Almost Impenetrable Front Armour – T-64A (War Thunder Tanks 1.71 Gameplay)

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Almost Impenetrable Front Armour – T-64A (War Thunder Tanks 1.71 Gameplay)

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  1. *So what new Top Br tank will you be using? MBT/KPZ 70 , Chieftain MK.10, T-64A or M60 Rise?*

  2. T-64 – T-64B does have only 1 reverse gear for the other i don’t know it really hard to find

  3. If they shorten the RP needed for current tier 5 ill own like 5 new tanks.

  4. Angle armor for more armor. it whould help with any tanks with some armor up front at 90° angles

  5. Mhmm, I have a fun idea for you, but it might be tortuerous. Play on a dev server as a Pershing or Super Pershing, and see if you can actually destroy, any of the tanks added in the new patch. TEST THE LEGACY OF THE PERSHING.

  6. HEAT should not go through the front of that tank

  7. 11:59 oh no my stalin wood!

  8. T-64 is too OP in War thunder.

  9. “oh no my Stalin wood” xD

    ATTEMPT #9

  11. Bad reverse speed because “Not One Step Back!”

  12. The fact that the mbt armour means nothing is realy dumb and the t64 can pen it like butter yep russain bias is strong with this one

  13. God, this is beautiful. The T-64 is probably my favourite tank, and one that was definitely not done justice in Armoured Warfare. What an absolute beast.

  14. The mbt 70 sure have weak upper glacis plate,at 9:38

  15. Oh no my Stalin wood

  16. Lakshmi Narayanan Srinivasan

    11:57 “OH NO!!!! MY STALIN WOOD!!!”
    The words of a man who is experiencing real pain T-T REP stalinwoofd

  17. The first time you died he actually penetrated the upper front plate, not the lower.

  18. We get it, you vape

  19. So the f-82 the duo twin mustang has 2 pilots. Do you have to shoot both pilots, or just one?

  20. Felipe Sonora Xdpardo

    Rusia tiene los mejores tanques

  21. Fun fact! the Smoke screen of the T-64 works by having some extra diesel or oil, I don’t remember which, injected into the engine, creating a thick cloud of smog. In soviet russia, smoke breathe you

  22. Plz make video about the new chieftain

  23. What are the things on the side of it

  24. 11:57 “Oh no my Stalin wood!” XD

  25. 8:08 phly fucking rest that m4a2 badly

  26. I’d like to see the m60 era =)

  27. Wait they have 8.0 premium tanks now?

  28. “Oh scheiße…!” ? Nice german ?

  29. What’s up with tank designers making a lower glacis plate that’s weaker than the upper hull? Why not make them both the same thickness and eliminate a major weak spot?

  30. Can’t skip the overwatch ads…

  31. Next vehicle for Loving the unloved series: Chieftain MK.5 (after the update 1.71)

  32. i love how you die as soon as you lose your “Stalin wood.”

  33. “Why does it retreat so slowly?”
    Stalin does not permit retreat

  34. Hey i get an error when i join the Dev server for 1.71 error is game isn`t activated for your account when i downloaded it properly

  35. I really wish you could get rid of those ugly fins. I don’t even care if it makes me a little less defensively effective.

  36. Fucking gay ass warthunder developer russian faggots would make all the russian tanks op as fuck. This game is seriously becoming a russian op simulator. Of course maus and panthers would have to go up against this. And of course they are wwII era ??. Fucking pisdas sukas

  37. Yo phly play the chieftain mk 10 its turret is immune to the mbt 70 here the pen test

  38. Luv u phly

  39. This tank is going to be OP. Fukin’ russian bias

  40. Hey if anyone is looking for a good wt discord here ya go


  42. Pretty weird , the 115mm apfsds on the t62 in game has more penetration than the 125mm apfsds on the t64 , isn’t more penetration the main reason they upgraded from the 115mm to 125mm ? Another thing , the russian 125 should be able to fire atgms , the mbt70 does it and it is more agile and can reload faster than the t64 , so why can’t the t64?

    Like your vids phly , if you read this please make a video on stock grind at top tier without premium .It took me 18 sim matches with the t55 to get parts , now I’m not that great especially stock , but my k/d is still above 1 , even posted two vids myself , the sound quality is bad because I used the mic on my laptop.

  43. talk about gun levitation

  44. Really ? Tiger 2 vs T-64 ?? This game is so broken, omg.

  45. Panzerfanlol, Follower of Kek

    “probably the most strongest turret in the game”

  46. Rank V vs Rank VI

  47. looks like a T-72 to me

  48. Mr. Fleeee. I do believe that composite armor was developed to, more the most part, invalidate HEAT. Not APCR. So you will still be vulnerable to APRC, and actually, will be more vulnerable to APCR because its easier for APCR to penetrate composite.

  49. 11:56

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