ALL the BAGUETTES! – AMX 13 57

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. UDES Desk? More like UDESK. Get yours today at Ikea!

  2. The best change to this map imo is the removal of the ebola k0 spot. PRAISE SERB

  3. Still waiting for the M41 90 Blackdog

  4. More ammo=more op

  5. Krisztián Mátraházi

    oh okay so this has few ammo, but nobody seems to mention the actual tech tree tank, the 13 75 has even less potential damage

  6. This stream saw the start of the Udesk memes

  7. I’m not all that devoted to this channel, and so I have no clue who I am addressing by reaching out to the owner of this channel. But should it be the star of the show, I would love to know from you, Circon, what name this new table of yours goes by. I too suffer from back issues and so I am in the market for these Electronic tables. Answers would be appreciated from anyone who feels they are knowledgable in this regard.

  8. Als je de arties had verdedigd, dan zou je misschien nog gewonnen hebben. 🙂

  9. Top guns and carrys all day with this tank if you’re good.

  10. Different looking map same stupid players. MORE AMMO !!

  11. 13 57 is my favorite tank – fucking love it

  12. It reminds me of the 59-16 with the autoloader running out of ammo.

  13. “UDES Desk”… Are you fucking kidding me, you missed the perfect chance to call it the *UDESK*
    Some people just don’t get the memes my dude…

  14. Cheater uses zoom out mode.

  15. kristijan20091990

    The fact that some tanks are “balanced” around ammo capacity just shows how immensely idiotic WG’s way of balancing is.

  16. I love how you were walking around in your room in this video 😀 looks funny. hope your back gets well soon enough!

  17. I think circ could have won if he wouldnt have paniced at the end

  18. I’ve been bottom tier in the first game in a new tank before.

  19. What is up with WG site saying the tank is on sale, but not having it in the shop?

  20. Theis Steenholdt

    giv it 1 – 2 clips more 😉

  21. The main thing is both enemy clown tanks were destroyed in the end, that’s a win in my book.

  22. So wg in a nutshell – gotta nerf that bulldog, autoloading gun too op! ~gives a gun with the same capacity to even faster and skinnier tank..

  23. Everyone is playing this ugly shit at the moment, I can go fuck myself with my 13 75

  24. That desk is sweet. Its funny to watch Circon walk around when he gets heated.

  25. I feel like he **could’ve** won if he killed the KV-85 before his teammates died, cause then he’d have arty support to kill the IS, maybe not though.

  26. If you killed that KV-85 instead of running off, risking the IS sniping you (IS sniping?), the team might have won. At least then you’d have a slight chance.

  27. Add a Perk for the gunner. ‘10% extra shell storage’

  28. love this tank to death, hope you have more highlights incoming with it

  29. It´s good you got the adjustable table. I have the same at my work and could not imagine working without it anymore. Approx 50% of working hours standing. My back loves it…

  30. IS, SU100-Y and a Jumbo collectively managed to do nothing for the team. 59-16 OP, needs nerf.

  31. The team behind WOT PC is kind of retarded/only listens to players who force a refund. Hence why I don’t play it as much as Blitz, and my siblings only play WOT Blitz or PS4 now.

  32. fuck a tank that doesn’t have enough shells to carry a game in a carry game!

  33. miss or bounce to much shell this tank have 5040 potencial damage

  34. He had kind words for arty…is he okay? He must be ill…

  35. i wish all the other WOT youtubers were like you, instead they are just a bunch of corrupted pieces of shit

  36. The 1-2 line sucks on that side if your team doesn’t scout it

  37. Standing is the new owning.

  38. No way played first game in my vk 4501A and tier 9 game so that is not true anymore

  39. I love the timing on that guy who ran into Circon “…I’ve been carrying all these idiots for 5 years straight”.

  40. Could somebody explain Circon’s back situation? I’m concerned I may end up with a similar problem :c

  41. UDESk ….. hehehe

  42. I, too, have had some lower back problems lately. Take care, viking. :/

  43. incoming AMX 13 57 nerf

  44. Any idea if/when it’s showing up on the Asia server? I like the look of it more than the even 90 -_-

  45. Yeah console has 72 rounds

  46. Poor WoT, had such great potential but was destroyed by the p2w, no fun maps, retarded MM and cancerous RNG.. Graphics are really nice tough!

  47. “i think this was a decent game” lol

  48. Shouldn’t have missed those few shots earlier…would have had plenty left for the noob IS ? Great showcase though Circ ?

  49. 13 57 needs atleast 1 extra clip

  50. Did anyone notice that HE shell that hit his gun and did nothing? Lul

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