All Youtubers & Everyone Hate This Tank

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  1. The Gender Blender

    Day 12: Hey Steve may you please make a nice long and long introduced video on the T-10M and even try to get a nuke with it, this would be super highly appreciated Phly.

  2. 10:40 anyone else see condoms or is it just me?

  3. It cant be as bad as the zachlam tager.

  4. Alexander Schulte

    I remember when this god damn pos was bugged for years where if your commander died you lost the ability to fire. Any shot that hit you basically lobotomized you into a vegetable.

  5. Should do a video on the best to worst tanks excluding USA cause everyone already knows that’s a dogshit tech tree up until tier 9

  6. That kill on the tiger 2 p in the first game was gnarly

  7. i had to buy this tank for the RCV 🙁

  8. Type 60 “Ass to Mouth”

  9. Saying “requesting CAS” and then actually getting good CAS from a teammate has got to be one of the best feelings in WT

  10. I still would take this over the Chinese Bulldog

  11. S tier Phlop vid

  12. i remember seeing his first vid on the type 60 when the atms were god awful as in they would fly right through targets, it was amazing watching phly lose his mind

  13. Everybody says that

  14. Day 28 requesting the Ju-188! Come on man! We need to see some more unloved vehicles! But I do love the Ju-188 lol

  15. i forgot about that voice command video. crazy

  16. But i love this thing

  17. day 3 of asking phly to get 2 kills with rbt5 rockets

  18. Type 60 is currently the only tank I truly hate in war thunder (but I haven’t get to top tier)
    other might be objectively bad, but this one is just pure suffer

    thank god it at least got scout

  19. Raducu Alexandru Rosca

    Hi PhlyDaily! Ilike you even more after this video, please keep up the good work!

  20. All youtubers and everyone hate this ship
    All youtubers and everyome hate this boat
    All youtubers amd everyone hate this car
    All youtubers and everyone hate this chopper
    The series of a lifetime

  21. TheMightyWookie351c

    How about it takes extreme skill and chess like skills

  22. Those plane supports were awesome, I hope I would see more of those when I am playing.

  23. Thank you steve for bringing back the PTSD from this thing


  24. Day#5 of asking phly to have a drink with me on my 21st birthday been an inspo since the ho229 came out and the zis custom battles love how far youve come celebrate with me plz phly

  25. สวัสดี โมบาย

    Day 1 asking phyl to play enlisted

  26. Confirmed. Engine armor best armor

  27. I was having a nap before the atgm hit the tanks

  28. All YouTubers and everyone else hates the fact you reuse the intro.

  29. You survived so long in the first game because apds does literally nothing and is incredibly inaccurate

  30. I’m just leveling swingfire, I can relate.

  31. this is the only literal vehicle that I wouldn’t even get mad or question if I get killed, but just give props and a job well done to whoever landed the missile

  32. this stupidity of matching WW2 vehicles with vehicles from the 60s is unbelievable.

  33. Attempt #27: get 8 kills in a single game with the italian 90/53 M41M

  34. Phly when are you going to play the amx ss11? (you have never made a vid on it) Day 31

  35. The Man Of Myriad

    Hats off to that spitfire. Rare to find a reliable co-operative teammate!

  36. This in not a tank.

  37. Attempt 36 of asking Phly to play the Super Pershing

  38. Its not a challenge, it is challenged

  39. requesting cas is the most funniest part of the video!

  40. I tried to love it, but the slow rocket is very hard to love

  41. “i wont do this again so dont ask” 🙁 sad but its your choice

  42. What happened to the Panther F I think that had the ridiculously large night vision on top

  43. Best Japanese fridge in the game I love playing it

  44. My ping is usually a bit high to use the WASD controlled missiles. I’m sure that’s the only thing holding me back…

  45. what was that laugh at 12:12 hhahahahhahaha

  46. As a avid user of the type 60, it is good in some scenarios, you can aim the missile past obstacles. I was thinking about getting a friend to launch a drone or stream his side of the game to me, and then guide the missile to a random enemy on the map. Also, when shooting close range aim a lot lower then the tank and the missile can kill tanks above 120m or so.

    • Oh and one more thing, when your on a point with the type 60 you can just constantly launch missiles as it instantly rearms when you get new ammo 😀

  47. I guess next comes the Mi-4AV

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