All aboard Crazy Train! – FV 4005

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  1. yay circron video

  2. Johnathan Francis

    What did the teacher say to the student who was failing english?

    *Read more*

  3. Marthijn van Oorschot

    This is the kind of positivity I need XD

  4. averageworldoftanksplayer eu

    Had to watch mutliple times to believe this… oh hell yessss!!! ?

  5. Circon next time take the cameo off the tank I can’t see it very well as blends into its surroundings to much

  6. That shot on the Grille made my peepee hard :))))))

  7. Shitbarn shit on people. Good shit.

  8. That laugh though …. lolz

  9. This is so funny, good content Ciron !!

  10. “Aiming lowers DPM”, best line in there

  11. Ooh I feel so bad for this guy. How good was he?
    Ah, ok…pfff!

    my sides! =))

  12. Gambling is for fools, aiming is for tools.

  13. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    How 2 TD-15 xd

  14. The best streamer in wot

  15. 1 dislike from the bat chat 🙂

  16. this grille was full health. He wasnt camping so he didnt get focused by artaa

  17. Circon you’re my fav YouTuber

  18. The Barn Hungers…

  19. Salah Sayemuddahr

    What happened to thumbnails?

  20. the oz man cometh? oh, the fear barn ;).

  21. do you think that batchat liked his xmas present?

  22. those criticullz

  23. first, there is the hysterical laughter, straight from the depths of hell.
    then, a cool and collected “we don’t need to aim anymore, boys”
    Seeing and hearing Circon enjoy himself so much in this game really almost trumps my lifetime of frustration with this game and gives me a renewed drive to go at it once more.
    I tell you, there very, very few youtubers that have this kind of power!

  24. That Guy Named Jeff

    Oh circon, you did it again!

  25. Severijn van Lambalgen

    Thatcher will guide your shells!!

  26. Oof 420 likes

  27. So much hacks. If it were me the reticle would take 5000 years and a rebirth of life on earth before aiming down and the HE would go out of the reticle circle even though fully aimed.

  28. Is that Xmas wrapping?

  29. Autism is Uncontrollable

    I can’t believe that FV215b 183 got you in the gun doing no damage at the start.

  30. The Bearded Emperor is transcending more and more with every passing minute!

  31. Circon had better RNG in this game than me the last 2 days… xD

  32. casual

  33. Going mid in the Shitbarn is viable now.

  34. Meanwhile here I am, missing every point blank shot ever with the wonderful ploish low tier tanks

  35. Content bois

  36. Circon, could you do an overview of the Polish tech tree?
    I’ve taken a few looks into the first half, and it seems like just one massive paywall. Especially with the free exp discount that has been going on.
    Also, that laugh… I wish I actually got the notification that you were streaming.

  37. Circon’s laughter is GOLD.

  38. D I S G U S T I N G

  39. Luck of the Irish.

  40. 0:52 Aiming reduces dpm

  41. Guh-Jahb!

  42. That shot on the move!

  43. eSports ready

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