Almost Useful Warthunder Knowledge 3

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The legendary martial artist Jean-Claude Van Damme will join the game. Let’s meet him in Warpath. Dominate the sky and win the war!

info accurate game version


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  2. That bit with the damn was golden

  3. Plssssss tell me how to edit wt loading screen🙏

  4. The MB 175T has a ghost crew member in front of the pilot. He’s actually supposed to be the radar operator but Gaijin never gave the MB 175T it’s naval search radar.

    Now can you actually explain how the in air re-arm points work? I saw them once in an air RB match and flew through the space at 7km and 3km and nothing happened either time.

  5. Cheesecake Double Peanutbutter

    “Stalin is Canon”

  6. Rearm plane didnt work for me and my brother when we was in bomber

  7. Stalin was technically canon before already because of the “За Сталина!” (For Stalin!) decal

  8. I agree, hexagons are the bestagons.

  9. the info for the Centurion AVRE repair assist and the ammo cook off are actually useful as it lets you know you can save teammates with the centurion and avoid death with light tanks when doing combat at close range.

  10. Fun train fact: the train on American Desert is a EMD F unit

  11. Iˇve got 1,6k hours on war thunder… 47h bruh XD

  12. Hexagons, are the bestagons

  13. I don’t know if the deal is still on but razer offers a discount on GE bundles.

  14. Stalin was always canon in War Thunder because the IS series of heavy tanks is named after Josef Stalin

  15. I remember bouncing a bomb while attacking a ship – I thought it was the only explanation, while very suspicious, as I hit a ship next to it even though I knew my bomb run was for the first ship

  16. Dont play the game is the most useful warthunder knowledge

  17. 5:33 doesnt work now.

  18. I actually killed myself in a Sherman when I was too close to a panther that I ammo racked boom boom bye bye to us both

  19. 3:45 it’s not like a tank named after him “is” in the game

  20. Venti with McDonald’s

    Anybody have tips for sl grinding an rp grinding

  21. Warpath ads: fps ww2 shooter

  22. ah, yes, another member of the church of the Bestagon

  23. Another train fact: Despite hull break being removed from the game, you can still hull break the trains


  25. First 3 were common knowledge

  26. Battle of Britain air map (the really big one) is also the same fields patched together similar to the mountains

  27. Sebastián Nussbaum

    5:27 so that was you asu I remember kill one exactli like that.

  28. I cant testdrive none premium vehicals 🙁

  29. don’t know if this is mentioned but you can shoot the buckets off russian tanks

  30. The Richard Bong fact really hits home. I live 20 minutes away from his home town and have been to his museum. I didn’t even know his P38 was in the game, let alone it was so special :,)

  31. “Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved, you and your household.” Acts 16:31

  32. The stormer hvm can also repair any allied tank despite being an spaa

  33. didn’t know the BRENUS had spider eyes of death

  34. train fact: the trains on American desert (and Space Port) are EMD F2s which is ironically the lowest produced locomotive in the EMD F series.

  35. This is a useful knowledge
    You can j out after landing your plane assuming you didn’t take damage and spawn again to skip that 30 sec repair time on air rb

  36. you can still kill tanks with a smoke grenade. the easiest to kill is prob that first italian spaa.

  37. well thank goodness they fixed that horrible game breaking exploit that lets you test drive vehicles you don’t own. Really would have ruined the game for me to be able to test drive a vehicle a few ranks above me.

  38. A dam buster joke :))

  39. The wiki thing doesnt work

  40. Since when do any of the migs have Missiles.?

  41. 5:27 ground canon bunker

  42. And cold war we got a death machine my friend not the mini gun update

  43. 8:42 there is also one guy in the Stirling that you can‘t see on x-ray

  44. CGP Grey approves

  45. 3:37 stalin be manning the AA at the back

  46. Instead of the nuke u should be able to blow up the dam flooding the map killing all

  47. Yeah no sorry 2 ads that i couldnt skip at the beggining, one minute/2 during video, another ad, skippable this time and one banner, at the end another skippable ad.

  48. Nah. Us console nerds have to move a cursor around just like yall. It’s very unoptomized.

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