AMBUSH! Tier 5 Beast Tank – War Thunder T-10m Digital Cammo!

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Tank Request Series – T-10m Digital Cammo!

Thanks for watching!


  1. Alright guys, last time the T-10m was most requested….what should we play
    next!? Leave a comment and if you agree with someone else’s vote, make sure
    to like that too.

  2. Sometimes, when everyone goes to sleep, I fill my bathtub with spaghetti
    sauce, engulf myself in it, and pretend I’m a meatball

  3. 1st called it

  4. You should use a tier 5 tank without fin stabilized rounds. I bet you have
    a hard time without your shell that pens everywhere.

  5. Baron make a video about the tier 5s being at 7.7 so they face 6.7s which
    is a major tier in the game so play 6.7 tanks

  6. Play the IS 2 mod 1944

  7. Baron, I think what you meant to say is the E-100 needs to have either the
    150mm gun or the TD variant and have the 170mm gun. Then the tank would be
    unique and worth adding into the game.

  8. ok what about gaijin giving us the e50 and e75

  9. Please play the SU-122P

  10. “Cammo”

  11. The E-100 and the maus are’t they say just cuz they are both German big
    tank and Germany needs more good tier 5 tanks

  12. i feel we havent seen m6 in a while, right?

  13. THe migHTY MAUS

  14. well play the BOX TANK FOR MOTHER RUSSIA!

  15. M4A1 sherman

  16. Play the M4A3 105

  17. one of le firsr

  18. Play the Panzer III N and beat up some Shermans and T-34s.
    Infantry support tank? More like Tier 2 Tiger.


  20. play the wirbelwind

  21. SU-122

  22. T-54 1951 plz

  23. Play J7W1 VS XP-55

  24. M4A3 (105) please

  25. The E-100 is coming to War Thunder? Nice. Its a great tank. German tanks
    need some way to stand a damn chance against the Allied tanks.

  26. is-4m

  27. annoying Russians

  28. Are you fucking insane.

  29. E-100 German tank

  30. The Germans would need their Sonderkraftfahrzeuge, and if you were one of
    those SdKfz., you could control your own arty or take some crewmen to help
    the other tanks. (sorry for the bad english)

  31. Maus for the Win :D

  32. MrSilentAssasin007

    So tier 5 War thunder = Tier 10 in WoT?

  33. only a T-10m can kill a T-10m from any sides

  34. ztu 37! i wanna see you suffer!

  35. Jadpanzer

  36. M3 lee

  37. Tiger 2p or the tiger 105

  38. Baron Mike Mangini

    Hello, fellow baron

  39. Plese play the m103 next !!!!!!

  40. zis-30 for the gulag of stalin’s russia!

  41. Hasis Montes Limon

    SU-100Y For the motherland!

  42. T54 1959/ANY LEOPARD

  43. *1949

  44. best intro ever

  45. next t95 the doomturtle

  46. Panzer III N and I will sacrifice my firstborn

  47. Chemistry´s the best!

    play some star wars – empire at war.
    really epic star wars game!

  48. Grinding in wt is so annoying.I have so many friends who stopped playing
    cause it’s nearly impossible to get to tier 4 or 5 without spending money.

  49. t-54 1954

  50. Tiger II (H) For ze fazerland.

  51. T-54 please

  52. Ships are coming) So, don’t worry)

  53. #Need the elefant

  54. There is no way?
    You are meant to bomb with your bombing reticle at around 1km high.
    Assault fuse.


  55. @BaronVanGamez the problem with ships, tanks, planes and infantry in one
    battle are the physics the server has too calculate. Its to much at this

  56. Esteban roa calderon

    juega con el t 34

  57. thegamerhunter and blaze

    T-34 57 mm

  58. Watch your language Baron

  59. Gabriel Souza Pererira da Silva

    M103 The American TITAN

  60. Baron, take the t44 as next tank. When i take it out i only face maus, is3
    and other high tier stuff. I would like to see how to play it

  61. Stop angling the tank when it has a pike nose

  62. The E-100 is a more realistic design than the maus because of the reduced

  63. Jagpanzer38t (Hetzer)i haven’t seen any you tuber play the hetzer so why
    not :/

  64. The T10M reloads way to fast! It was ok to fight a is4 with the tiger2(.1)
    but the t10m is just OP

  65. Sherman firefly

  66. is-4m

  67. Where dose the tank request series keep going

  68. t 29

  69. Pt-76 w/ rage mode on!!!

  70. “Oh shit! Tits! Tit-monger! Titty-sprinkles! What the tits!” – Baron, every
    video… ever.

  71. darkwolf2492 harry

    e100 or t-34-85

  72. T34 please

  73. Why do i like the vid more when baron gets ADHD ?

  74. darkwolf2492 harry


  75. off topic, but how do yall feel about a wooden fence that almost flips your

  76. IS-4 or gulag.

  77. Maus tank

  78. IS Juan

  79. Russian box tank or gulag


  81. when Conqueror will be in game all tier 5 tonks will suck balls :3 i want
    my Conqueror !!!!

