All about New Update 1.9 and Anniversary Event ACT 1! | World of Tanks 10th Anniversary 2020

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Source: DezGamez

World of Update 1.9 Patch Review – Tech Tree Rework, Collector’s Tanks. World of Tanks 10th Anniversary Celebration Rewards. World of Tanks Birthday Events, Specials, Secret Code.
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The waiting time is over, World of Tanks patch 1.9 update is live and in this episode I am going to let you know everything you need to know about the update 1.9 and about the World of Tanks 10th anniversary special event.

Act I, with first special events is live, so let’s take a look it and let’s see, what it has to offer! 😉


►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– All the tanks!


  1. Have an absolutely Fantastic Day!
    I may have something special for you, soon… Stay TUNED!

    • Awesome review of the update 1.9 Dez!!! I hope you and your family are staying safe!! Take care brother, Vern …….the old man!!

    • boristhebarbarian

      that “”other” tab: i was hoping for

      a. 1 or 2 directives per coin or
      b. 1 bond per coin or
      c. 50% off of consumables (1 per coin) or
      d. exchange 1 directive i do not use to 1 i do use for 1 coin….
      e. selling all those unused decals and inscriptions for credits (the ones with ! mark)

    • The game crashed for me in the start twice

    • Finished the last 2k XP needed to complete act 1 today…
      Took quite awhile, so much pay2win and powercreep to deal with.
      I hope the other ones aren’t ridiculously hard.

      The compensation for the tanks already unlocked feels kind of lacking but I didn’t calculate everything.

    • Dez, you do a great job with this channel. I understand that you have somehow to be reserved in comments toward developers but I will say it here: Gamers, it is time that all of us to give Wargaming a present and a congratulations card by uninstalling this game. And no, this is not another anger reaction to this update. This is a wake-up call for developers. They have to understand! They have to see that we keep them alive! I can only see that we are a bunch of wallets to them and this has gone too far!!! I suggest that we all quit playing for a month, hell if we can stay in our homes during this COVID-19 pandemic, we surely can stop playing this game for a month. Imagine how a briefing will go at the headquarters if that happens! And, if nothing changes, we should quit this game for good!

  2. Tech tree doesn’t look great at 1366×768 resolution. You need to page down to see lower placed tanks.

  3. No discrimination or hate to people with down sindrome but wg treats us like we are all mongols. What the fuck is this? This is the way to celebrate 10 years? Greedy bastards OMG

  4. i – am – hyped for the mini map camo, dont care about the rest

  5. Eaven your pc was discusted by this event 8:42 🙁

  6. Tech tree looks like shit now. I don’t think the change was needed. Terrible update, and terrible bonuses. Wish that they would make more CW tanks available in the bond shop

  7. The totally gave a middle finger to all of us who used real money to convert Free XP with Gold in this update. They should’ve refunded all Free XP used on lines that were moved to collector’s items. Not another dime from me ever again. T

  8. Konstantin Dimitrov


  9. I need that style for my love T30. 😮❤

  10. WG you are not a nice company! You are on the traks of Electronic Arts onyl that you speak russian! You don’t care about players and you just milk us for money

  11. I am guessing that at this unprecedented moment in time there would be a lot of people in lock down and World of Tanks would be experiencing a large amount of players right now. And after 10 years of success his is what Jeff Bezos would do. Well done WG…fail

  12. They could have done a better job cleaning up the tech tree by getting rid of arty altogether. Just a suggestion WG

  13. *This event it’s lame…*

  14. Where is Our Free Tank!!!, Good Grief when this game begun they gave us a special gift for supporting the game, Now we see How Little they care for there customers (Players).

  15. Will they be removed at the end like all the grind we did for Dog Tags! ….hah!

  16. I shit myself when the game crashed

  17. While I am obviously disappointed in the rewards that have been announced so far, I can’t really agree with people saying this is a huge grind. I mean, I finished the entire first act in 2 hours. And you have a week to do it. That doesn’t seem like much of a grind to me. Play for 2 hours in the first week of each active month and get all keys. Pretty simple.

  18. hanikrummi hundursvin

    they nerfed my sealclubber Pz. 1-C !!! 70% nerf on fire rate (0.1 sec went to 0.17 sec intraclip reload). This is horrible for a 40 round clip low alpha gun. Shame. Shame. Shame.


