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  1. So the suspension of this thing went right over my head, sorry fellas! I guess thats what you get for being gone for two weeks.

  2. really impressed with the Katyusha kill behind slope. personally, this piece of junk is nightmare, will not use until warthunder introduce additional elements like infantry.

  3. cheeki breeki

  4. “release everything we have in the sekrit docments” lelelelel

  5. 1:57 yeeeeeah no

  6. its great to have you back Phly. you’re basically the only channel I follow so the existentialism really set in. My point is, now that you have the Katyusha (or any rocket artillery I guess), here is a suggestion for a custom battle. pick a big flat map with some kind of long ground depression. line up artillery on both sides and have a team of fast tanks try to get to the other side. Run the gauntlet so to speak.

  7. I got my Katyusha on my first attempt.

  8. Scharfschutze 99

    8:09 Ivan: *looks up and down* ohhh ohhh ohhh Im alivveeeeeeeeeee

  9. Oh my god! WT physic is so broken. The rocket bounce a 180 degrees… how…?

  10. phly u need correcting. the Matilda has no depression as well

  11. also. take out the Pz. IV F2 and the Fw 200 with the 2x1000kg and 2x500kg bomb load. attempt 3 or 4

  12. t3457 or 34e with il2

  13. Sturmpanzer 2

  14. Pls do tier 1 flackpanzer

  15. katyusha and mig 21 challenge, two challenges in 1 video

  16. MrMcguire Plays Games

    can you take out the yak-9k and the T-34-85

  17. imbeciliac gamer

    phly u and another Youtuber have to be attached by the tow rope and get 8 kills between u both #attempt13

  18. How did the Interstellar soundtrack not demonetize this?

  19. Where you been bro! Fuckin missed your content!

  20. German deflector shield…..

  21. What about some Japanese stuff? You haven’t played anything Japanese since the update.

  22. Katyusha = biggest meme (totally worth the 20 minutes it took to get it though)

  23. Setcom Production

    phly try the suspension system

  24. im struggling to get an audience 🙁 any tips anyone

  25. PhlyDaily is now officially slav

  26. phlydaily did you know that it has a hydraulic suspension for the front of the milk truck

  27. Alexander Snowden

    Apple and pear trees were a-blooming, Mist (was) creeping on the river. Katyusha set out on the banks, On the steep and lofty bank.
    She was walking, singing a song
    About a grey steppe eagle, About her true love, Whose letters she was keeping. Oh you song! Little song of a maiden, Head for the bright sun. And reach for the soldier on the far-away border
    Along with greetings from Katyusha. Let him remember an ordinary girl, And hear how she sings, Let him preserve the Motherland, Same as Katyusha preserves their love.

  28. kimblery meacham

    dude u should use them more often

  29. Phly take out the Cromwell and the hunter f1 for even more trolls

    Attempt #1

  30. Please ARCADE! America first! BR.5.0 – M4A1 & M4A2 – Make America Great again!!!

  31. hans van deschwanz

    Hey phly, please play the A7M2 with the Rockets aka the japanese HVAR

    Attempt #3


  33. “what a fuckingshhoohwow”

  34. Take out M56 Scorpion and any aircraft of your choice!

  35. the katusha has hydraulic suspension


  37. take out the M4A2 with the 76mm gun and the P-61 with the bombs
    Attempt #3

  38. Gaming with Izzy

    You fucken Nazi!!!! YEEEEEEAAAAH!!!!

    ~PhlyDaily 2017~

  39. Try to pretend as a stationary object at the map and kill some silly bastards. This is a challenge for you. Like if you agree.

  40. Matyusha has a Lowrider regime just like those japaneese top teer tanks.

  41. retry with suspension plz

  42. Fredi The SOLDIER

    have you ever shot down a plane down with a sturmpanzer II phly? i have

  43. Captain Victory

    Pls try the british challenger … I wanna see you struggling 🙂

  44. why u play no planes! why u do dis?

  45. ST-A1 5 kills

  46. i hav mig 15 and I can use katsua

  47. PhlyDaily whats the song at the start called??

  48. Miroslav Makovec

    I hate that initial song. Its from Garbage base from Stalker. It is played loud in that base and you cannot switch it off even you found the radio which plays it.

  49. The suspension simulates digging a hole under the front or rear wheels. But the vehicle did not have it.

  50. Crusader Knight


    *That one bounced*

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