All you need is TRUCK – ZiS-12 in War Thunder

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Source: OddBawZ

The ZiS-12 in War Thunder is a fan favourite and for VERY reason. This truck has a double barrel 25mm that’s fully automatic and loaded giving it absolutely no need to reload and almost infinite ammo!

Are you at flanking but can’t be bothered waiting on a slow reload? Well… this Truck might be for you! 🙂

t r u c k : ))))


  1. Have you tried the SUB-I-II yet? Japan finally has a decent AA platform in the mid tiers.

  2. Battle of watteer XD im dead

  3. only a fail of a game. nothing changed. useless. get markers in game

  4. Clutched a 6v1 in it. This truck is legendary

  5. Golden Quarry is the average valorant map

  6. holy shit that American accent killed me! 😂🤣

  7. When all you need is dakka!

  8. Low tier – best tier

  9. great fun!

  10. Pengwings are the best to see from eraplains ( ©️ Cumberbatch & Oddbawz) 🤣❤

  11. 4:18 the fuck is wrong with us? lmao here i was thinking “man your gunners got Parkinsons!” and you just straight up call him Michael J Fox!

  12. That’s it Odd, I am declaring war on you for making fun of the funny way we say wahtur.

  13. That didn’t sound like a hiccup xD

  14. He waits. That’s what he does. Tick follows tock follows tick.


  16. My favourite Spot on this Quarry (or whatever its called) map are those 3 under construction buildings.. You can drive up to the second floor with a 3.0 Puma for example and just shoot into their spawn or scout them and they cant Do anything about it… Only works ofc if you spawn on the right side but still

  17. This and the BTR are fun

  18. ngl I like the single barrel ver. give a lot more control, also why not bring the AR-2 best bomber of rank 1-2

  19. For the disrespect you’ve made towards the Americans, you must regain you honor by playing the M16. Also while doing a full American accent, bc it’s funny.

  20. Great video I felt so uncomfortable when your accent changed to American tho lmao

  21. Used it in Tier 10-11 Got god mode kills you can shred MBTs and the Ikea Armour of high tier Even t72s on the side under the era , you have to flank with the truck on High tier or hide in ambush Engine is quieter then the average Mbt but you have to be semi Close range or medium range Ikea armour and Radkapfwagens and light Tanks always aim for the turret Goes straight through

  22. DeadInside film studio

    As a an American, that is the most American accent ever

  23. Dude!!! Yak 9B. I’ve been using the for over a year in ALL battle ratings. It is the secret hidden gem in that tech tree.

  24. bro said they don’t know how to pronounce T’s, and then proceeds to forget the letter T exists in BoTTle of WaTTer

  25. “water” !!!!! haha

  26. Hilarious how the man who has the worst accent in the world still has the balls to talk crap on Brits and Americans

  27. Do you think you could make the lineup that’s just ussr trucks

  28. Man, if I was playing one of those german tanks, I would just quit.

  29. I like to do the same in my M19A1

  30. “If your having fun in a video game it’s at another players expense” – Odd

  31. You can see why I used this and it’s single gunned cousin to grind out the lower tier Soviet tanks. I think for a while I actually just played only AA.

  32. I absolutely died hearing his take on American accents lol He’s not wrong that the vast majority of our population doesn’t enunciate the “T”😂😭

  33. I think I saw you in a game a couple days ago playing this thing. GGs

  34. 34:55 “is there a modification you can grind out to give your teammates eyeballs” 🤣 if Gaijin could make it a premium payed feature they totally would

  35. that american accent is on point lmao

  36. Wish youtubers would stop calling videos “content” , we are your audience, not your colleagues. It is just feels like you don’t enjoy it and its just purely a job rather than a hobby/fun past time turned into a way to make money.

    • I enjoy it or I wouldn’t do it, though? It’s content, a video, entertainment and I’m doing it for myself and anyone who enjoys watching it. I don’t think you need to complicate it like that just by the word I used to describe it.


  37. I feel like playing solo without a squad is so painfull the teams are always so unbalanced. Either the teammates are literal gods or the blindest “german mains” possible.

  38. I took sis out at 4.0 and had the most fun I’ve had in war thunder in a long time

  39. Play the 2.7 AA lineup, Zis43, gaz 72, and btr.

  40. Truck-kun strikes again

  41. I like the guns on this a fair bit. It following the nerf to German 20mm HVAP rounds in the winds of change update, this is has one of the best guns for side shotting. The problem I have with it is the cabin in the front and the complete lack of armor, and low volume of fire to a lesser extent. No armor means being seen is death, I managed to flank a Pz.IV one time but he turned his roof Mg on me and killed me, alongside the plenty of times I died to coax MGs. Artillery is also a death sentence. The guns fire slow but the are on par with 20mm in terms of AA capabilities, so landing one or two hits on a aircraft is usually not enough. As a result, I often prefer the ZiS-43M or BTR-152A which are far better protected and have better guns (BTR has faster firing guns and ZiS-43 has good HE rounds so that you often destroy or cripple aircraft with a single hit, mitigating the low rate of fire).

    One neat bit of history, back in the Spanish Civil war (1936-1939) the 25mm AA gun was noted as being a deadly AT weapon. Remember, that tanks back then were very thinly armored, so it was the equivalent of this or the single 25mm truck vs BR 1.0-2.3 vehicles, which can frontally penetrate these interwar tanks.

  42. That bottle of water bit hit different

  43. Heh, that does sound American. Awesome, we finally have our own accent, we don’t need to hound Aussies and Scots and make them say stuff anymore…….nah, we’re still gonna do that.

  44. Oi…do your hiccups have an accent. Or I guess do Americans hiccup differently. That would be interesting to find out.

  45. Next i want to see milk truck vs MBT’s

  46. Odds American accent/impression is so damn uncanny it’s unbelievable

  47. that “water” impression was uncalled for🤣🤣

  48. I was away cooking supper when I had the video playing but I nearly broke my neck when Odd said “bottle of water” like an “American” lol

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