AMBT – Under the Hammer – Worth it?

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The AMBT is the first American autoreloader in World of Tanks; available in the Under the Hammer auction – but is it worth it? I let you know!



  1. bruh i ike placed 13k bet felling good

  2. For anyone that’s still clicking to acknowledge the “Incomplete Ammunition” message – just go to the Field Mods page, and click the bar under the alternate load. It will stop that message (you won’t be able to swap during the loading screen, obviously). This works for the alternate equipment configuration, just that has no message if left empty.
    You can also just “load” the same items in the same spots on the alternate loadout, so it won’t cost you more credits because those items are already onboard, bought and paid.

  3. go hull down and spam gold

  4. You should try console for a month.. it’s a whole different game than pc.PC.. it’s fun though

  5. watercannons collaboration

    QB, now you have to play the T69, because we all like to see you suffer

  6. joke all i need is the projetto 46

  7. WOT is so thirsty for money

  8. on tanks gg are the old statistics…. wot change the statistics a little….real statistics are in the garage

  9. poor tank design, 218 mm standard pen on T8? Thats is underwhelming and forces players to shoot gold ammo, yay

  10. nah this is a heavy tank…if this is a medium tank, it has armour better than most even tier 10 medium tanks

  11. need to see it in a teir x match

  12. If you’ve got like 260 pen just hit the mantlet, it’s fairly awful.

  13. when your commander has 13 dkills , come on quicky be a bit more realistic for us mortals

  14. AMBT, Advanced Main Battle Tank
    damn son putting T11 tank in T8

  15. WG needs to Stop putting out tier 9 Tanks as tier 8 premiums

  16. “I’m on my press account, so why wouldn’t i use all the bells and whistles?”
    Ughm, maybe because the vehicle should be balanced and tested around the setup 97% will be using and not by the max setup 0.001% people will use?

  17. In Asia server we got start bit at 155.5k Free EXP and 10k unit

  18. To be fair this thing doesn’t look the greatest. I think I’d far rather play the bisonte or progetto lol. I hope the gun handling gets buffed a little bit

  19. I got mine for 250025 on the Asia server – ppl inmy clan bid up into the 350K+ – at least that is the highest I’ve heard.
    One thing I do like is the Free Exp as a currency for tanks. They do it in Warships and it would be good to have this as an option in tanks.
    Maybe make the Chief/T95 a Free Exp tank for say 2,000,000 (or more) Free Exp – 2 mill FXP is what T10 FXP ships cost in boats.

  20. This tank with TURBO has 20hp ton, very fast to “peek a boo” or relocate and 3×360 alpha with 300mm effective turret armor… progetto has 240 alpha, just imagine a progetto with tier 9 alpha and tier 9 turret armor. On tier8 just having lower topspeed. A heavy armor Progetto with near twice the alpha LOL balanced??? Bring us the KPZ-70 wargaming, as the wotbliz has, is the only stuff i will pay, even my type59 is crap according to that absurd 360 alpha mediums with more armor than the type on tier 8 now. THIS IS JUST A PROGETTO ON STEROIDS.
    Even M48 raumpanzer has less turret armor than this tank, with a giant weakspot and worst aim and 240 alpha, being slower.

  21. Another huuldown overpriced Tier 8 PREMIUM tank…
    – It is worth it?
    – NO

  22. World of Auto(Re)loaders.

  23. Quickybaby as a WoT Community Contributor could you please suggest to WG that they add an option to chose Autoreloading / Magazine Tanks in the Carousel , as I like you as I am sure many other players do too like playing these tanks .

  24. Agreed , not everyone has top equipment for their tanks , and nor everyone can max it out as you are doing. I fully understand its your account and you do whats best for you. But as most of us don’t have options to do that you should use normal equipment and without premium consumables and see how tank is acting then and how it is to play. And maybe not worth even getting it
    Thank you

  25. 268v5: Minimum 530.000 free xp? That’s strange… I got mine for 511k 🙂

  26. 3 battles, 3 times top tier…..

  27. Meanwhile the tech tree Progetto CC55 with 1540 dpm……..

  28. Does anyone know, If you make a bid and you doesn`t get the tank will the amount of gold that you bid will be lost ? or will it be refunded to you`re account ?

  29. At this point, the only way wg could balance their game is to add more broken tanks. Nobody is going to play their weaker tech tree counterpart. I haven’t played the game in years, but I bet at least 80% of the tanks at tier 8 are premium. (In a match)

  30. I like QBs videos, but I do wish he’d load them out with the kid of setups that your average WOT player would run i.e drop the bond turbo, maybe a 100% crew with only a couple of skills unlocked, no field mods. Drop it down and show us average players what we can expect from it.

    • I actually agree with you 100%
      Showing the mix/max performance is pointless.
      90% of people will run it with standard equipment and without food (to maximise credit income)
      That’s the performance we need to see. It’s obvious to everyone that if we want to run bounty/bond equipment and/or food that it’ll be just plain better.
      It’s impossible to work that backwards though.

  31. note: you cannot overmatch it when its using its gundepression because you physically can’t see the turret roof (yikes wg).
    possible equipment: vstabs turbo optics?

  32. Another Must Buy Tank. The name says it all.

  33. One more reason to stick to Tier 5 and below.

  34. For got the green screen? 😀

  35. Wargaming are disrespecting players by not showing a competitive bid as the players bidding are the ones spending money on the game.

  36. A
    A MBT

  37. Rino master class when?

  38. free to play over here with onion 🙂

  39. It could be a progetto just slower with more armor. Same gun as progetto and would be fine. But hey: not only that, let’s give him 50% more alpha with bigger caliber and 280 gold penetration. It’s overpowered no matter the gun handling. U have same clip as t77 with its 1030 but are a revolver system with a renegade turret and no big cupola like renegade? Overpowered. It is a renegade on steroids with more engine power and revolver system while having same alpha but way more penetration. The big cupola is downsized u almost never hit it.

  40. It looks like the rhino where if it’s under pressure it won’t do good but if it’s allowed to reload then it’ll be dangerous

  41. So what directives should i use??? why ignore the advatage they give??? just dumb. you claim you use all the bell and whistles!! but you dont! so it is not the full setup. why do you resist showing us the truth?

  42. so its just a bisonte but has a few better and worst stats

  43. Yay another Ridgeline warrier….. Not like we don’t have enough of those

  44. qb, autoreloaders intuition is broken

    it reloads 1 shell only in exchange for the whole clip. please stop recomending intuition on autoreloaders. does not work.

    not sure if it’s a bug or wg think it’s how it should work, but swtiching the whole full clip in exchange for one shell? nope. totally not worth it.

  45. Only 10,000 available on the NA server

  46. Oof. I got the 268 for 300k on NA

  47. Can you please show Matches with a “normal” Crew, no fully bond equipment and T10 enemies? I don’t wanna see a dream MM with OP equip … I wanna see Matches like 90% of all I play …. as a T8-LowTier vs. T10 enemies with no bond stuff.

  48. When did QB change his thoughts on Bisonte? I thought he hated it because the DPM was so bad. Saying he really wanted to like it but cant because the DPM.

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