All Advent Calendar Offers Leaked + Chuck Norris Commander? | World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2021

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Source: DezGamez

World of Advent Calendar 2020 / 2021 Offers Leaked and 2021 with Chuck Norris as a Special Commander. World of Tanks Christmas Holiday Ops 2021 Tanks – Progetto C45 mod 71 and GSOR 1008 in Loot Boxes. World of Tanks Update 1.11+ Patch News.

Video Chapters:
00:00 | Introduction
02:13 | Advent Calendar Leaked List
08:15 | List with Tank Prices
09:05 | 2021
11:45 | Chuck Norris Commander and What we Know
12:20 | Conclusion and Upcoming

I am back from my little mini-vacation before the Holiday 2021 Storm and while I was away, so much stuff has happened. Today I am going to talk about

What do you think?


  1. As always, first and foremost keep in mind that even though it was “data mined” from the game files, it is still a leak. They might bring in some changes! ⛔
    But hey… If we get Chuck as a Commander, who fills every role and skill with 169% efficiency, I would forgive everything. Oh boy, IT’S GOOD TO BE BACK! 🔥
    Video Chapters:
    00:00 | Introduction
    02:13 | Advent Calendar Leaked List
    08:15 | List with Tank Prices
    09:05 | Holiday Ops 2021
    11:45 | Chuck Norris Commander and What we Know
    12:20 | Conclusion and Upcoming

    • @DezGamez You missed the Easteregg at the back of the train. It’s a plackat with one heavy lifter, 3 bombs and the word Italian written. That would be a big hint at the premium tier VIII heavy, autoloading, italian tank

    • Legend says that the only reason we ever survive a battle in WoT is because Chuck Norris allows it to happen…

    • Alexander the great

      Im sad that the Somua SM will be very common in every battle. It was pretty rare but that was already too much. I hate it. Its ugly, French and is an autoloading “heavy tank”. You see people just flank you in that tank, get behind you and just spam apcr in your behind. When you turn back it runs away like a coward. Amazing how could the french make even a heavy tank annoying.
      I also hate the Skorpion. Even a 5 year old can play it and then it would be the on the same level as other tier 8 TDs and this is annoying. Big alpha, dpm, reload, speed, accuracy are all overpowered. And because every 10 year old is playing it, you can find them in every battle. Should be nerfed to death

    • I already have those smh I guess the new stuff is in the loot boxes

    • “Strv s1 very good F2P premium tank” i’m F2P player for some reason i dont have this tank in my garage so it doesnt have good pen or good alpha and dont make credits for me because hmmmm let me think im Free 2 Play which means i will never get S1 🙂

  2. Sadly nothing interesting. Traditionally you get something from the Christmas calendar, on this calendar the deal is “would you like to pay from this, pls!?” 😀

  3. Im interested on tanks because its disapointing and disapointed because the tank are interesting…

  4. now we only need bruce lee to kick chuck norris ass 😀 and the circle will be complete

  5. 4:18 CzechoSlovakian not Czech

  6. I’d make a crack about how far Chuck has fallen, but looking back at his career this might actually be a highlight.

  7. My biggest regret last year was not buying the LT432

  8. I’ve been wanting the M6A2E1 for years, I’ll have to try and pick it up to finish my collection.

  9. Some Chuck Norris jokes:

    How many people can Chuck Norris Chuck, if he were Chuck Norris?
    Nation Training Center was renamed Norris Training Center!
    Chuck Norris walked into a room and no one survived!
    Orange juice was created by a Chuck Norris Round house Florida into California!

  10. Chuck Norris commander would be nice and OP 🙂

  11. Commander Chuck will send that Maus run crying to it’s Ratte

  12. Jimbo's Armored Division

    That list sounds like shitt just like your Christmas music in the background.

  13. I only count 23 do you not need 24 for an advent calendar? Perhaps there is one slot left for something new?

  14. I have wanted the Somua for a while. I have had it twice on trial and have two 100 percent crews for it in the barracks. However, I have been offered it as low as £21 in the past. (wish I bought it then) So 9,900 Gold does not seem like a bargain?? In fact are any of these that cheap. I can buy the Lansen C which I wouldn’t mind either (but I want the skinned version) in my garage for £19 so is 6500 odd gold competitive? I don’t know I will have to work it out on the day.

