All The New Swedish Ground Vehicles | Absolute Meme Tech Tree (War Thunder 1.97)

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All The New Swedish Ground Vehicles | Absolute Meme Tech Tree ( 1.97)


  1. 30mins of fly

  2. 23:05 phly censored it with an A-10 “Brrrttt”

  3. Delat Torn translates to Split Turret.

  4. That top tier swedish AA is like soviet thinking
    “let’s just use a m113 and stick Björn with a rocket launcher on top”

  5. The SPAA look disappointing, except the 4.7. The low tier tanks look fun.

  6. Thanks for doing this video phly!

  7. Is that R3 T106 FA’s cousin?

  8. $9120 in golden eagles? Rip credit card.

  9. PHLY PLEASE PLAY THE Pvlvv fm/42 and the J35D in one lineup pleaseeeee

  10. 19:16 lvtdgb m/40 the *NEW* milk truck.

  11. Swedistan Army….

  12. Rafaela Kronstadt

    Swedish pizza theme playing when armored car with recoiled rifles

  13. Cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. For a northern country the have alooot of open vehicles xD

  15. Gaijin really didn’t add the Strv 74?
    I mean, not adding the m/42-57, I can understand, since it was a paper design with an oscillating turret and a 75mm autoloader, but no Strv 74? That’s like a German tech tree without a Panzer 4.

  16. 5:48 that car is mike from monster inc

  17. As a Swede this is really awesome.

  18. No STRV 74? Smh

  19. Choppytehbear1337

    What the hell Sweden.

  20. Well if there ever is a mole war in sweden that first aa might be handy

  21. This video but the soundtrack is Sabaton Carolus Rex

  22. cv90120 supposedly has a variant called Ghost which uses infrared camouflage on its armor. now imagine using that against top BR.

  23. my war thunder career to reach top br has been crushed by some rich af country

  24. The First Primaris Cato Sicarius

    You know now that they gave the Swedish HEATFS at 2.7 I want to read how Ganjin can justify the still missing Italian HESH rounds.

  25. Yes yes yes yes hahaha

  26. What the phuck

  27. …lvbr701…what is this… exactly my thoughts, looks like the armour coated a combi van. And it’s quite possibly the only vehicle that the soldiers will not get laid in, ain’t no chick going in that dungeon.

    • It’s an APC hull on a Strv. m42 drive train with a heat seeking/laser beam riding heavy manpad.

      It was known among conscripts as “the crawling avenger” because it never got to the engagement zone until the enemy strike aircraft had dropped and was turning for home, catching the aircraft in retreat…

  28. Well. Looks like im going to rock out to Sabaton in ground forces now

  29. The First Primaris Cato Sicarius

    18:58 Wouldn’t be the first time Ganjin forces a vehicle designed for something else into the Anti-Air role.

  30. THE strv m31 should have wheels to not only Tracks like THE real tank

  31. When the update are on?

  32. *Phly, why are you being a PHAG by using a “Buzz” sound to censor yourself?*
    *Be a REAL MAN and use the classic “Beep” sound instead.*

  33. The Lvrbv 701 & Pvrbv 551 look like the old Ninja Turtle Wagon.

  34. Sergeant MikeHunt

    Phly take out the he 162. Attempt #10

  35. im from sweden so theres that plus i like goe gamle vigen more

  36. not strv stridsvagn

  37. 400mm of pen at 5.7, well this is new now isn’t it?

  38. and not vagen where not german

  39. That black thing on the CV90120 is a TROPHY system and that can deal whit the ATGM missles. Trophy system has four radar antennas and fire-control radars to track incoming threats, such as anti-tank-guided-missiles, and rocket propelled grenades. Once a projectile is detected, the Trophy system fires a shotgun-type blast to neutralize the threat

  40. Mikhail Gorbachev

    I now need a Swedish Fish skin on the Drakken…

  41. One of the strv is supposed to have 50 mm of armor

  42. I see it’s potencial but why sweden has a bigger tt than italy japan france and china?

  43. Francesco Boselli

    So the Lvrbv 701 is practically an armoured vehicle coming out from fallout

  44. wtf no stridsvagn 122 the most armored leapard 2a5 there is

  45. Yeah fuck this. War thunder is over for me

    Few still lasting pieces of immersion gone. 80% of battles will be Non historical mess even on low tiers.

    I miss when game was Axis vs Allies and there were no cold war vehicles running around in low tiers.

  46. oh god that rocket bus

    “Hörske börske bork bork automobilen raketen inkomst betygen bork bork!”
    “Ja is möcket spisi mitbol bork bork bork!”
    “Bork bork bork bork bork-” x2

    Rest of the world:
    “What the fuck guys.”

  47. Just remember Phly, while the Swedes may have a crappy SAM at 10.0, it’s still better than Japan’s SAM.

  48. Hit like for R.I.P 10.3 br

  49. What are you?
    LVRBV 701: :*|

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