AltProto AMX 30 – Free Premium in New Winter Marathon! | World of Tanks AP AMX 30 Preview

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks New Winter Marathon for AltProto AMX 30, The Legend of the Hunter. World of Tanks AltProto AMX 30, New Tier 8 French Premium Medium Tank. World of Tanks Marathon for a Free Premium Tank.

Time take out your griding pants again, because another marathon is here, marathon number 12!

What do you think?


  1. EDIT: Well, right after I published my video they actually realeased article about the detail as well, lol… Check it out here:
    So, how many marathon tanks have you been able to get for free, out of 12 events we have had?
    Have a nice day, beautiful people.

  2. Time to leave this game once and for all. Cant be bothered…..meh

  3. Most of the time marathons could not be finished, due to the time limit. Only the players playing 8 hours a day can earn these tanks.

  4. the tank might be quite fine i think… but the style looks really pretty stupid.. i give it second place after that 122TM white Chinese theme…

  5. I was able to finish only marathon for borat and it was pain in the ass to play so much every day with that pressure, you just burn out after that.. i was sick that time so i had nothing else to do in any other scenario i dont think its acceptable to push that hard,maby get to lvl 8 and buy for 18 euros and just finish up..

  6. soviet ?? gamer všech dob

    the only tank i got from the marathons was the m10 rhm

  7. It looks like a heavy tank

  8. Marathons are fucking cancer

  9. This tank… wot suggesting to get in combat zone with it… anyone ever played amx 30 series in offense mode? Its rather a verry bad sniper, because it has no armor for a tier 8 with a flat turret

  10. None for free. But I have gotten up to 70% off. Most of them are 50 t0 60% before it ends.

  11. Havent grinded any of the 12 marathons,it just takes to much time for normal ppl:)

  12. Going to skip this one and it will be the first time in like 6 years that I didn’t finish a marathon due to burnout. 250k base xp as top 10 is pretty painful with the current player base and meta when the teams are often loaded with 38-45% bots.

  13. I have AX, Renegade, Bourasque, TS-5, 122TM, LIS, Bucketpanzer and 274a. I really regret not doing the EBR one but I couldnt understand its value back then. Generally they have been good but I dont think I will be going for any more unless I really like them

  14. It’s a grind or more like hoping people will part with the $$ – who has time to do that marathon anyway? IRL is more important.
    I never bother with any marathon, ever.
    Kylock, EU

    • lol yeah I could buy that tank in 2 hours of mcdonalds job, while other people will use 10 days of 6 hours a day of playing lol.

  15. I got 1 for Free and the Rest 50-80% off

  16. I want that FV4005 3D style! I am not going to pay a single cent on this game anymore!

  17. Only one free tank from the marathons. TS-5 the easiest marathon, idk you need to have so much time to get “free” tank.
    Nickname Morodin
    Server: NA

  18. Anyone else feeling nostalgic bc of the background music?

  19. wait is that upper glace autobounce? thats same troll armor as amx30b

  20. Aleksa Milosavljević

    3 marathon tier 8 tanks. Ts 5, Renegade and Obj. 243a

  21. I am definitely not a fan of all the ultra gaudy fantasy tanks in WOT. I’ve started playing the much more realistic tank simulation in IL-2 and I’m enjoying it a lot more than WOT. Move between and control each of the tanker positions, you can see the interior of the tanks, and all tanks are historically accurate. I really wish WOT had stuck with only historically accurate tank skins/camos.

  22. Yo Dez I got SU-130PM, Bourrasque, Kpz 07 RH for free others were 70/80 percent.. 🙂

  23. 9:32 When Dez realizes he forgot to add the ending salutation while revewing the final rendered video :_D

  24. knowing what I can get regarding progress in one evening I probably going to try and get it. I think the style looks great in my opinion, but I wont get that one. besides that it is a bit weird there is not even a 2d style for the tank which most of the other mission marathon tanks had.
    from the past 11 marathons i got the following tanks for free:

    M54 Renegade
    CS-52 LIS
    Object 274a
    122 TM
    Kpz 07 RH
    Strv K

  25. Get to about 60% then buy it on discount

  26. I have seen one on the battlefield some weeks ago, driven by a WG staff member.

  27. Haven’t finished any due to time constraints. However the mini rewards are good to sell for credits.

    Great channel Dez, really like the positive outlook!

    NA server


  28. I will be completely honest, I participated in a few marathons and I finished 0 of them, I usually have some obligations or work to do on one or two of the days that the marathon is held on, I try and catch up later on but I usually reach stage 8 or 9 and that’s it. But then again I barely have any tanks with decent crews and I usually have to grind all of the XP, no cheat side quests for me…

  29. I completed bourrasque and 122TM Challenge. Bourrasque Challenge was hard, but worth It. Now It is one of My favourite tanks. 122TM Challenge was pretty easy for some reason, so i did it. Sadly i cant play it anymore, because i received 69% win rate with it, and i don’t want to ruin it😎

  30. František Babuljak

    Extremely disappointed, AMX 30 and 30 b had good dpm this has worse than a bourrasque that is sad.

  31. “Free”, nice bait WG.

  32. Ondrův herní kanál

    i got 112tm,bourasgue,renagade,cs52lis,and i got as well strvk

  33. Just let this poison game die!!!!

  34. 1 free tank 122 tm

  35. This would sit nicely on blitz. I only managed to get 3 marathons done. Tier VII FV ht; T-44-100 and Alpine Tiger. And yeap, i stopped wot for a long time


  36. Gameplay and balance are in free fall state for years,solution is have another “free” marathon tank

  37. I wish Wg put some of those styles from the Video on the game

  38. The only tank i got free from a marato nwas the T-34-85M, my firs ttier VI lol.

  39. god that FV 3d style looks atrocious

  40. I’ve done every marathon over the years to get the tank and a few times in 2 of my accounts. Getting one free is fairly easy, two gets tiring

  41. I got around 3 tanks from the marathon for free and that is actually: STRV K, Renegade and the obj 274 I think this is the name of it XD

  42. I have done 8 marathons to get a “free” tier 8 tank. I will not do anymore.

  43. closest i got to free tank was TS-5, got max discount before it becoming free

  44. IF ONLY it was doable without nolife-ing the hell out of this broken ass game.

  45. I didn’t get T26E4 Super Pershing (the old old marathon…), LIS, EBR and SU-130PM… other than that I got all the premium tanks for free… some of them are fun, some of them are just meh

  46. Day 103 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  47. i have 0

  48. The knight’s armor actually looks cool. The tank looks like it may be fun, but I’m glad to see it has limits for game balance.

  49. No one mentions the t25 pilot maraton, it was the easiest, the only one I managed (apart from some lower tier maratons).

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