  15. I want the T34 damn

  16. I publicly apologize to WoT and forgive them at EBR. Chuck Norris made it possible 🤣

  17. Going by how horrible the last two lootbox systems were, I am very worried about how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ the Christmas boxes will be. Additionally there seems to have been no real progress in making armor relevant again, considering the introduction of further hull-down heavies with virtually no weakspots and various up-armor buffs for tanks which arguably didn’t need an armor boost, but rather penetration at higher tiers needs to be lowered and weakspots need to be returned to tanks which used to have them. They can be compensated with improved soft stats and other benefits.

  18. Chuck Norris human shaped american tank. Next year, well deserved reward “Super Chuck Norris”

  19. Chuck Norris destroyed the periodic table, because Chuck Norris only recognizes the element of surprise

  20. We live in an expanding universe. All of it is trying to get away from Chuck Norris

  21. This is wonderful! The Skorpion and E75 are on my shopping list as I am a huge German tank fan. I am consider getting the Centurion Mk 5/1 too.

    I bought the M48A2 Raumpanzer a couple of months back and use it for stronghold skirmishes often filled with Bourrasque and Progetto opponents. I think the M48A2 is okay in my opinion as it soaks up a lot of frontal damage comparable with IS tanks. It is not the worse tank that I have ever played.

  22. Chuck Norris’s tank doesn’t actually shoot, the turret just whips around for a spinning heel kick.

  23. They can’t add Chuck Norris,it is too OP

  24. When the decoration starts?

  25. There’s not the one I look for here.

  26. 10:27 probably best part of the video i never get tired looking at them

  27. Meh, I might pick up the E75 TS and Somua though. Been wanting the Somua for a while

  28. AMX 13 75 😍

  29. Chuck N makes no sense, he has nothing to do WWII or with tanks…. this nonsense drives me crazy. Can we get some historic generals/commanders please, ones that fit in well with the aesthetic of regular crew – rather than these bizzare tie-ins and meme creepy christmas girls!

  30. I want that ’78 Ford Bronco, …. Weaponized of course.. Who was the last one, Dolf Lungrin, now Chuck Norris. old ass actors (washed up that is) and Shitty rock bands.

  31. Lol 2 styles for crap tanks lol a lot of these vehicles are trash in the game. You get them never play them……..I think WOT should allow you to rent these before you buy. That would be a good advent deal, try before you buy……Chuck Norris he’s like 100 years old…..omg

  32. Why aren’t there any HE shells in the ammo rack? Chuck Norris ate all of them for breakfast.

  33. It is all part of WG’s 10th Annifailery. they are really leaning in into this.
    WILL-NEVER-BE-SOLD-AGAIN-EVER but again same sh….t .

  34. 3D Chuck Norris skin for the FV4005 aynyone?

  35. I so wanted the pz 58 to be on the advent calendar because I don’t want to buy it with real money but I need a leopard 1 crew trainer… sigh

  36. I do not agree with that AMX 13 57 is not made to lose credits if you play it with standard ammo and play it sneaky you can make quite alot of dmg so dez Im not with you for that one

  37. Chuck isn’t the Commander, he is the tank.

  38. Chip Nimcompoop?! mediocre actor and somewhat decent martial art skill! WTF! I just want decent games 15 to 10 and less goldspam! Did i mention wheelies with aimbot? NOT gonna spend a dime on WG shenanigangs. Phew!

  39. Any information what loot boxes will include?

  40. That would be sick, get Chuck Norris in game with a Bazooka…no tank no armor, just Chuck Norris with a Bazooka!!

  41. Only wanted 1 tank the same as probably everyone else who has not got it the progetto
    and we dont get it this year what a C**t. FU wargaming

  42. I don’t know, if I’m excited, but I just couldn’t stop laughing after Chuck was announced. XD

  43. NO Pz5/6 again on black market once and not here poor turn out wot

  44. How much does 3D skins cost?

  45. if my holiday garage doesn’t have Chuck Norris deadlifting an FV4005 in the background I will be upset.

  46. Ah yes the only premium tier 9 premium tank

  47. Dez did you heard Sir Foch is quitting the game.

  48. Ewww, Chuck the Super Liberal Norris… No thanks.

  49. Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

    Some say, Chuck Norris’ beard can absorb 183mm HESH shells.
    Seriously, Chuck is 80 years old and looks better than me at 43…

  50. How bout Italians poster in back of last train?

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