ALL 18 REMOVED MAPS in World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

Old Maps in World of Tanks which have been removed. All Removed Maps in World of Tanks.

have a lot of maps in World of Tanks, but many of them have been removed for one reason or another, 18 in total. So let's take a look at all of them and please, let me know which map would you like see back the most?

What do you think?


  1. Hopefully you enjoy this little memory trip. 🙂
    Let me know which map you would like to see coming back the most and why?

    • @allan kay A combination of balancing issues, and the amount of work to update them and maintain them, generally. Bugs would be discovered with them, changes to the game would change the way they were played (game physics, vehicle types, etc.), and so some just fell by the wayside.

    • ᛞᚨᚹᛖ ᛃᚨᚾᛊᛖᚾ ᚹᚨᚾ ᛞᛖᚱ ᛗᛖᛖᚱ

      Wg should start looking into all maps and maybe make 4 versions of them depending on the seasons
      Take proka on auntumn or winter when there are no leaves on the trees but you have piles of leaves and snow to use as cover instead
      The night thing they are trying out now can be used also and even with every season as well

    • Thank you @DezGamez to take us down the memory lane and into the good old days!
      There were a lot good maps but if I have to choose one single one? It would be Swamp. I really miss it. I also miss that the games were much longer, better and you had to play more tactical and use your brain. The aspect of playing together as a team and use some tactics to win a game was the one thing that fascinated me from beginning one and why I started playing this game. I’m still playing it once in a while but the factor „teamplay“ is sadly lost since a long time. It might also be that when I played in lower tiers on these map it felt that you could actually move around without being instantly spotted from across the map and then killed with 2 single shots. As a light tank player I’m quite sad how in each patch they remove more and more bushes and trees from all kind of maps, put in new hard cover and closing gaps to shoot through and in general make the game so tailored to heavy tanks. All in all the maps are way to small nowadays to properly move around and to be able to flank heavy tanks from a safe distance (yes I look at you, corridor maps).
      All in all I really miss the good old days of WoT and I would rather play fewer games in one day than many meaningless battles were you get rushed and loose 15:2 within 4 minutes. It might be weird but gg for me is now when a battle goes more than 10-12 minutes with just a couple tanks and minutes on the clock left and you have to make smart decisions or try to cap or decap before time runs out and everyone losses in a draw. However I would rather take a draw because time ran out than being rushed and die within 4 minutes. I guess we do live in a very fast paced world and WG want to keep up with that or they want to be ahead of our times. Or at least they try.
      Anyway, these are my two cents to the old maps. Please let me know why you like the older or the newer maps better.

    • Windstorm is without a doubt the map I would like to see back most! Such awesome battles happened there 👌

    • Wot Addict Global

      I want to see SWAMP (my all-time favourite!!!), MITTENGARD, WINDSTORM, SACRED VALLEY, MINSK and of course KHARKOV!
      By the way, my dear friend: you forgot to include MINSK!

  2. I miss so many of those maps, mostly the “asian” ones…

  3. Game looked like sh**t but at least was fun…

  4. Adam Rudy Argonautusus

    i would absolutely love to see comming back the dragon ridge, port, south coast, komarin, sacred valley, mittengard, stalingrad, windstorm and waht i really miss… is minsk…

    Dragon ridge: i love the map exactly because it was confuzing.. and felt like.. full of everything wich absolutely loveeven tho i dont remember much of a battles on any of these maps i would definitly love this one back
    Port: two bridges my beloved <3
    South coast: dont really know why but i always just loved the map.. maybe because how it look? dunno.. just love it...
    Komarin: wont you know it.. the middle island my beloved as well <3
    Sacred Valley: loved the south east flanking and how the maps desing
    Mittengard: smoll... simple
    Stalingrad: well.. stalingrad is just stalingar.. like it for some reason like the south coast
    Windstorm: i loved the map because of the city part with two bridges there

    and last... the Minsk: minsk will always stay in my heart because it was first map that i played after i got new pc and i finally could play with more than 40 fps and have grafics at max.. as well that was my first battle with my first tier X ST-II on my current acc <3

  5. Southcoast, Swamp and Northwest were always on my fav list 🙂

  6. I must be an old player since I know and played all these maps 🙂

  7. Nice to see these old maps again, I did enjoy them when they were in the game. Mittengard chaos was fun low tiers… TBH possibly set the wrong tone for new players since there was nothing else like it.

