ALIEN TECH in War Thunder

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Source: DOLLARplays

weirderst tanks in the game gameplay, “alien tech”

TCM AGS, bkan 1c, object 279, vt1-2 gameplay

Since all the internet is talking about the Alien, and recent “UFO whistleblower”. I will be playing with 4 weirdest tanks in War Thunder. Tanks that could easily fit a description as an “alien tech”
At least in my opinion 😉


Intro: Syncro – Wonder Boy

Background: Train of Liberation – Arc De Soleil
Night Rider 87 – Warzone
Bargain Basement – Martin Klem
Papa Funk – Spring Gang
Love Gotta Calm Down – Rasure
Stealing Mushrooms – The Fly Guy Five
Trail to Dolores – Sven Lindvall

Outro: On the Way Home – Steven Davies

#dollarplays #WarThunder #tanks

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  1. Some alien tech action 😎😉

    How’s the new update? I haven’t tried it yet

    • same useless update like every time…been waiting for l2a7v …what they add? garbage naval stuff…i dont even play naval.

    • Well if you take the new freccia remember to equip the lineup with the OTOMAGIC and its new 1100hp engine

    • @DOLLARplays oh okay cool yeah your accents awesome.

    • got a nice match in my german il28 and then my second match my packet loss spiked and i did the nose dive of death, perfectly explains the war thunder experience

    • The heli agms are terrible if you heli is flying at speed it shudders in the view . Any vehicle agm a little black string is attached like a tampon ..

      2k berely pens t72 now . 69 bounces 2k apds rounds . It’s slower . The begliet panzer hevt rounds are OP .

      They dropped the ozelot from 8km to 5km launch range

  2. i feel like the VT1-2 stems from a german general seeing the Strv 103

    and he thinks, we can do better than that, 2 times better with a higher caliber 😉

  3. Why do all wt content creators have “ammo stowage” sign when they are out of ammo? Did i miss something?

  4. 1:18 6:15 10:56 14:27 WOW new camera rotation i got chills watching it ! beautiful

  5. Shhhh no dollar don’t tell them where to shoot the BKAN!

  6. Dollar always delivers the highest quality intros on the market

  7. You’re a funny guy, new to the channel and I already love your videos!

  8. is it 100% that the maus will be back this year? I am having a lot of stress about it.

  9. The Shiba with a tinfoil hat made me happy.

  10. This may just contend for your best open yet sir, very nice o7
    Sadly no alien tech baguettes, though😢

  11. Look at the waffentrager Cannon up max

  12. Puma!¿?!?!?!!?

  13. UFO Story: No joke, I’m a flight instructor and a few nights ago I was flying around with a student in Florida in the USA at night time, around 9:30pm or so. We were at about 3,000 feet and one other plane in the practice area with us asked if we could see a aircraft zooming by. Looked around and saw a steady amber light moving fast, probably around 200 knots or so if I had to guess, at around 2,000 feet from my left to right, heading out over the ocean. Never got any transponder contact from it and it passed right through controlled airspace, no navigation lights or nothing except for the steady amber.

    Most likely military if I had to guess but literally the definition of a Unidentified Flying Object, just most likely not alien lol.

  14. Picatinny Circus


  15. Hey Dollar! can you do squadron vehicles tier list ?

  16. 5th would be STRV 103

  17. Everytime im trying to play it says warthunder processing operation and it freeze

  18. Минин Виталик

    Hi is russan

  19. The A.C. IV is also pretty alien, would be a nice candidate for a round two.

  20. which gamemode is it?

  21. I love how you use the VT1-2 like I use the STRV 103.

    No one ever expects the hull-aimers to be running around knife fighting people and WINNING.

  22. The first tank he plays look like they redesigned the t92 turret and added a new body

  23. yo cruce ese portal.. y ahora estoy en tier 5 jajaja hace como 9 meses.. se gana re poco sin ser premium

  24. you shot somone its un fire

  25. hey dollar – try RAKTENAUTOMAT ! VERY ALIEN INDEED

  26. top alien moment 14:40

  27. you can see this swedish alien tech in strängnäs tank museum. it is enormous, bigger than tiger 2!

  28. NerdNuggetTheGremlin

    it sucks how badly they nerfed the A-10 months after release

  29. How does he make it look so easy‽

  30. Contact, baby …. Just angle early, coming in hot and confused .. 😉

  31. BO’OH’O’WA’ER’

  32. Arrival is a great movie!

  33. how the hell do ppl auto range find i mean i first range find then put the range on the reticle

  34. Awh my clutch save of your Bkan bussi on A didnt make the final cut huh 😘
    Very Nice Video man, hope you keep having great success 👍👍

  35. Did you angel today 🤨🤨🤨🤨

  36. Love the biden clips

  37. Always a good laugh.

  38. Vincenzo Brasiello

    i played a game with you

  39. Ahhh love the A- 10’s paper mache damage model! lol

  40. The yellow sparrow

    Pls play israel with the guided missile tank destroyer on 6.7

  41. the full freach navy has come but i dont see a video on it

  42. And you still supports this Ruusian game, lundered in Cyprus? Shame on U.

  43. Ancient aliens reference

  44. squirrel in the tree

    Here me out. The Porsche tiger 1 is alien on a budget.

  45. your decal link isnt working

  46. turning of cheek not the solution


  47. Should I buy the TURMS-T or AM-1?

  48. What a nice intro thx Joe Biden.

  49. 5:45 what is this vehicle pls i need its name

  50. So are these all just on dev servers on PC or something?

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