All Loot Box Tanks Revealed + Special Styles | World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2021

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2021 Loot Boxes and Holiday Ops 202. World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2021 Loot Boxes Tanks – Bisonte C45, GSOR 1008, Bat.-Chatillon Bourrasque and ISU-152K in Loot Boxes. World of Tanks Update 1.11+ Patch News.

Today I am going to take a look inside of the Holiday Ops Large Loot Boxes. Let’s see tanks are going to be in there and what other goodies.

What do you think?


  1. While I was releasing the video, WG also released official article about the content inside those boxes:
    ✅ On the top of tier 8 tanks, these boxes also contain: Pz. T15, Matilda BP, M22 Locust, M4A1 FL10 *NEW* and T78…
    ⛔ So this year we get *baited by 3 brand new tanks* in the boxes. Are you Hyped, Not Hyped or Don’t Care!?

  2. Name:_KAMU1_
    I am not thet much hiped for boxs so i dont now what to say.

  3. Name: ZeljkoPFC
    Server: EU
    I guess WG is financing trip to Mars so they need so much money…

  4. Not hyped at all. The C45 looks bad/not worth it, and the GSRO 228 base pen on a T8 TD that will face T10 doesn’t sound pleasant. The French tank is good, but when only 1 of the 4 T8 seem good the boxes aren’t worth it for me.

    IGN Desertfox51


  5. H_DESTROYER from the EU server thinking about opening 25 boxes

  6. Imagine people still cry about progetto… I heard what you said about bourassque, yesterday i was huntin marks and had 3.5k dmg and 1.3k spot in 15 battles, i cant pullout 3.5k avg with idk getto (~3.2, 3.3) lis, etc etc. Bourassque is more OP and fun to play than eveb progetto…

  7. I like that they didn’t make Christmas boxes like waffle event boxes, I was honestly expecting to see demount kits in Xmas boxes and the ability to reroll the box for gold. I am very happy WG didnt keep going that route. Server :NA IGN : Enraged_ares

  8. User: slayer160971
    Server: EU
    i’m gonna skip lootboxes this year as well, i’m saving money to upgrade my pc.

  9. specialist_statement

    I’m more hyped for the Advent calendar then the boxes tbh
    Username: Xbox_Dogs

  10. At this momment and unfortunately I’ll go totally free to play 🙁 but it doesnt mean that i wont enjoy this event anyways 😉

    Name: B4RC3L0

    Server: NA

  11. can i get a more balanced game instead? 🎲🛠
    heavy_trike NA

  12. Nickname: S4CRYF1CC3R
    Server: EU
    Try to read that nickname at least😉

  13. IGN: SepsisOG
    Server: NA
    I’m looking forward to the boxes. I don’t have any of the tanks they are offering in there. I’ll be spending about $100 on boxes.

  14. I live in a country where lootboxes are illegal, so not gonna bother trying rather shady routes to get some… Not feeling them anyway this year.
    fightingstars EU

  15. name: _Macii
    server : EU

  16. British autoloader? Sign me in. Going to buy a few in hope RNG god is on good mood.

    Server: EU
    Username: professori

  17. As always I love this event😍

  18. Looking good stb 1 I’m working that line now. Keep up the good work

    In game. Vonguido

    Server. NA

  19. Spent over $200 last year trying to get the E75TS. Wound up buying it couple months later in Premium shop. Nothing in those boxes there I want or need.

  20. The boxes have always been good to me. I have gotten months of premium and I love the 3d styles. I have never bought boxes hoping to get a tank, but I have been lucky.

    CCchirug EU

  21. I was looking forward to the boxes *more* before watching your vid, but I’ll still buy the $100. The premium time is worth it alone… gold is a bonus. Hopefully I get the BBQ too.
    NA server

  22. I’m hyped a bit😉 been waiting for lis and burrasq so half hyped. Also it’s really sad that wg baits players with bisonte, but business is business. And new Brit TD is very interesting.
    Username: ttorent
    Server: EU

  23. And WG is going to make billions!

  24. Balanced HT and no one want’s it. Because balanced in unbalanced game means bad.


  25. I want the burlesque tank.
    Name: Villa_XXII
    Server: NA

  26. Username: flipse11_1
    Server: EU
    I was really hoping for a t100lt skin, but these current skins look awesome too

  27. Christian Rautjärvi

    I will buy many boxes 😀 Im so crazy about gambling… Tikitank EU

  28. Username: 3Marks
    Server: EU
    I like the tank list this year. Seems like these t8 prem tanks are not overpowered and well-balanced. I don’t think we need more Defenders, E25, Progettos, SU-130 in the mm

  29. lootboxes the best offer in wot, in my opinion

    name: Kaurusx
    server: EU

  30. Got to buy one, and then another, and another, and another…
    They’re pretty decent, I like the prizes especially the 3d styles.

  31. Those skins look sweet
    Server: EU

  32. Name:”Cokronakan”
    I wonder if they will ever add defender again in the boxes. Or is-3a

  33. I will not buy creates, becouse i dont have money in my wallet.
    Nick: Cvire
    Server: EU

  34. Name: majstc1
    Server: NA
    Loot box comments: Nah, I’m good!

  35. Server: EU
    Nickname: Patojanccek

    im rly looking forward to see the new British TD in action , im not gonna buy it 🙁 ofc and your play is enough for me

  36. Why not in marathon war gaming?

  37. Nice video
    Ps4 username: abuse-me_left-p
    EU server

  38. The bisonte appeals to me only becaus WG had said tech tree heavies were coming. At least I could get a crew trained.
    User: nednederlander_3amigos
    Server: NA

  39. Balance team: confused

    PR team:

  40. As usual, I shall treat these boxes as a refill of gold, with a chance to pull some premium tanks. To be momentarily, naively optimistic, I’d love he GSOR, with the Israeli Sherman looking interesting.

    NA Server

  41. Valentin Chiliciuc

    Name: goodvali2
    Server: Eu
    I hope i open bourassque or the GSOR 1008 btw that was a very informative video thx.

  42. Im not sure with the styles honestly. All they do is slap some AA turret on top and some shit around the tank. Bc25t, 140, those are the prettier ones

  43. Username: PerfectION86
    Server: EU
    Going to be buying a good few boxes, want all of those prem tanks and the skins! minus gun C and Maus skins.

  44. Name: Superscampi
    Server: Eu
    Man would be nice not having to spend the last of my money

  45. I think they wanted to make sure they dont make another broken progetto 46.

  46. Name: jdknifemissile
    Server: EU

    Too little chance of getting anything good 🙁

  47. Seeing how design team does their work is somehow more enjoyable than the game.
    Name: agartoon
    Server: ASIA

  48. hi dez ^^

    Eu Server
    name is: Autschmenno

  49. I already have the all mighty ISU-152K “Zveroboy” tank from long time ago….Others are not worth gambling for so no loot boxes for me….Maybe that little autoloading Sherman out of fun factor but others nah

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