All skill, no luck involved… – CS-53

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  1. Meszyty_DywaniKarimata


  2. That Super Conq LUL, went from mad af to shaking his turret no

  3. Chat was right though, props to the 53/55 for shotgunning the tvp as well

  4. 2:10 can you spot with your gun or why is he raising it over the rubble?

  5. Sniper: Skill always beats luck you weasels

  6. 3rd september , 3hp , 3 tanks killed

  7. Wargaming: “BuT RNG iS pErFeCtlY bAlaNcEd, cOmrAd.”

  8. malding.exe

  9. XD
    Amazing game. And, ofcourse, Hi Scout_xx 😀

  10. More correcly 70 degree auto-bounce srtip of 50mm.

  11. I feel bad for sconq, he tried to eliminate the biggest threat and got fucked by rng and his team. RIP, that’s my entire life in wot

  12. Imagine being on that S.conq his team, can’t even handle lower tiers bro.

  13. Hey uh Circ….mind leaving some memes for the rest of us?

  14. Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

    @Zawelin Still bullshit. As is the overmatch mechanics. Bounced a 60TP-HEAT shell on the upper plate of the Char Futur. That was bullshit as well. Said sorry to the guy afterwards because I felt dirty.

  15. I havent tuned in in a while, what are those 4 markers on the map at the beginning of the game?

  16. I was sleepy and watching after just waking up. Then I saw Circon snap the arty on the move. Reminded me to check if I had hit the upvote button or not.

  17. When Circon began to listen to glorious Synthwave? ^^

  18. Very impressive!
    You know exactly how to treat!
    Holland (wich is the worlds best when it comes to taking measures and mistreat and sacrifice the unworthy overrated dirt) can learn a lot from you!
    You can lead anyone to victory!
    Many thanks, and keep up the great work!

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