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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Tier 10 BZ-75, Tier 9 BZ-68, BZ-166 and Tier 7 BZ-58 – New Jet Booster Tech Tree Review – Rocket Booster Heavy Tank Tech Tree.

00:00 Introduction
00:23 Tier 7 BZ-58
03:20 Tier 8 BZ-166
07:08 Tier 9 BZ-68
12:54 Tier 10 BZ-75

So today I am going to make a quick review about every tier new tech tree Jet Booster heavy tank in the game. How are BZ-58, BZ-166, BZ-68 and BZ-75 in your ?

What do you think?


  1. What do you think about this new branch in the game?
    Happy Sunday! 😉
    Video chapters for you as well:
    00:00 Introduction
    00:23 Tier 7 BZ-58
    03:20 Tier 8 BZ-166
    07:08 Tier 9 BZ-68
    12:54 Tier 10 BZ-75

    • I find it hard to believe they made it through testing in this form. Utter garbage.

    • TheLightindarkness2

      Not trying to be rude but helpful. The title seems to be missing two words. If this was intentional, sorry for the confusion.

    • Design team: Let’s take Raumpanzer and 122TM…. it is a super hulldown tank, but speed is annoying, it would be nice to run with them sometimes, but not make it OP… let’s make it a HT, let’s give it a tech tree, let’s counter the super slow mobility with limited time boosters… btw IMO the tier 9 is the only good stuff because of the lack of weakspots. I will stop at T9. Too bad new events need T8’s and T10’s.

    • Only bought 12 crates and got BZ 176 and cuz I have more then 50 tier tens I was waiting with a crew, XP, blue prints and credits. Got the BZ 75 on first day and that is decent tank, playing it like an armored medium and doing well so far. People will start learning where to pen you thou….lol

  2. Ilija Jelavić Šako

    So its not just me,purple player with 36% wr on BZ-166

  3. This whole line is a joke

  4. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Play Grille 15 and you will know what shit means, what derp means, what non sense balancing means.

  5. The tier 8 is utter trash. It is slow, blind, with garbage gun handling. There is no combination of equipment that can really save it. Right now I am very doubtful about grinding the tier 9. I might just shift the crew into the other line and park this until WG buff them.

  6. In my opinion tier VII is not bad even knowing i played 1 battle with it aced and went for the tier VIII… The tier VIII of tech tree is just a bad parody of the TOG II… i would give 3-4 stars out of 10 if i haven’t try’d out the premium version a.k.a. BZ-176 a.k.a. the eliminator of everything… And as i played with it i can give 1 star out of 10 i would rather play a TOG or even STOCK IS-M… this is how bad is the tech tree BZ tier VIII in my opinion and tier IX is not bad but if it had little bit more mobility or/and it’s hull was shorter it would be kinda well balanced tank now only 6-7 stars out of 10 (in my opinion tier X gonna try out tomorrow i guess… But i guess if you have BZ-176 you shouldn’t even bother and wasting your time credits gold etc on the grind of this new tech tree…

  7. You will see how many time you will be ammo rack with bz75…I play 5 games..4 times ammo rack

  8. Why don’t the solid rocket packs explode when i shoot them, they carry high explosive rocket fuel and should at least burn the tanks engine and ass off if hit!

  9. Its a shame when the tier 8 premium is the best tank in the line, and completely outclasses the tier 8 tech tree tank. But then again we have the same thing with the Czech and Italian heavy line as well. I agree with you that the tier 9 in this line is probably the best one. It seems like they didn’t have any real playtest of the line, because pretty everyone is of the opinion that this line is underpowered. If you look at the base characteristics of a HT in this game, you have armor, firepower, and mobility. The armor is kinda meh, other than the 9, they have pretty unreliable turret armor, and they can’t really side scrape. The gun handling on all of them, save for the stock gun of the tier 7, is pretty lackluster, and they don’t really have outstanding dpm. Outside of using the rocket boosters, the mobility is also lacking, which would make you think that they would have better armor profiles. So what is the purpose of this line then? I’m glad that they didn’t decide to give them big derp guns like the tier 8 premium, but since they didn’t do that, why wouldn’t they give the guns some love? Either dpm, or gun handling. Idk. Thanks for this review vid, you continue to be one of my favorite content creators.

