AMBT – First USA Autoreloader – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks currently testing the AMBT, the first American autoreloader! Here's all you need to know!



  1. I forgot to add that it has a standard 4 x crew with the commander as the radio op!

  2. Now we know what will be in the Christmas gift boxes.

  3. stick_to_the_shadows

    AMBT apparently stands for “Affordable Main Battle Tank”. It’s an MBT concept that’s meant to be of low production cost but still capable in any battlefield which results in more effectiveness…

    Don’t quote me on that. It’s a WoT console reference and I only skimmed over it.

  4. Autoload all the tanks. Jesus fuck.

  5. Looks like Standard B, 60TP and CS 63 had a threesome.

  6. Oh boy! Another hull-down down tank! I can’t wait for WG to keep nerfing HE shells and artillery so we can do even less damage to them!

  7. Jingles already covered this, the title is, iirc, “the joke that keeps on giving”

  8. Is there a discord for players to match up on NA

  9. it looks like the 60tp

  10. to bad the game is dead on the aussie server…. would love to be able to play higher tiers

  11. Hey, QB. Is the Y-O-H line still starting at tier 7? Been farming XP on my M6 but now I’m seeing that it might be starting at tier 8. Any news on that?

    • Don’t u watch WOT dev diaries about Yoh tanks? It specifically said it start from Tier 6 Pawlack, so u need to grind from T1 HT at tier 5…u better pray WG change the plan or else u are wasting your time

  12. didn’t us line already have 2 lines of autoloaders

  13. I want more stupid low tier tanks. Like give us the Char 2C.

  14. AMBT(WG) – All Money Belongs To (WarGaming)

  15. I suppose this will be the Christmas loot-box tank.

  16. Another Kranvagan

  17. I like it, but I hope it is not a mission marathon tank. My gameplay is getting better, but I simply cannot play enough to get it free

  18. this will be in those christmass boxes

  19. enough with this buffoonery….. give us the ultimate troll tank…. the Sturmtiger 🙂

  20. Should buff it a bit and put it in as a tier 10, maybe a CW reward tank or something.

    Definitely don’t need 1970’s design concepts at tier 8.

  21. Autoreloader main battle tank = ambt, im guessing. It does look as mbt.

  22. i smell christmas loot boxes after waching the first minute

  23. ambt stands for affordable main battle tank

  24. AMBT= AiM BoT

  25. its looking like we ve just found the first loot box tank

  26. autoloaders and double barrels ruined the game

  27. AMBT – Armored(version) Mobile Borraque Tank

  28. As a player who left the game I get the confirmation that I did the right thing every time WG does anything new, no matter what they do!

  29. Are auto-loaders and auto-reloaders really what we need?

  30. Just one idea 4 you. Use Replay manager mid for post battle stats. The screen is much better that the wot replays battle statistics.

  31. It has the same gun loading system as the IS-3A, intressting

  32. American Medium Battle Tank

  33. No game play? Who the F cares then

  34. I see american Bisonte as a medium tank 😀

  35. So heres our Xmas Marathon…

  36. Another sub par American tank disappointing but with WOT lately I haven’t been playing so no reason to start

  37. The pz.kpfw v11 has been updated the armour has been changed!

  38. Fuck, me,… more op tier8 premiums

  39. probably american main battle tank, since mbt means main battle tank.

  40. Advanced Main Battle Tank

  41. More auto loaders. Quicker and quicker games.

  42. this is why i stopped playing WoT, a new meta premium tank every other day,
    ahhhhh <:I im just sad

  43. Yay, do this makes what was left of the WW2 armour in tier 7 and 8 totally obsolete and useless to play in this game. I remember Serb said years ago. No tank developed in the 60’s or beyon g will ever make it into the game…..ha ha ha ha. Yeah sure, how’s that working out for us now. What a friggen joke if you are like playing the old fashioned tanks…IS-3, Tigers, 1 and 2, any American tank, any British tech tree tank. It is a pity. I really enjoyed this game even up to about 3 or 4 years ago. Then came the auto loaders and it has gone to shit ever since. I could put up with the T-62…even if it was OP but now….never play above tier 7. Whats the use. All the enjoyment is gone. 2 minute 15-1 match results. Wankers in auto loader platoons, stupid wheeled crap everywhere and tanks designed in the 70’s fighting vehicles designed in the 40’s. Yeah, think it is on the way down the toilet no matter how much shine people put on it.

  44. Honestly this looks like a T69 with a punchier gun and a turret that can get away with more than weird angle bounces. (More hull-down meta, wooooo) The accuracy is bad, the aim time is bad, and if the American Mystery Blueprint Tank has dispersion values like the T69, its gun will definitely be hunting dirt in short order.

  45. This will sound ridiculous, but my all-time favourite tank is the Lago.

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