this one was particularly good! Keep the
    awesome content coming man!!And how about taking a Tiger out and stretching
    it’s legs and just wrecking some shit?? lol Later

  6. play the t32

  7. play m22 American tank

  8. This makes me want the little T92! Still stuck grinding away at tier 3 for
    Great content dude, love watching your vids!

  9. Hey Phly, do a video on P39 Airacobra 6x M8 rockets and M5A1 Stuart? Sound

  10. I see a tank in the air every time I play that map where you did.

  11. what about the american everyone has forgotten about, the t28 baby turtle

  12. The elephant and the HO 229.

  13. MixedChannel Game Productions

    Me 262 a1 u4 😀 unleesh the power of Germanys low BR beasts!

  14. idk if youve done it but could you do the m551 with the atgm munition??

  15. Sabre a5

  16. Conquerer – The struggle bus.

  17. 007-goldeneye-N64 James Bond

    play the stug G with zee german track armor make germany proud

  18. Baby Pershing, aka the T25. For MURICA!

  19. T-14 heavy tank

  20. Wright the names of your favorite tanks on pices of paper and randomly draw
    a name

  21. jingles subscriber/salt mine slave

    I can’t play war thunder so I domt know specifics but…
    play a bf109 and the panther

  22. Attempt number 2: Phly play da VK 4501 & the FW 190 A-1 für die Reichstag

  23. Do the walker bulldog

  24. M6A1 with p-51 air target rounds, OP against planes

  25. Play the tiger E please

  26. play the lowe please

  27. zee m46 tiger, with glorious f9f-2 air support… American bias.

  28. Wasn’t the T92 an autoloader?

  29. Chance L. (L33tSkillzzz)

    I would like to see more British tanks. I’ll hand you a cup of tea if you
    take out the Comet

  30. Sentinel AC-4 and Wirraway

  31. he look a little bit like a batchatillon 25t

  32. Russian hurricane flyout

  33. Does anyone know how to change hanger background

  34. It’s like the IS-2 you have to elevate the gun to reload.

  35. E-100 make the Germans Proud

  36. Cool fact the t92, due to its front engine can take surprisingly more hits
    than you’d expect and still have have its crew survive and be able to
    return fire granted you might have to use an extinguisher and repair the
    engine after but still i’ve been hit in the front so many times, taken no
    crew damage, been able to return fire killing the target than extinguish.
    … afterwords repairing and carrying on. Sadly seems to take more hits
    this way than the M103 heavy and have a better all around survivability.

  37. Phly, take out the t-34-85 with its insane 85mm nuke rounds!

  38. Billy von Werbenyeagermanjensen


  39. Do the t60

  40. Much respect to the Stuka driver hitting with those 37mm!

  41. i finally have progress in war thunder
    Thanks to you Phly

  42. what was the geougus thing in 09:00

  43. P-47N or the new F7f-3!

  44. Song at 6:00 pls ?

  45. SAM defense ATGM vs planes pls

  46. Jagdtiger

  47. Upright productions

    This is basically an M2A2 with a 90 mm gun.

  48. its a semi auto loader…i think

  49. ZUT-37 please.

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