  8. I want all of them back and l want wargaming to remove those dam invisible wall

  9. Probably nobody cares and won’t be readed but here i go with some experiences on a few of this deleted maps:

    – Dragon Ridge was one of the first map i played circa 2013, when i joined the game, it was amazing, maybe due to nostalgia o just because there were my first steps.

    – Hidden Village was where i achieved my first tier 8 tank, T29, and later, my first t10, the T110E5, but the tank what make me enjoy this map at the max lvl was the old Chaffee (i miss that tank a lot).

    – Port was where i played my first match on Clan War and the bridges, railroads was pretty joyful.

    – I forgot Komarin but not how hard was to take the middle of the map… jesuschrist, that was painful.

    – Sacred Valley could be one of the most enjoyable maps of this list, i remeber all the changes and balances but the most amazing this was the capability of some tank to go outside the maps border, climbing on the mountains near the line 9 and 0, yeah, once you got that location, u were invincible, but when an enemy reach it before you…

    – Windstorm was a pain, but on that map i met one of my fav content creator on 2014, he is no more on wot or youtube, but i learned a lot about the game with his videos and tips and he always will be on my heart, love u J04K (on that match he was in the enemy team i was rekt)

    I would like to see back in the game any of this maps.

  10. Dragon Ridge, I like big maps. I think the game suffers from small maps due to the power creep of all the tank lines (Tier X on “Mines” is a FARCE!!!!). I think that Dragon Ridge was the most balanced of the banned maps and one of the largest. If Wargaming really wanted to fix things, they should expand the boundaries of all the maps.

  11. Fearless Seeker

    This was quite a trip down memory lane…:)

  12. Mittengard still has a special place in my heart, back in 2015 I was just having fun with my low tier tanks on this map (I only had tanks under tier 4, I was quite bad 😅)

  13. It would be great if WG come with some special mod like 7 vs 7 only on these forgotten maps 🙂 I would like to think back about these old good times 😀

  14. Northwest, lots of routes through the map rather than the 3 shooting alleys most current maps have. Too many maps now are just brawling with no opportunity to flank or for glass TDs to be able to support from a distance. Second and third on my list would be sacred valley, third windstorm and forth Swamp. I loved being able to climb – it was a trade off for time taken out of the battle to get somewhere which may or may not help. Skill and practive was required to get in many of them. Removing just about all climbing and the addition of wheelies are the two main two biggest mistakes WG have made along with making maps boring shooting alleys for heavys.

  15. South Coast, Severogorsk, Swamp, Windstorm. I reckon South Coast would be my 1st choice then any of the others. Why these? Just because I enjoyed them, simples!


  17. I have fond memories of most of these maps, I started playing in patch 8.6 right before 8.7 when they added Severogorsk and the E 25. Many good memories. One map I almost forgot was Windstorm and I loved that map. Many, many memories and I would love to see most of these back with some proper reworks. Beats pulling another semi-historical map out of WG’s behinds with boring corridor fights.

  18. Nice trip down memory lane! Swampcamping 4ever!!1! 🙂

  19. I remember almost every map, but somehow the winter ruinberg and himmelsdorf hits me the most. Tysm for this vid

  20. Mittengard should be back, maybe not in random but just to be able to use it in the training room. Like you said, it was fun just for training.

  21. I want stalingrad back 🙁

  22. I honestly think all of them need to come back. The diversity in maps and gameplay these days is absolutely abysmal. I would be celebrating if they even brought back Komarin and I DESPISE Komarin!

