ALL Bite!

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  1. Let’s go.

  2. widepark makes me sad

  3. i need to know this. Bat.-Châtillon 12 t is gud? I remember when Circon did not like it very much.

  4. Circon is unstoppable!

  5. Hey Circon! What is your mod which shows how much dmg tou need to be in % of the best players in the vehicle stats panel? I need it!

    Thanks, love ya

  6. And lo a wild AMX 13 f3 appears….

  7. Bite in french is Dick ???

    • lul is Dutch for dick LUL

    • ti nisi francuz druze

    • Mihailo Pisanjuk nisam bosanac sam ali zivim u svicarskoj
      I ako nisi znao u svicarskoj se prica njemacki francuski taljanki

    • Nikola Petrovic kako te nije sramota? Poznavanje stranog jezika nije dozvoljeno! Sramota 😉

    • Hahahaha on mene pita sta sam cit’o!
      Ako nisi znao… u Svajcarskoj se govore nemacki, francuski, italijanski i reto-romanski
      Naravno da je poznavanje stranih jezika dozvoljeno, ali ako je tebi na englesku rec “bite” prva asocijacija kurac verovatno imas neke druge probleme 😀
      Sem toga, ovo je jutjub a ja nista lose nisam mislio. Opusti se buraz

  8. Circon also advertising Dreadnought? Foun that game through QB and is actually quite fun. Arta there can easily get killed as they cant hide in the redline while shitting on everyone. And is actually really enjoyable to play with aswell.

  9. Honestly the VK 30.02 M is my favourite tank. It’s the only tank I’ve 3-marked as well.

  10. Три полоски

  11. 3k in tier 6? Not bad. Try to beat my 4.6k in tier 7 with this tank 😀

  12. widepark: the shit map that I always bitch about when I get it but then usually manage to get monster games like this on anyway since its always top tier in my 6’s.

  13. casual full potato team

  14. 28 battles in the only Polish tank in the game, but a crew of 3,5 skills? How???
    BTW I believe that Type 64 saluted you Circon 😉

  15. 100k subs HYPE!!

  16. See that 5% gold kids?

  17. Blitz_ With_Spartan617

    I swear to god that was Mia Khalifa in the ad for the google Alexa thing

  18. Remember the time circonflexes put only highligts on teamspeak, pepperidge farm remembers kappa

  19. I got 3.6k + some spotting in full t6 with T-34-85m, we lost as always… Got 850 base xp, better than the whole enemy team ?

  20. Oh look, it’s the tier 3 map!

  21. 3K damage in a Pudel :))) Please report this guy WTF???

  22. Why does Circon have as many credits as people on the test server :)))??? LOL LMAO Circon living the dream baby :))) ?

  23. Why doesn’t Circon have like 900k subscribers??? Who could not like this content???

  24. What was with that enemy driving?

  25. Only 3k damage DansGame and you call yourself a unicum

  26. “What are you doing?” Going back to the garage.

  27. I really want to get into World of Tanks but that aiming system just triggers the shit out of me

  28. Seals aren’t gonna’ club themselves…half the time.

  29. Michael Hildebrandt

    it looks all so easy if you see him play… Good job @Circon!

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