  82. T 34 1942 just because !? No ?

  83. Eww arcade

  84. the guns are different the E100 has a 15cm gun not 12.8cm gun

  85. ṫḣḙṜḁḓḄṝḁḓsDad

    M4A3 (76) Sherman
    M26 Pershing
    M26E1 Super Pershing ♠
    M46 Tiger ♠
    Panther A
    Panther G
    Panther F
    Pz.Bfw. VI Tiger (P) ♠
    T-34-100 ♠
    T-34-85E ♦ M4A3E2 (76) Jumbo
    Tiger II (P)
    Tiger II (H)
    IS-2 mod. 1944
    IS-2 “Revenge” ♦ M36 Jackson
    M18 Super Hellcat ♠
    T28 ♠
    Tiger (P) Ferdinand
    Bfw. Jagdpanther ♠
    SU-122P ♠ M19 GMC

  86. Drive the Panther II! I want to see it in action :3

  87. richie thach (TitanicMan2)

    British cruiser tank a13

  88. Please play the ferdinand

  89. Fuck your ads that are a minute long without a skip. This video better be
    worth it…

  90. Still ruined with arty spam

  91. Stalins Refrigerator KV2 comrade

  92. 105 KING TIGER!!

  93. I think warthunder should go in the direction of heroes and generals with a
    world war sort of thing. I also want to see large map battles (hole
    aircraft maps) with an enduring confrontation idea.

  94. Baron ur thing about the e100 well t54 cough

  95. Do t32 for Murca

  96. Try weak tanks baron

  97. Baron , Play the M103 in realistic because Murica

  98. Zsu-57

  99. tiger 2 105 do it 4 the fatherland

  100. juan david uran acevedo

    would it be cool that you cut unlock metkist to heal your crew or reviv it?

  101. TheOldStock_ Canadian


  102. Baron, Stalin has ordered you to test our new tank. We call it the Box
    Tank. If you and your crew fail. We will have no choice but to send you
    Camander Baron will sent to ………GULAG!!!!!!

  103. THE MAUS!!!!!!!

  104. “you little titmonger” – Baron, 2015

  105. T-90AM do it bruh

  106. Play the pershing


  108. Fuck the e-100 I want a nashorn!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. jasontheawesome builder

    plz subscribe to me!!!

  110. Sams missiles,mines and infantry would be interesting, maybe help kill some
    AI bombers .

  111. Tiger 1 plz

  112. Maus,t-54,t-44

  113. Lets try some more realistic ground forces Baron

  114. i’d be excited for the e100 if it had a different gun. also more game modes
    would be nice.

  115. Colin Garnett (ChaosphereIX)

    RB at least, arcade is boring

  116. Barrettslayer Windom

    The maus

  117. Luís Filipe Correia

    T32 for Murica!

  118. Right there with you man. We should definitely go straight for the Ratte.
    Screw the E-100

  119. Erik Lundholm Ericson

    Foilage exploit thing is patched away now I think.

  120. BOX TENK!!!

  121. KV-2 Gulag tank

  122. If you want your opinion to actually matter when you talk about tanks, play
    REALISTIC battles.

  123. king tiger

  124. baron you and phly just stop talking about the “evolve” that this game
    needs. this game doesnt need any infantry, or any other kind of human
    interrepution.that is what is so nice about this game,its different from
    all the other games. you want tanks,planes,ships and soldiers together?
    there is already game like this. its called battlefield.if you want to play
    with soldiers go play some battlefield and stop with those horrible

  125. The devs have said that they won’t bring infantry into the game. Also the
    E-100 is faster then the maus but at the cost of reduced armor.


  127. T34-57 mod 1943

  128. Tier 10 you choos

  129. kinda easy to kill but is the sexiest

  130. Panzer IV G…there’s been so much spam of high tier recently, it would be
    nice to see some mid-tier

  131. e 100 is exciting

  132. oliveiraqmatouoleao

    With infantry we would have a modern version of 1942.

  133. Uh…play The M47 Patton?

  134. Superpershing

  135. MFW he spells camo wrong

  136. easy 8

  137. As far as I’m concerned, the only thing Gaijin NEEDS to do right now is
    change the tier 5 BR back to 8.0, and then add some sort of protection for
    those that disco in game. Dropping while near the top of the board is more
    infuriating than grinding early Tier 5

  138. jagertiger

  139. Gibrán Abner Abud Alcalá

    i always wanted to see you play one of my favorite germans.
    Panzer IV F2

  140. well I know one thing the conqueror is coming to war thunder

  141. Tiger H1 or Tiger E

  142. Fun episode.

  143. Do ze tier 1 Panzer IV XD

  144. M60 stronk tenk for General Patton

  145. Infantry ships, tanks, and planes (future war thunder) (i hope)

  146. ur goddamn right Baron. gaijin need to eaze down on the grind. 320000xp for
    some tank?! when you average around 1000ish xp. Come on dude…

  147. I want there to be an all out war mode added with ships, tanks, planes,
    infantry, and artillery. (Artillery is hard to aim) infantry could replace
    dead crew members, but have to respawn. I just want to join a game with
    400+ people just having a few hour long game. If that is going to happen
    someday, i will literally cry in happiness.

