Almost Useful Warthunder Knowledge 4

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Source: ZoltanSultan

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info accurate version


  1. Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS/ANDROID/PC: and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days

  2. I love the raid sponsor poem !!!

  3. I was trying to put decals on a tank recently and was annoyed that it was dark, so I tried a different method of changing the time of day and it worked.
    All I did was go into test drive and then leave, and I came back to a hangar lit by the sun 🙂

  4. 3:44 the what fighter?

  5. knowing raid shadow legends is a game is almost useful information

  6. 8:04 Same with the M2 bradley lol

  7. Róbert Balázs Lőrincz

    0:57 tip of the iceberg of how cheap Romania can get with their stuff

  8. on the tunisia map, on the left hand side of the A point, there is an absolutely filthy spot inside the village. it is just on the west most end of the cap point, and is surrounded by buildings on 3 sides. go into custom to find it. the enemy can only find you going one of 2 directions, badly angled and most likely by accident. if you find it early and hold it effectively enough, you can prevent the enemy team from capping for up to 5 minutes

  9. I’ve been killed by artillery in a plane many times.

  10. 9:18 that also applies to the sidam 25

  11. is that stabilizer snapping thing new cause i noticed it recently aswell, was playing my Strv 101 and my vertical traverse was so slow, realised it snapped into place and yeah the ‘tactic’ you mentioned is something i noticed aswell

  12. What Song did you use at the beginning of the video?

  13. You are right it’s almost useful 😂

  14. Only idiots play war thunder

  15. i ACCUALY Got a plane with artilery

  16. i actually hull broke the train yesterday with the M901

  17. Getting ammoracked in any tank can lead to gasses being vented out of the barrel, not just the tiger 2

  18. The explosion coming out of the barrel applies to lot of tanks

  19. FPE and many other “upgrades” shouldn’t even exist.. it just punishes players moving up the tree, and their entire team when one shot either burns them down or leaves them unable to repair.
    Gaijin just want players to spend gold for it

  20. Thanks for making me reinstall this game, its was a fun re visit.

  21. This is the sixth time I’ve had to resub to zoltan, it keeps unsubbing me >:(

  22. If you have a really bad Internet connection, you can get a ‘mission failed’ screen after test driving a vehicle. Also, with bad Internet, in an arcade difficulty test drive, reloading mid-air can be made Impossible. Both of these happened to me once while test driving the pe-8

  23. Every tank does that when ammo racked

  24. El Penúltimo Triangulo

    The ammo rack explosion going out from the cannon was added in every tank on the game, pretty cool detail in my opinion

  25. 8:35 there is a similar thing with the mosquito

  26. We need more of these!

  27. 9:45 that is standard russian and was probably taken over

  28. politically inaccurate toaster

    I’m sure you’ve covered this buuuut

    You can fly all the way to Britain in the French test flight, but not vice versa

  29. Nah i got a better one ,hmm hm
    ” Roses are red , violet are blue
    Part and FPS should be free upgrade and iv’e got a game juste for you “

  30. when you test a ship with plane catapults, and you launch the plane and approach the target plane (for AA), that plane can shoot you down with its gunners, tho the ship is immune

  31. 5:08 arnt there like .. 155mm howitzers in the game now ? lol

  32. I’ve actually had 1 match in the 1800 hours I’ve played end in a draw

  33. Filip Križanec Rodica

    That artilery kill right? Wellllllllllll I got killed by it in a plane at speed 243

  34. Filip Križanec Rodica

    Sorry 243 km/h

  35. Ive experienced the match draw multiple times, thats some good game

  36. As for the Tiger II ammo rack detonation, it’s not the only vehicle in the game that does that. I’ve also seen it on the Eland 90/EML 90

  37. Did you know the bridges in german test flight without trusses bring up the target destroyed message if you destroy them?

  38. In america, the first I think frontline bomber in premium (its blue and yellow) also I think has its dials on the engines


  40. I think the newer the vehicle the better the photo

  41. every tank’s smoke will leave the barrel if you ammo rack, just thought it’d be useless to mention

    edit: a few tanks that have extra crewmen also have them listed as machine gunners, i noticed this on the 3.7 in ram

  42. The Pe-8 has 2 pilots, I was flying one time and the pilot died, but I was able to land back at the base thanks to the second pilot from behind him



  44. You can also see some of the ammo explosion out of the isreali sherman

  45. Heres one I learned: If your on fire in an aircraft cut your throttle or turn off your engine and your chances of putting it out go up.

  46. Quick is the tank destroyer in the tumbnail called?

  47. Some war thunder jets now have staged afterburners modeled, but the visual model is the same. You can see if it has a staged afterburner by binding throttle to scroll wheel and going one tick above 100%. If the fuel flow is less than it should be on full afterburn, the jet has a staged afterburner. You can try this for yourself on the Mig21 smt and bis.

  48. There’s actually a hint to my grandfathers bomber sacktime because there is a logo for it and it’s for the same plane

  49. Half of this can be used like the bell as a distraction

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