Almost Useful Warthunder Knowledge 5

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Source: ZoltanSultan

Download on Android and pre-order on iOS now:
Installing through my link unlocks the M8 tank right after finishing the tutorial :O

Video info accurate game version …


  1. largest bomb on a prop*

    • @Wuzz a turbo prop so not a true prop

    • What happened to the real almost useful knowledge 5 because I now this is the real 6th one

    • 11:35 the a2d sky shark American turbo prop premium is a 9.0 in arcade

    • @ZoltanSultan for the clip of the A26 in berlin that you said you couldent find, I played a game I saw it crashing at the start of the game. but only on the left A singal cap mode form what I saw. Very easy to spot if you are on the bottom spawn it was the very first thing I saw I do have a clip of it =)

  2. Possible to torpedo a plane irl if the plane is deep enough or the torpedo is at high depth

  3. Emmanuel Arellano

    I want a plane with phil dailys signature

  4. Jason Smith, PMHNP

    When you fire an air to air missile(at least in the sea vixen) the pilot will look at the weapon system person

  5. Firstname Lastname

    Fraud Thunder should be investigated for banning innocent players, essentially defrauding them in the process. I hope law enforcement gets involved and teaches Gaijin a serious lesson about ethical business practices. Enough is enough!

  6. Players trying to utilize every single accessory in the game

  7. Don’t know how but in sim a plane crashed and got the kill achieving the success

  8. I got the but how achievements by shooting down a jet with a m901. I got called a hacker

  9. your below average warthunder player

    I got but How first time playing sim

  10. I got “But How” after nailing a Wellington with the Pz IV F2 and then never played sim after then it has been like 8 months since then

  11. i was killed by zultan before i knew who he was. he was sitting on the overpass on the sun city map, and rekt me twice as i got out of spawn lmfao

  12. BloodyShadow0815

    The me 410 b6 r3 also triggers the close cockpit warning during takeoff

  13. I got the “Suprise!” achievement by bombing another aircraft.

  14. Did you know: At 9:36 seconds in this video, if you have captions on, they refer to a focke wulf as a “fuckwolf.”

  15. I noticed that secondary armament options in il-2 (1942) are doubled

  16. Sylvester Carl Igoy

    Im not ashamed to say i got killed by a balloon in the past

  17. You can actually get “but how” by shooting helicopters, which is useful because people who bring out helis in Sim always have insane skill or none at all

  18. 8:10 – “First of all your Excellency, if they didn’t want to get shot they wouldn’t make their parachutes so bright. And secondly, it wasn’t a war crime it was a *gamer moment*.”

  19. Torbjørn Steinsland

    Link does not work. 🙁

  20. The torpedo hits under the water, and the float planes only stays right over the water

  21. 6:38. where I can find the zero sighting distance to make it possible to fire with atgm above the hill? Can anybody tell where I can find it in the seetings? Plz help!

  22. Love the historical Japanese helicopter camo

  23. M8, the advanced test flight is not Almost Useful, it’s really useful imo. I didn’t know that exists, and I play since 2013.

  24. The stats card of the German StuGIII G has a picture of it with the armor plate for the roof machine gun in a standing position, even though in game it is folded over

  25. the 5% debuff for german heavy tanks is no russian bias at all. ~Written by “poorly welded t-34”

  26. Box Of Army Men Productions

    as for the french M10, i have seen photographs very late in the war of french army units in full american attire; vehicles; weaponry. so i personaly beileive tahts not just devs being lazy.

  27. any jet with a drag chute can fly with it deployed. do it all the time with F104 and T2

  28. no matter what time of day you pick, the big dipper is directly up on all maps

  29. forwarduntodawn1000

    You have made my war thunder grind go away with the triple aa order

  30. koala forest tankrey school 2

    hay how did you get the fire ark map so big i cant get to the water on that map

  31. Yugoslavian f84

  32. I literally bought the f5c and 10k ge before watching this video and knowing about the code

  33. I managed to shoot down a dive bomber with a dicker max, sad thing was it was in arcade and I got no award

  34. if the torp has a magnetic arm system they torping a water plane should be capable, idk about non magnetic torps bc they are usually not on the top of the water and swim about 5-10 feet below the surface

  35. 9:36 Doesn’t the F3H carry a 3000 lbs bomb? That’s roughly 1350 kilos compared to the 190 F-8’s 1000 kg bomb

  36. I’ll give you a better one

    WT is a world community spy agenzzzy formed by crazy fans in the real world military

  37. SomeGuyPlayingAGame

    0:45 mf can research everything in the tech trees if he got enough GEs with that convertible rp

  38. Ayo, yugoslav camo on the f84?

  39. i used the link on the f5c

  40. how is this knowledge useful?

  41. damm man just flexed on us with a squire and phlydaily signed spitfire

  42. ThatBucketHeadGamer

    5:42 can I get a link to that video?

  43. something something crotas end

    Fun fact: hull break still exists in the helicopter testing grounds on the M113

  44. So the “barber pole” you showed on some of the russian fighters is actually really interesting to see working, my real world L29 Delfin also has this, but it is for the flaps!

  45. The ki-83 interceptor has only 1 pilot despite the stat card says it has a crew of two

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