All Tier 10 Artillery in World of Tanks: Know Your Enemy

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks 10 Artillery Review and Gameplay. World of Tanks Object 261, HMC, Conqueror Gun Carriage, G.W. E-100 and Bat.-Chatillon 155 58 Gameplay. World of Tanks Update 1.1 Review – 1.1 Test Server.

Today I have one very special for you… I am going to play with every single top tier, 10 artillery (SPG) that we have in the game. So, I will be playing with Object 261, HMC, Conqueror Gun Carriage, G.W. E-100 and Bat.-Chatillon 155 58. I am doing it, so you do not have to… You know what they say, you have to know your enemies! 🙂

Let’s take a look what they have to offer!


► Background players:
– It’s me, Mario!


  1. Do you see what Monday brought to you? One 36 minutes long episode about artillery… ⛔
    Anyway, I do it, so you do not have to! ?
    Enjoy your week, only 4 more days to Friday… #kappa

    • DezGamez 3 more days until Friday for me, Canadians have a Civic holiday on Monday! 😀

    • Don’t forget, on the BC-155-58, if you add the Heavy Spall liner, you lose a little bit of speed because you are adding that protective carpet to the interior walls of the SPG.
      – I think they need to re-introduce the AP-rounds for Arty; the LeFh has it.
      Also, since I am being greedy, buff the HE damage; the heavies are getting stronger each week!! You saw it yourself, DING…DING….DING…off the Type-5’s!
      There once was a time…in a land far away, the T92 was the Hammer of God with its payload. The only other gun that was better because of its arc was GC. GC3805 actually has better range than Tier -10, but that 240mm Boomstick of the USA made people shit their pants!

    • Hey DezGamez, appreciate the video. It is good to know which arty can be the biggest pain in any given situation, although RNGesus sometimes allows crazy shots and damage. I was thinking…SOME arty is fun as hell to play *coughM44coughBertcough* but the more I play mine, the more I feel that it is a broken class. Too powerful in some respects and utterly useless in others. If you are interested, HonestGaming put up a video on the subject that wasn’t just the standard “remove artillery” rant. (although he is a little hard to understand sometimes due to speech impediment). Since artillery is probably not going anywhere, what would be your recommendations to fix it?


      Dez you should try using stock tanks to get mastery badge, just to see if your good enough!!?

    • DezGamez you forgot to mention the splash size of the ammo, as a arti player i take that into consideration when picking what arti to play

  2. TheUnstoppableBrigade

    Obj 261 has the best accuracy of any arty

  3. Gotta say I’d rather deal with the stun mechanic then the old pre-rework arty we have on console that will oneshot you in a heartbeat

  4. Would gladly have the old arty back. I’ll take being one-shot every 70 games when they hit if it means I don’t get stunned for half of every game

  5. Love artys

  6. I am really HYPED for the Bat-Chat 58-155

  7. Its funny, I just decided to start playing arty again for the first batch of personal missions.

  8. One thing the CGC has is (mostly usless) armour, so if the enemy gets super unlucky, you’ll bounce it. Though the only time I’ve seen this is in the WoT guide on shell types. Also, FV304 best arty to piss everyone off at mid tier.

  9. Ambassador Somewhere

    I play arty when I’m feeling low energy or eating.

  10. Ammo costs would have been nice to know

  11. Arty for queers

  12. Hope new map has plenty of water for self-propelled guns to drown them

  13. Dez,

    One other unique factor about the B – C is that it’s the only fully turreted artillery in this group. This means, if you’re concerned about counter battery action, instead of having to turn and move the non-turreted artillery perpendicular to your desired shot arc (If that’s the best avoidance maneuver for you) you can face the B – C in the desired perpendicular movement direction and just move back-and-forth without changing the aim point of your gun. This is a great advantage in avoiding counter battery fire and maintaining desired aim.

  14. If it wasn’t because of obj 260, i would have not playing spg anymore. I always missed even though I fully aim. I was kinda like wanna smash my keyboard… Fucking rng ruins it.
    mine btw is T92 hmc

  15. PRAISE ARTY!!!

  16. WOT screwed every Arty player period. Arty should get XP for stun damage just like tracking damage, or spotting damage. Damaging shots are no higher than 500 hp, most times at tier 10 it’s in the 400’s. I understand the Nerf because of all the one shotting of vehicles, but totalling screwing an entire class of tanks was unnecessary and unfair to those who enjoyed playing the game. Getting large amounts of XP is impossible no matter how important you are in winning a match…it is just shameful. I have a large family with many children. We all played the game and are in a clan. Amount of annual gifts with birthdays and Christmas was over $2300 before nerf. That was just my wife and I. Imagine counting in the other parents. Since nerf I have refused to give gift cards for the game, and I talked all family members to do the same. We all still play but not as often and certainly not $. When they make it fair again and give Arty players credit for stun or any idea they come up with… We’ll see till then no more $$.

