All He Needed was 15 Seconds! – World of Tanks

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Source: LemmingRush

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  1. Why do you keep posting at midnight?

  2. Cool. I enjoy your content

  3. Am I too late here? Also thank you for daily videos for the last days!

  4. bu-but hes from QSF. Also how is lemming posting daily for 4 consecutive days? Who are you and what have you done to the real lemmingrush!!

    • +SuiLuJ !!!
      Nah, the kids these days are on fools’ gold…the doctors give them amphetamines when they are in school and that drives them off into industry and off a cliff ?

    • They can still tell the difference if they snort a line of good coke though…

    • +CircleOfSorrow well, I’m perfectly fine xD

    • +SuiLuJ !!!
      Are you selling your meds to the kids not lucky enough to get them? Do anything but take them… quality is always better than quantity, even if somebody is your boss, unless you are performing menial or heavily physical tasks. If you are nodding off during work you need better sleep, not better stimulants.

    • +CircleOfSorrow nah, what’s sleep…I stick to my cocain.

  5. I’m glad this tank was nerfed and is totally 100% balanced now and is in no way op at all…

    And awesome video lemming, I’m glad you’re making them so frequently. Keep it up =)

    • Алексей Сафронов

      +Alvin S well, JPZ E100 also has 1050 damage gun.

    • +Алексей Сафронов Yeah I know, I have one. But the dpm is really shit, it’s slow and since gold ammo is used more than standard nowadays the armor isn’t as good. The 268 4 has better armor, dpm and mobility than the Jp E100

    • +The Indelible Scowling Dire Wolf Yeah, still waiting for them to nerf the Japanese heavies…

    • +Alvin S
      The Japanese Heavy player is still waiting for you to leave your hard cover.

    • +Alvin S lol wut? You can get 3000 DPM if like to spend extra. That’s only a 1000 difference apart from some DPM monsters.

  6. I see your problem. You expect the enemies to do the sensible thing to win instead of going “Kill, no cap!”.

  7. I won a 1v5 on this map surprisingly, i was so clueless

  8. LemmingRush – you do realize the Tiger can’t pen the 268 from the front no matter how hard he dabs the 2 key, right? Throwing HE at him to break modules, injure crew, and maybe blowing a track off is the best he can hope for.

    • The tiger has a low caliber gun- HE doesn’t make a difference to the 268. If the tiger was smart, he would have avoided trying to trade alpha with a 268 and instead tried to hold out for support or at least buy his team time to win elsewhere on the map.

    • Even in the replay the tiger penned him 😉

    • Well its not true. I was personally penned by tiger II with AP when facing him in my 268. You can even find replays of similar situations.

  9. Hey Lemming. 🙂

  10. Hello Mr Rush

  11. Dave is an idiot. He’s in an op tank and got lucky over and over.

  12. Great analysis, such a heartbreak.

  13. Thats what my gf said Kappa

  14. Fuck this tank. It is so OP.

  15. Dave got his ace because of the bonus for getting top gun/high caliber. They used to call it “courageous resistance” but now it’s just lumped under “achievements” xp. He effectively got 1260 base xp.

  16. The poor tiger II. Wg needs to fix the goddamn matchmaker, or buff the tank.

  17. Good content recently?

  18. He should had been sitting at the red line for a better game.

  19. You, youngster, are obviously doing better and that’s a good thing by me.

    You’re making videos again and your voice has more energy so hurrah! Go Canadian health care!

    Now, on to the video.

    I finally got my hands on a 268 v4, my first Tier X, and I’ve been having interestingly mixed results with it. I only play it when I’m particularly flush with cash and feeling *mean*; when I don’t care that the thing is still borderline OP in all tier X games and savage in most three-five-seven games. It’s like the Tier X e25: you know that people see it in the opposing lineup and groan. r

    With all that said, ti’s good to see someone play it on that particular map, seeing a hull-down spot on the one-two lines is especially good considering the TD’s still ridiculous, *armorgasm* playstyle. I think that that is the only thing that saves it at that point you describe as an error where you see him getting ready to engage multiple tanks by walking into a potential crossfire against his sides which, along with that back of the tank are its only penetrable parts—definitely something I plan on avoiding in the next game I get in it when I get to run down full-health, high-alpha TDs, laughing when their shots fail to pen at point-blank range. It is too bad that he ended up losing, but, yeah, he could have played it a wee bit smarter.

    I liked it. Good video, and, as always, good, cogent, analysis.

    Keep ’em coming, Lemm. Keep ’em coming.

  20. i’ve seen the csgo shortcut on the desktop, and i’d love to play with you, i am Legendary Eagle Master

  21. I think the Conqueror did the right thing and played as decoy to ensure the 212A got in the cap for the win. If the both of them went in the cap they would have to deal with Dave and arty which would mean they would have lost. The Conqueror going for his arty support would draw Dave’s attention since he could delay him long enough for the cap to be completed without interruption

  22. Well had this map on PS4 for a very long time, generally here’s how it played for us:

    *Generally speaking*, heavy tanks and mediums rush South, the lights rush up to the top right, TDs camp everywhere on the left, and generally at around F7 from South, and who cares about arty?

    The South positions usually depend on your armour and gun depression, if you have semi useful gun depression, you play on the the ridge at H2, if not you go up to about G3 and use your armour or try poke on morons who don’t know how to shoot.

    The South usually decided the game, if you lost the South and you were fighting in the North, it was pretty much an automatic loss, because to reset the cap you’re pushing into an open area where they have all the cover.

  23. echogameadventures

    Blyat. Bobject is clearly under-powered and needs a buff. Faster reload, better armor, and a speed boost please.

  24. What the hell, I just don’t get it. How does one figure out that the UDES would not be in a position to rape the hell out of him during the 12-11 minute push through J4-H4? However I look at that maneuvre, I fail to see why it worked.

  25. Looks like a quicky Baby thumbnail ?

  26. Truly, with this tank in thjim mm one needs almost no skill or brain at all.

  27. You know there is destroyed objects mods right? You can tell where enemy is even they are not spotted. Those weird choices he made like turn back go other side or camp for coming type could be because of he is cheating.

  28. This is 268v4, so mistakes?! Who cares, just push w key and you have 5-6k dmg in a 3-5-7. Yes, it was a bit nerfed but still is a beast, especially when top tier.
    Tiger 2… Makes no difference whatever he does. He is tier 8 and probably the worst tier 8 heavy in the game…
    Interesting game, nevertheless…

  29. Good game… and a video of obj 268v4… Great, guess I gotta get me one of those object whateverthefuk.

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