AltProto AMX 30 – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

The AltProto AMX 30 is a Tier 8 French Premium medium in World of Tanks that will be available in the Legend of the Hunter Challenge – here's all you need to know!



  1. No its not good

  2. I wanna see how it is with a turbo

  3. Uhm, why excactly is one a weirdo for thinking one can use the Amx 30 crew on the Amx 30 Altproto ?

    20:35, well, that would have been a bad move with any tank.
    I do them all the time, underestimating the camper bots accuracy, but still, bad move 😛

  4. A meh tank. Ill save my money for christmas boxes like everyone else should imo. If this was released 3 months ago? id grind it or just spend the money.

    • “like everyone else should do”. Hell no, nobody should be buying those lootboxes. This is gambling and the more players support it the more frequently they will appear. Lootboxes are a shit mechanic which ruins every game. People who buy lootboxes to get new tanks are just stupid. The only reason why one would buy them is if u need a lot of gold, cos in that regard, they are a good deal. But having to spend 200 bucks on lootboxes without a safe guarantee that u will actually get the tank is outrageous. WG will not change if players constantly show them how easy it is to milk their money. Why put in a lot of effort to make the game fair when the money can be a lot easier acquired by just putting stupid lootboxes into the game? If u buy those, you lose every right to complain about the game IMO.

  5. hey QB, would you consider maybe refresh some of the old outdated tank reviews?

  6. 0.36 accuracy not great, not terrible. Nice

  7. it is a shit of a tank … it is as acurate as shit ,fast as shit and as you mentioned ”such a good rate of fire ,nuts ! ”…. the only good thing abaut it is the depresion and nothing more … colectors will want it , normal players will play it a few mm and will let it rot in the garage

  8. A French tank that has armor and is not a TD? What kind of madness is this

  9. 50% or 60% off is always good enough for me

  10. Well, T-44-100 still be a king 🙂

  11. Why did I always think that the 122 had -10 deg of depression

  12. Your second equipment setup on a medium is vents, optics cws. ON A TANK THAT CAN USE RAMMER AND VSTABS. With the new equipment you QB just showed how bad of a player you are because cws on a medium is completely useless. Same goes with your Patton setup of vents turbo cws which is completely tragic. And you influence other players to use these tragic setups.

    • Look at his first equipment setup at minute 7:43, He already did put rammer, vent and vstab. The second setup of course have to be different. What the purpose put the same equipment on both setup? So why you say he is bad player?

    • @Mohd Amirul just because u have second setup, doesn’t mean it has to be retarded. Using cws on medium is completely useless

  13. Yeah not worth spending that much time on

  14. Dont buy that tank.. p.. of… shi ..t

  15. 2:25 that’s what you call power creep QB

  16. lansen or altproto ?

    • Lansen is much better in my opinion because of bit better alpha and much better DPM. And gun handling on turret traverse is so much better on Lansen.

    • Go for Lansen. Honestly I’m having so much more fun in my Lansen C. Lansen C can do 80%-90% as good as Alt Proto in speed, gun depresion, but so much better in other stats(exept pen). Better DPM, better alpha, better gun handlling, worst top and reverse speed but better specific power and traverse speed, better cammo but armour is worst. Altproto looks good but Lansen C is amazing

  17. so basically its an amx cdc which is better in every single way

  18. By how QB talks about this tank, I have a feeling if it was a British tank with the same statistics with some fun mechanic on it. It’d probably be one of his favourite tanks

  19. Vents, Vert stab, improved rotation looks as what this one begs for

  20. Considering new tanks coming in Christmas, imma pass this one

  21. I have lots of time. I play the game anyways for more than 3 hours a day… the only game I play, so I will try to grind it… Im able to confortably go to stage 8 9 then will see if I will try to finish it of will pay those few euros.

  22. Does its crew come with 0 skill bia??

  23. Amx cdc gets power creeped once again

  24. Like the Charioteer and GSOR crew skills, not directly interchangeable. Done on purpose so you have to use a special crew member/spend money/free exp etc.

  25. Next video can you play in 50 or 75% crews? Everyone talks about stock tank grind but not new crew grind especially in premium creep and power creep climate

  26. WOW first French tank that don’t have mirrors to watch battlefield from back.
    I am buying this promising baguette

  27. I would go for this tank if not the gun handling

  28. How does this compare to the AMX 30 1er prototype (yes i know its comparing a tier 8 vs a tier 9)?

  29. not gonna lie as i see the powercreep in tier 8 its making the t44 look really crappy

  30. they could make it as tech tree tanks branching to Amx30B but they sell it instead
    ah Wargaming…

  31. This tank reminds me of the Chimera, based on looks.
    Stats are different though 😀

  32. thx for info, this tank sucks

  33. RIP CDC

  34. Thought this is gonna be aureloader , no interested anymore

  35. WG event+PL/CZ muppets trying to get free tank = 10 days of play another game and waste prem. days

  36. No Gold Rounds you say..? How odd!

  37. french frie tank

  38. Power creep in action. Higher penetration than actual tier 9 mediums..

  39. The french really do make hideous tanks

  40. sort of looks like a type 5 heavy when your looking at its back

  41. I think it’s better to equip it with Vent, Rotation device and Vertical Stablizer. Rammer isn’t too necessary but meh…. my second equipment build is for armor … why not?

  42. I’m a fairly new player at 46%WR and trying to get my first tier 10 tank, currently my highest tier tanks are the Obj 430 and Emil 2. I’ve just managed to accumulate 15000 bonds but I’m unsure whether I should spend it all on the M60 or use it to buy bond equipment for my tanks. Anyone has any advice on what I should do?

    • I would advise you to get the tier 8 premiums at the bond shop as it would help you with credit making. With Holiday Ops around the corner, having a tier 8 premium can make a huge difference for effective credit farming.

  43. The problem is not lack of tanks. It’s the shit matchmaker and the 15/5 shit-show rigs.

  44. The Alt. Proto. AMX 30, an AMX 65t but better in every single way possible

  45. From the cinematic vide i though that it will be tha AMBT but it looks like that will be lootbox meh .

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