  17. face reveal dez pls

  18. oh shit it shows my name 7:22

  19. those who not fear arty will cry,

  20. Epic slowvoice ?

  21. Artillery makes game play more dynamic and prevents camping. 😉
    You increase accuracy by 50% if you yell “BALANCED” before each shot.

  22. Where is he from ? I love his accent.

  23. SPGs can support team members. Disabled people with at least one working arm can still play SPGs. Most SPGs have no turrets, thin armour and other weaknesses which does not allow them to defend themselves well at point blank range. SPGs are one of the only vehicles that can damage heavily armoured opponents. However I think to have 3 SPGs in one game is bad. 1 or 2 (for Pascucci’s medal) is enough. The Dumitru’s medal and Burda’s medal should be removed; it is difficult to destroy 2 SPGs already let alone 3 or more.

  24. Have you noticed that no new arty lines are being introduced?

  25. With all the super heavies and op tanks in the game right now, artys are the least of my problems xD since the stun update at least

  26. thanks dez

  27. I have won 7 games in a row in Ranked mode cos my arties were great. They really help break a camp!

  28. Face reveal dez plz can I get a heart? I’m from the notification squad!

  29. Loved it dez lots of love from my side?????✌️

  30. Why don’t they add smoke shells for arty it could make them useful

  31. If there keeping arty they should add a system where it notifies you that enemy artillery is aiming at you so you have time to dodge its shell.

  32. 32:33 u ding type 5 heavy. is that default sound?

  33. I am less than 4000xp from T92 😉
    I am your favorite frienemy, you are never alone when I play 🙂

  34. Gun traverse gets changed to controversy with the auto CC lmao

  35. 30 minutes of dez voice.


  36. You landed the BIG Sh*t on that Obj and Strv. 😀

  37. Devi Guru Prasad Narkedamilli

    you are bad arty player!

  38. The only problem current arties have is they can hit fast-moving LTs with too high chance. Arties are ok, but hitting LTs is not acceptable for me.

  39. Only thing skycancer is good for, is to get rid of the 10 daily reports. Unsportsmanlike conduct every single time some clicker is fapping in my direction 😀

  40. Stathis Papadopoulos

    Studzianski or whatever it is called looks a lot like prohorovka/fairy silent with a hill to the north a line to the south that looks like the 1 line in fairy silent and a large hill in the midle or rather a ridge and the railway too.

  41. Where is the song?

  42. And I didn’t want to grind Franch arty line… But now i will grind my ass off.

  43. R. Giada Melchiorre

    Want some cheese with your whine. I play arty and when I kill 3,4 or 5 of you babes I sit back and smile. But in the next match I’m in a heavy or TD. It’s all fun. You take the good with the bad or the evil Arty.

  44. 20:38 < Click the numbers and listen to dez blow a nut!!!!

  45. THIS IS MY BEST DAY IN MY LIFE i appeared in the video 18:58 that was me

  46. why u need to show this unskill game…what the point,every time u play this pig 1 or 2 ppl will curse u and 1 day that curse will eat

  47. they need to buff all artys to 5 sec reload , 5 min stund , 0.25 dispersion accuracy ,1.5 aimtime, 150 m splash radios , and end remove all city maps will balance them , I forgot to mention they must remove the 3 arty limit , 6-8 artys in baltle is ok ……….

  48. Dez, I play arty a bit, not great but have a few games and so I know about counter-battery, I also know this is why you move after most of your shots, I can’t recall you mentioning this in your vid?

  49. Frederick Burkert

    Haters gotta hate – arty players don’t want six per game or even 4 on small and/or city maps. No one shots for arty ( rarely )like 4005 and 183
    The real issue with the game is MM and total noobs on one team but hey, it’s random battles right – my arse it is. They putlower rated free players heavily on one side 2/3 are 45-47% while the other side is 2% higher .., check out their ratings next ROFLstomp
    Next for WG is to fix RNG and reduce it by 50%. Everyone knows the Germans didn’t build weak armored tanks with poor accuracy – JP ll has become a pile ok shit and the Ferdinand is easy to break plus has the same gun
    Grinding shit tank lines and equipment -200k of XP needed at tier 9
    Cost of premiums and ammo prevents limited budget players from paying.
    Maps are fckd up ..,..
    But let’s hate a player who finds non supportive team mates too big a risk to enjoy those shit tanks that you have to go through – Italian low tiers are crap so I’m not gonna bother with Polish grinding
    Good luck haters – I will find you on the battle field :p

  50. 3:21 I don’t understand what ur talking about Dez

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