  23. I loved all old maps. They were a soul of wot.

  24. my first ever game with the kv-1 was on dragon ridge.

    i remember it so well because i had forgotten to load ammo

  25. Zverko Karadjordjevic

    If you ask me, the more maps the better. I would put them all back in the game regardless of the flaws because variety is more important to me than the map being uniform. Quite simply, one time you are on one side, the other time you are on the other side of the map, where is the problem that one side has a slightly higher chance of winning?
    Certainly today we have the possibility to block the maps we don’t like, which was not the case before. They could rotate the maps for, say, 6 months. They put all the maps back into the game, divide them into two camps and rotate them twice a year or more to mix them up, say every 3-4 months. I would love that.

  26. Ah, memories…
    BTW: Minsk and Kharkov were removed not “due to some events in the world”, but due to the ruSSian barbaric invasion against Ukraine. Let’s grow some balls and be precise, ffs.

  27. Was a nice time to play WoT, not like now. All maps had different tactics, now most of them sucks.

  28. Александър Вартоломеев

    I want to see the return of some of these old patches, with old mechanics, graphics and sound for some game mode

  29. HermaeusMora 98

    I am sad when see all the maps, that was a time without the fear to have bad stats….
    I really miss that time, where i played WOT just for fun 🙁
    For me Windstorm and Stalingrad where one of my favorites

  30. Just like that meme with all the kids on bikes in a pic in suburbia, it says; You never knew the last time you’d be all playing together.

    That happened on all these maps. We never knew the last game we played each other on them 😢


  31. I would love to see Hidden Village, South Coast (favorite) and Northwest reworked and put back. Swamp and Komarin just no.

  32. Fiery Salient (I love playing Proku on all tanks but TD)

  33. swamp, hidden village, windstorm, but also Mittengard because why not, you get 3min battle for Malinovka, so it doesn’t hurt to have 2min battle for T3 tanks and let people get through the tractors faster right?🤣

  34. all maps!!!!

  35. Wow some good memories those maps, Swamp and windstorm would be my favourite 2 maps, But Swamp would be my choice

  36. It felt weird but somehow i think WorldofTanks should need some old Maps back and also should make a better Map rotation, at this Point it feels like every map has a Rating or Points how many tines it is in a roll, so for Example, Himmelsdorf is like 2 Times in the MM but Studizianki is 5 times in the MM so the Chance getting into this Map is bigger. Hopefully i explained it good enough. Anyways i love to see those old Maps and remember the good old WoT

  37. daNi - eSport for fun ;]

    I had on Swamp for ~10 years my kill record with Obj. 704 (9kills)

  38. daNi - eSport for fun ;]

    TD E100 had back in the Days APCR 8:18 ? :X cant remember xD

  39. Most of old Maps was FAR BETTER than “reworked” or new Maps!!!

  40. Loved this, very nostalgic. Shame I’m done with Wargaming and WOT

  41. What on earth was WG thinking when it got rid of some of these maps and left us with the awful crap we now have to tolerate???

  42. I remember most of those maps from when I started playing on x-box,I guess most of them are still on

  43. i want ALL of them back, these maps were amazing

  44. The game will game popularity again if they instructed all of the old maps.

  45. I would be happy to see many of those maps back in play
    There would be a problem with duplicate maps like Fiery salient and winter Himlesdorf when it comes to blocking maps.
    We really need weather to be an effect so one map can be summer or winter while still counting as one map.
    From my perspective I really do not want full snow maps, I find them hard on the eyes and it gets worse as I get older.
    Does winter always have to look like the north pole snow does melt leaving a few drifts.

  46. Marco Buona Forchetta

    I only play from two years. Those maps where very nice. Many looks much better then the actual version. Thx for the video. Wargaming Sucks never doing
    something good

  47. Most should be put back into rotation, WG reasons that there was a small % advantage to one side or the other was true but who cares also XVM plays a far bigger advantage than any map benifits, AFTER ALL ITS A GAME WG lets have fun and many of these maps were fun simply because they werent just mirror image maps like many are today.

  48. dontknowgoodname

    Dragon Ridge, Hidden Village, Serverogorsk, and Swamp are still in the game on World of Tanks Console.

  49. All of the non-copypaste maps. They should just rework those that are unbalanced and return them to the game.

  50. I didn’t like any of these maps from memory.

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