    3:12 DezGamez is true devil confirmed

  20. ” 5 hours later?” Dude – you DO have some sort of non-dial-in internet, right? ^^

  21. All you need to know!
    There’s literally fucking nothing.
    Carry on.

  22. I think the tier 10 change they did really sucks if I hear well from your video you can buy only for 1. Milion?? That really sucks only because the older players didn’t get anything because I have almost 1900 blueprints but mostly because a player who has 1000 battles take hes tier 10 and does 0 damage so he fucks the game something like Ebr not to mention that the event so far is for them to make more money like they don’t make enough this game is becoming a joke unfortunately and when they will realize that it’s gonna be to late

  23. i assume there is another reward. the “main reward” shows 5 locks and the t30 style just needs 3 also there are 5 keys to earn in total

  24. That gold tho….

  25. Sure Dez there are multiple acts but everyone knows you open and finish with a bang. The opening is rather disappointing. What do you get in the opening? 5 auto extinguishers, 6 premium days, 3 como for the premium tanks being sold in the store or 1 universal camo and the coupe de gras a T30 skin. Now everything except the auto extinguishers depends on how much you play. No real gifts, no reserves to speak of, the coins could have bought you something good like reserves or exchanged for credits. Mind you should you buy the prem tanks they are all outdated thanks to the power creep. I sincerely hope each act gets progressively better. As for the missions I’m 43 trash games in and I have around 25k xp left to grind and I’m done.

  26. Yeah I uninstalled the game. I’ve been playing this game since 2013 and this “event” just shows how much they really care about their players.

  27. I used that code thing from a few days ago and got the most retarded reward ever. A discount on a gold/credit bundle so instead of paying $175, it’s only $120. Like wtf, I’d be happier if I got 1 single automatic fire extinguisher

  28. Is any one going to talk about the fact that the covenanter and the crusader have moved up a tier and the only thing changed is their hp… The covenanter has 63 pen on the top gun, like are you kidding me ??

  29. Sorry folks – no Object 279 (e) for several months of grinding. In fact, you may actually have spend money on this event…which WG will NEVER disagree with.

  30. You’re a WoT you tuber and you don’t have the FV4005

  31. What happened to the Pudel and the Skoda T 40?

  32. Maybe the T30 skin is a Wt E100, never know anymore.

  33. You get a T30 skin which you will be able to buy in a couple of months with money. WoW WG, I’m amazed. I was expecting a tank for everyone. A tier VIII premium as a gift to all players who log in. Pathetic rewards to be honest.

  34. Wicked Productions

    This 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY is for a TIER9 skin… how pathetic lmao

  35. benediktas velionis

    i want back the old garage now there are tank in random camp

  36. These rewards are lame, I’m more excited to close the game and have a wank

  37. Hey Dez should I spend all my points from this or keep them I’m not to sure what to do with the 205 I have or do I save them for the next act

  38. 10 years was not enough toblearn how tobrun a server 😂😂

  39. Anthony Lautzenheiser

    Kudos to War thunder for putting an ad on a WoT vid.

  40. So many entitled people bitching about not getting enough free shit. Yall realize the main celebration is in August? Theres plenty of time for them to offer even more stuff

  41. BLUE_beep BLUE_beep

    Relocated vehicles loose equipment and cannot put it back on… Check out your Crusader !!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Not good update

  43. Hi DezGamez and Tankers…. although I have been in WOT for a long time, with some periods of not playing, it is not clear to me what a lot of equipment, accessories (like Coffee etc) as well as various skills actually do for me in the game. Recently I saw that you can extend the view range just by a skill, which wasn’t obvious to me. It is a bit awesome hearing DeGamez and others going on about the different tanks etc in WOT.

    The little bits of information that come with these or appear in ‘balloons’ don’t explain much, apart from the obvious ones. What about the combinations with BIA and so on?

    So I am wondering if there is some article that can go in to a comprehensive discussion about all of this (but not too deep), particularly what a combination of all of these can do. Maybe a sample tank and the skills, accessories and equipment suitable for that. I am aware that people differ in what they like to do which could affect the selection.

    I am also uncertain of different activities, so most of the time I play random battles. I was in a head on collision with a cement-mixing truck ( like hitting an M4 head on maybe) a long time ago with two days being unconscious, and that didn’t help me to pick up info quickly. An article or two to read would be helpful. Thanks.

  44. From Tank rewards you can get tanks boosters and premium account(its every month) and from the big 10years celebration you can get…..


  45. Sorry WG, too busy playing other games.

  46. I am happy that they “simplified” the tech tree, only to let the games mode, the crew skills and the module as obscure as ever.
    On top of it the come up with the weirdest events with even more obscures rewards!

  47. Tangled and Happiness

    They nerfed VK 30.01 P. They changed its class to heavy, the tank lost its camo, reduced its hp/ton, so the tank is now sluggish. Gave hp only a slight buff. Didn’t upgrade the armour neither buffed the gun.

    It was my favorite tank in the game.. Now I don’t know what to play when everything goes wrong…. Immensely intense feeling of betrayal.

  48. I really hoped that I could put any crew into collector’s vehicles. I’d be fine with no crew XP bonus like special vehicles have, but now I don’t see a point of buying those already power crept tanks if I need to put a fresh crew into them.
    Also, does anyone know if the tokens from the even transfer into the next Act, or do you have to spend them all before the 2nd Act starts?

  49. So happy i quit playin this game on a daily basis. I try it once a year maybe and delete it fast. WG is getting scummier and scummier. Greed is pure cancer and evil..

  50. Keeper of the seven keys Helloween of course 🙂

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