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Source: QuickyBaby

Today the M-V-Y T110E5 will show you what it means to be an all- hero in of Tanks!



  1. T57 heavy use to be a god

  2. Sold my MVY. It’s a piece of shit. A HUGE disappointment. That turret gets penned by 90% of the shots and although the dpm is good, you can’t really do anything with it against more than 2 tanks. You’re always toast due to lack of armor. A big fat 2 stars out of 10. One of the tanks that Wargaming really fucked up.

  3. I absolutely love the skin for the t10e5!!

  4. When can we receive the ranked battle annual awards? Does anyone know? Thanks!

  5. @11:50 16th kill in Random Battles? QuackyBaby? 😛
    Did WalletGaming bring back team damage? lol

  6. Baxter Wellington

    Duke is the commander in your E5… not GI Joe.

  7. marquitoescort2011

    I remember the old e5 pre nerf, when the tumor wasnt a weak spot. Now that was a beast!

  8. I’m guessing 4u2b3 means For You to be Free?

  9. Hey QB, love the all ur content as always, quick q, when u s-scraped that 2nd corner, were you just hoping there wasn’t guys in the middle sniping through the gap? Is that just one of those “commit and hopes” for an aggressive position or can you s-scrape safely further back?

  10. The t110e5 just need what WG have done on m48, REDUCE THE CUPOLA SIZE. Isnt hard.

  11. Nicholas Pichette

    The saying is “All american action heroes,” QB you are definitely a brit!

  12. Can’t wait for ALL-ACTION RUSSIAN HEROES!

  13. HEAT 57 Heavy not included? 🙁

  14. Chieftain’s and 279 e’s are ducking annoying, I feel like I hit a hydraylic wall (like the ones in trashtrucks) every time I meet them. Gold makes it better but still feels like Im a T9 fighting a T10.

  15. Still ran my T110E5 in ranked still did really well with it, just moves well and rate of fire.

  16. Remember when the T57 Heavy was the new powerful shiny toy into the game ? Yeah it’s close than a decade ago…

  17. Wait … why is the HIGHEST win rate 50%? I realize there’s some percentage of draws, but really?

  18. Good to know a lady bug did not get you to drive off the edge 😛 Thanks for the content.

  19. “just go crazy”, finally some advice I can take.

  20. Any advice that you can give to a new PC tanker. I started tanks when it was in BETA on console, but the console version is going down hill quick. I quickly acquired a pc and just started tanking yesterday. So any good advice, I figured I would ask the Tank Master himself, due to his amazing content.


  22. Those new American Tanks remind me of the Snerfs from the Muppet Show,

  23. You should be calling out this tank yet you praise it……

  24. that progetto 66 = For you to be 🙂

  25. I played the T110E5 in ranked, wasn’t half bad roll around like a medium and you’d do pretty fine.

  26. i feel like i haven’t seen the E5 in a million years.

  27. I keep hearing how the tier 8 American is the best in that line and going beyond it is a waste. I have only gotten as far as the tier 7 so far.

  28. nice video

  29. Murkuh, FUCK YEAH!

    I say this as a murkun

  30. I finally Aced this tank but with the bigger gun. Idk why but bigger damage works better for me rather then DPM guns.

  31. 4 U2BE

    For YouTube.

  32. That first tank looks like it came out of a doctor Seuss book

  33. How can I move the camera in replay of wot?.

  34. about get my heavy in tier 10, not concerned about them or my win rate or farming me at all I like just to annoy them big-time like tier 8 & 9

  35. 4u2b3 = for YouTube?

  36. Play wotb and that yoh will have a 3 shells autoloader

  37. rustedniddleslinger

    Since you asked what our thoughts are about tier 10 battles. Wouldn’t it be great when you get a tier 10 vehicle that it would live up to your expectations. I’m saying if you have to reload for half a minute to get 1 shot in it better hit the mark when you fully aim. People aren’t wasting credits on tier 10 battles because their favorite tank is underwhelming.

  38. Damn you Quacky!!! Stormtroopers can aim just fine! We just always see them shooting people with plot armor.

  39. Wot Addict Global

    “I sucked so hard” – lmao that clip went viral in literally seconds!

  40. “america doesnt stop for anything” YEEEEHAWWWWW HOP ON BOYS

  41. Ralph Cesar Yabut

    I used to like E5, it is one of the most OP tanks in the game but it was nerfed hard. I hope the Weak spot gets stronger or smaller in order to be competitive.

  42. is it just me or did he call a ebr 90 a “13 90”

  43. Lol dude this is so weird and strange.,., in wot Pc the T110E5 has a huge weak point in wot blitz it hs a tiny weak point on top it’s almost impossible to penetrate it’s weak point or even hit it correctly very annoying lol but it has bad DPM now on wot blitz it got a nerf

  44. I can’t relate to most of the shoot and hide since i mostly uses an SPG and do the LT passive spotting.

  45. You say “looking pretty”, I say ÖRF.. I don’t get your need to look at the barrel of the tank. I just feel like my eye is getting punctured by a needle.

  46. Why does QB/QF look like he’s gotta take a shit at the start of every video?

  47. Wot is a Russian developed game and the weakest are the American tanks. Coincidence? I think not.

  48. No crew skills and set up shown on both tank please show before game how can we learn when you have 12 level crew skills on

  49. WG please make E5 great again 😓

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