    • I mean this one is arguably even more dumb than the czechs, the BZ176 is better than the tier 9 without a doubt, and extremely comparable to the tier 10 which is outrageous

    • While I see your points, I personally think that the better you are at the game, the more cool stuff you can do with these heavies. The tech tree tier 8 can outclass the premium BZ in a 1v1 which is actually really nice. The 176 punishes lower tiers harder, but honestly, I’m all for lower tiers having a better gaming experience and not getting turbo DPMed by these tanks. You don’t really care about higher tiers with most of these tanks as they have respectable gold ammo, easy stock grinds and some pretty interesting armor. While yes they can feel sluggish when stock, they have pretty alright mobility and maybe not the armor to back up that mobility, but it’s enough to fight ridgelines and you should probably run turbo, hardening and rammer on everything other than the tier 8, on that if youre running the stock turret then you can swap hardening for aiming unit or perhaps even rammer for aiming unit. I enjoyed all of the tanks in the line and don’t see what you mean by underpowered, since these tanks have 2nd highest dpg of same tier tech tree heavies in my garage. In tier 7 only tank higher than BZ-58 for me is AMX, in tier 8 only tank that’s higher is caernarvon, in tier 9 only one thats ahead for me is the progetto and the tier 9 barely edges out the tnh and in tier 10 my dpg is 3rd best behind vz and amx.

      Now while I enjoy bad tanks usually, the only real thing I can say is guns derp, but I don’t agree with badly armored… if you get penned, it’s your own fault. Your only weakness is extra damage taken from arty because the armor relies on auto-bounce rather than thick armor and spaced armor. Overall, a well balanced line that isn’t obnoxious to play against and it fairly fun to play as. Overall I rate tier VII a 8/10(8.5 with stock gun and gold spam), tier VIII a 7/10, tier 9 a 9/10 and tier 10 an 8/10

  10. Guns on this tech tree need Buff ,whole line is derpy as F, what is the point aiming ,also mobility is horror

    EDIT : I forgot ,the premium version is 10 times better than any of 4 tach tree tanks ,even tier X is worse then premium Tier 8

  11. The more I think about it, the more I feel like this should have been Japanese tech tree tanks as an alternative to the type-trolls.
    Why is this Chinese? they already have a decent heavy tree albeit slightly outdated.
    But they aren’t anything like the BZ-176 prem (thank fcking god!) and they arent anything special for china as heavies… would’ve preferred them being Japs.
    Overall I’m even underwhelmed and WG has once again showed their incompetence, release the one tank up front that they consistently will not balance ’cause premium.
    What. A. Shitshow.

  12. I’m grinding the tier 7 right now. I just installed the top gun. And since I appreciated the stock gun a lot, I think I willgo back to it. The DPM difference is huge !
    But still, the T-29 with the 240 alpha gun is better.

  13. Thank you for your effort to provide us with this information.

  14. Pădurarul Critic și Cinic

    Took them off the to kill list on the first day. I still love sending the premium back to the garage more, though.

  15. 350 viewrange on a heavy in tier 8. How terrible. At least those lights have good viewrange, right? Oh that’s right. 380 on an EVEN 90. Dez….. plz….. heavies are not SUPPOSED to damn near have same viewrange as the SCOUTS. You know this. All the fanboys that are gonna flame know this.

  16. Just here for the giveaways :O

  17. Gotta say, the T7 seems pretty weak. At least I can deal with it very easily. I free exp’d the line till T9, and it’s a pain in the ass to play. It’s very slow even with the improoved engine, and turns like a boat. Nothing like the premium version. I hope the T10 will be better

    • T7 is pretty good when fully researched, your hulldown is good and you have pretty good dpm with good mobility with rockets(second tracks fix traverse speed) I found it to be pretty dominating in same tier matches, although it suffer quiet a bit when facing higher tiers, but then again, what t7 tank doesnt.

  18. 21 minute video review about BZ Chinese rocket booster tanks, and no mention of fire? I dropped food from my BZ-68 to get a fire extinguisher after 9 fires in 56 battles during two days of grinding.

  19. playing against these tanks (as a free to play player) is a massive pain in my A** almost nothing i can throw at it does any good unless i get reeeaaalllyyy lucky . op armor and the rockets should explode when shot.

  20. I like the bz176 best! Lmao fck that line!

  21. Why do you play without enemy tank outlines?

  22. i hate the tier 8 premium,if it pens it knocks chunks off

  23. Boycott these broken @ss tanks.

  24. New tank line is just bad, they are not even weak, just are so bad that not worth to grind it

  25. BZ-75 just can’t compete with like VZs, AMX M4s, SCs, Chieftains etc. they all have better guns and smaller weakspots so in most battles they will pen the BZ more and it will struggle to pen them. So it struggles to fight those tanks as it’s armour is bad, so it’s supposed to be this sort of trading tank like say an E100 or 60tp, high HP plus high alpha, except those tanks have higher alpha, higher HP, better gun handling and arguably better armour. So what is it supposed to be? It’s basically a 60tp or E100 that rocket boost into position but is pretty much worse in every way. It trades too much for those rockets.

