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  1. I fucking love your titles

  2. Try the French CA Lorraine. It’s pretty much the French version of the ISU-122S with better mobility and rotation.

  3. Yag 10 also has -3 and it’s pure torture since you can’t shoot in the front and getting a decent angle while aiming at the sides is a pain

  4. The casual “Doug Daily” made me snort.

  5. i hate when medium tanks had better zooming scope than tank destroyer

  6. This tank is gay.

  7. Martin Boniotti

    13:16 Welcome to WT

  8. Attempt 417: Play the J7E or the Q5A

  9. PHLY, do you use logo on your tanks in game? If so, we were in a match together tonight!!!

  10. Phly me and my family have covid 19 and I told them about you and my brother and dad love it, continue your journey on YouTube and have a good week.

  11. That bounce on the Panther at the end is what makes me throw my keyboard into the wall at supersonic speeds…
    I am not sure if it is that lightbulb there, creating that bounce… but its utter BS…
    (The same way i bounced a Gepard (8.0) with a 105 APDS shell, cause two 5 mm aluminium plates created 999999999999999999999 Meters of protection -.- wow grape)

  12. Rabbani Azzahra

    stalin : i dont want the USSR to be depressed, depressed people tend to work less
    Soviet engineers : you got it comrade

  13. The depression goes to the player

  14. Day 33: phly it has been 5 years and a whole BR lower sense you have flown the mighty wyvern. At 4.0 this plane brings a massive payload with uncontested speeds drop some tea bags in the name of the queen

  15. Random dude on the internet

    Yeah, what happened to phly with that last panther has been happening to me a lot when I use the 122mm.
    There were numerous occasions when the round should have penned the panthers UFP but didnt

    • 122mm is kinda weak if you want to lol-pen the Panther UFP.

      The 152mm on the ISU-152 and SU-152 Can go through the Panther UFP up to 3km (which is like 1km FURTHER than the 122mm) and can go through it at a higher angle

  16. Russian Raccoon

    my favorite tank and yall saying it’s bad.

  17. Phly got f*cked by the volumetric at the end of the video, f*ck volumetric

  18. Compared to the IS2 1944 it has a faster reload the same gun and mobility and worse armor its a great alternative to the IS2 1944 but still worse

  19. 16:46 Panther: You should have gone for the head

  20. The ISU-122S is one of my top 5 tank destroyers


  22. T-34-85 has the most poorly implemented turret in the game. It bounces the shots that shouldn’t bounce. Other the other hand, Centurions are broken too. They get penned by shots that shouldn’t.

  23. War thunder is just like

  24. PHLOPPY WHOPPY you should try playing world of tanks if you’ve never played. It’s like war thunder but never fun.


  26. well I think there is some RNG stuff in the game its just like a coin flip every shot

  27. Very much enjoyed the Doug shoutout lmao

  28. Panther upper front plate is complete BS and german bias. Somehow I bounce off them with the american 105 without an angle. makes no sense

  29. Day 69: please play War thunder again

  30. RASTABOY_ gamesnstuff

    Nobody expects… The SPANISH INQUISITION!

  31. 16:16 what’s the music there?

  32. So is the isu 152 better or is it the same just derpier

  33. Doug de Phlydaily

  34. One of the only mid tier soviet tanks I spaded and enjoyed playing

  35. @PetrKDN I know its hard to see when all you play is the Russian faction but try play the US at 8.0 and you will clearly see it.

  36. @Dean T bro, I grinded the entire British tree and halfway in the French tree… I know what’s it like to face the Russians.. yall just have skill issue

  37. Bro sometimes I swear you actually get bot lobbies. If it was me in that first game I’d fire one shell and not pen, then I’d get a full on assault launched on my position by 6 fully co-ordinated enemy tanks and be getting dive bombed at the same time

  38. if you wanna torture yourself even more
    the mk2 matilda has -2!!! of gun depression
    matched with the horrible forward and backwards speeds
    you’re in for a treat

  39. @PetrKDN the issue is not skill, its very obvious the Russian developer has made most of the Russian model tanks with a clear advantage & minimal weaknesses. Like I said play the US 8.0+ & you will see it, its like bringing a water pistol to a gun fight.

  40. no, it looked like that panther was a bit above you so the angle was more on his front plate

  41. What about merkava mk 4 super turret

  42. @Dean T don’t play tanks with weak guns then lol, no shit if you are gonna bring shit tanks and then complain the enemy has an advantage.. if you bring the SU-85 against a jumbo no shit you are gonna die, the Jumbo just has good armor.. but if you bring su-152 the Jumbo gonna lose… its the same thing here. Russia just has good armor. While America has their doctorine on planes. And not to mention, if you struggle at 8.0+ against Russians, that’s your problem

  43. Sasuga Rimuru Sama


    why not go use Object 268’s primary 14mm gun to kill rushers and planes

  44. you non-penned the panther because you didn’t scope in, obviously. Because you didnt scope in the shell didnt know where to go and so decided to go to space instead.

  45. Good ambusher Might try it at Puma IFV level add loads of bushes all good

  46. Soccer _ninja914

    Do you ever play ground AB

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