    If it had better gun handling then it might be decent, but bad (big weakspot) armour + bad gun handling + meh DPM, is not saved by by 650 alpha and getting to positions first IMO.

    Whilst great not another hull down monster, we already have 279e, Chief, Kran, Super Conq, VZ, Mino, etc. who are much much better and those are the tanks you are going to fight. Seems a rather meme tank, better of in an E100 or 60tp overall.

  26. All this line has done is make me want rockets as an option on all tanks lol

  27. Just another line to stop at tier 9, like we needed more of those…

  28. The gun performs just as a 705A. Slap on bond Vstabs and gun handling is just fine.

  29. Only the tir9 tank deserves to keep, the rest of them are garbage.

  30. It is sad, I do not like to meet them, I almost never play Heavy tanks.

  31. T7 is good vs lower tier
    T8 is good vs lower tier
    T9 prob a best of all techtree BZ’s
    T10 is good vs lower tier
    T8 premium is 10 times better than any of them

  32. so yeah, T9 is the best tank in the whole line.

  33. And the best part is that half of those tech tree heavies still have absolutely no weakspots so they’re still horrible to fight against despite not even being that enjoyable to play.
    It really shows that they have no clue what they need to do to fix the game.

    Like when they nerfed the Kran, they made it a lot less fun to play but didn’t address the main issue people have with it: its complete lack of a weakspot.
    So now it’s still annoying to play against, but not even fun to play anymore.
    And the whole game is going in that direction.

  34. WG are *actively* making the tier 8 tech tree versions of tanks unpleasant to play. I’m sure of it at this point. We’re being pressured to get the premium. Sure, there are exceptions like Pantera, but the premium tank experience is not only better in most cases, but the tech tree tier 8 often seems the worst in the line now. It seems deliberate.

  35. Tbh tier 7 is the worst looking. The good look start with tier 8 and the best is 9 and 10

  36. thank god i stopped playing this crap

  37. This game used to be fun. And based off of who was a decent player. Now it all comes down to who had the deepest pockets. And when a great player is in somthing like a 176 or iron Arnie that is not even pennable by tier eight tds from the front it’s a problem. Wargaming is killing there own game.

  38. I’ll still somehow enjoy the bz-75 cause I for some reason enjoy the m-5-y

  39. I think WG should just release the tech tree line in a broken state and nerf the hell out of it after 3-6 months. It works on obj.268 v4, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work on this line. Plus people would have the incentive to grind the line and not complain about it when they get nerf.

  40. Bratislav Cvetkovic

    You dont have to be polite Dez, alto its balanced tank, and that is wery good, gun is bigest garbage I play till now.

  41. In the game industry — especially for computer/console games — there’s simply no excuse for a lack of game balance. You have thousands of players and at least tens of thousands of game sessions to record and pull statistics from (free playtesters!) so balancing online games should be _really_ easy . . . but some companies somehow fail at it anyway, apparently through one mechanism of incompetence or another; one of those being . . .

    “Let’s make this change that makes the game less fair but increases our profits.”

    Another is . . .

    “‘Game balance’? What’s that?”.

  42. BZ-75 is a worse 60tp. Outclassed in every way, aside from Go-Fast-Button. Needs buffs. BZ-68 is the best looking, and best performing. Odd how so many Tier 9’s are the best tanks in their respective trees.

  43. They should buff the WZ 5A because now, BZ is just flat out better

  44. i unlocked and keep all those from 7 to 10 its was much faster with the help of x5 missions bundles! i like those tanks they have some uniquenes and more the IX! i hope to be and the second gun available in future!

  45. You know what my biggest issue is with those jet booster tanks? The jet booster is addictive af. I find myself pressing X way too often and being irritated why I am not going faster. Until I see I am not sitting in a BZ.

  46. I’m so glad that I’m no longer playing this game

  47. Stay naked ??? What was that man ??? xD

  48. rustedniddleslinger

    Is anyone welling to spend free xp on this line?. Seems to me like a waste of time coding these pixels. They made it below average.. For what?. Seems like lose for wg more than anyone.

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