  148. M5a1 stuart pls


  150. ahh the is4m was the best before HEATFS was added to the game you could
    just roll up to anyone without fear of instantaneous death

  151. The almighty doom turtle!!!!!


  153. Also i think we need the Ratte Tank in a gamemode, “Ratte Hunt” or
    something like that. Where there are a bunch of Maus and high tier tanks
    and they have to kill the P1000 Landkruezer.

  154. You and phly should do a challenge with tire 1 tanks

  155. Take out the king tiger

  156. die russische Box panzer

  157. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    t10 has to have the best gun in tier 5 but the armor sucks.I took out a t10
    from the front with a bulldog, shot it in the lower glases with the sabot

  158. muse

  159. Tiger H1 ??

  160. Got to be m103

  161. guys which side of maus is weak?

  162. is 8 whoooot!

  163. box tank or gulag comes to house

  164. Why use heat? if you have the best APHE ammo in the game

  165. panzer IV G or auschwitz

  166. Leopard 1!!! You show em communists!!!

  167. Tiger II (P) or Jagdpanther

  168. king tiger next

  169. That’s the is8 in world of tanks

  170. We need sped time to take out the Locust!

  171. for the fatherland the tiget 105

  172. for the fatherland the tiget 105

  173. Tiger E or Tiger 2 H pleeeeasseeee baron love you long time make you yum

  174. Baron can you play the XP-55 plane? :<

  175. tiger 2 105mm

  176. Baron take out the M36 Jackson, I never see any videos of it!!!

  177. IS-4! I really want to see this tank for some reason.

  178. playing with t92 or federal prision

  179. hetzer gonna hetz

  180. Play the leo 1

  181. pls take out the lovely T34-57 1943

  182. M19 supa hell cat. gd!

  183. OP shit OMG do RB in it!

  184. e100 is shit! give us e50 or e75

  185. you also dont need to worry about getting hit just go your in a t10

  186. hellcat on hellcat

  187. Drive out the Tiger 2 Porsche.

  188. Baron have you seen that gaijin are adding the AC IV Thunderbolt(Australian
    Cruiser tank Sentinel) Please have a look at it and play it when it comes

  189. This tank pisses me off

  190. jagdtiger and tiger2 for ze fatherland

  191. Hey did anyone else have less decals in WArthunder ? I seem to have lost
    all of mine and only have like 1 decal only for axis and allies

  192. couldntthinkofone100

    I’ve slowly lost faith, the Americans can’t fight the Russians and the
    Russians are so damn op. It’s annoying to the point where I ask if they
    even try. There are Sherman’s that have guns can fight at a BR of 5.0 but
    of course they don’t add them… I just give up on the game, I refuse to
    cheese with he Russians either. They are way to op

  193. t-34

  194. Let’s see dat is4 m!

  195. play the M60

  196. This game should remain vehicle focused but a few ai antitank infantry
    wouls be cool.

  197. Fear the 6.7 – 7.0 battle rating >:)

    Murcia M26 or M46

  198. jagpz 4-5 please

  199. i really really really hope they never add infantry. It will be either far
    too useless or far too OP. The way Gaijin balances things I just can’t see
    it ever working. Maybe some ambient AI infantry to shoot at but player
    controlled would just be a nightmare. I don’t think they plan to add it in,
    but still. In the old days of WG they had the 3 tabs. Air, Ground, and
    Fleet I believe they were. It is very clear they want to develop the game
    into those 3 directions and I hope they do. I do not have hopes for battles
    with Ships and Tanks as I feel the ships can just sit 15 km off the coast
    and rekekek you and you can do nothing about it but player controlled
    planes vs player controlls ships! that would be great.

  200. Is 2 for Russia

  201. do m103 tank

  202. It’s time for the Russian mediums! The beastie T-54! :D

  203. I thought the e100 had an big 150mm main gun and an 50 or 30mm gun not sure
    about that

  204. Ruben Van der Jagt

    You should play the m46 patton

  205. I like to se BT-5

  206. Stop play AB

  207. Lucas P SPeaKeuR74

    T10 = IS8 ?

  208. That beginning though xD

  209. M19 SuperHellcat American Race Car

  210. Leopard

  211. pretty shure there is only one ‘m’ in camo

  212. The centurion and the conqueror is coming out

  213. Geometry Dash Electroman


  214. M4A3E2 jumbo

  215. nathan Ordenana (Nathanwardog)

    Bring back that m60 chaffe

  216. Play the Pz3 M

  217. OMG Türkish player in the video

  218. Γιωργος Τραντ

    The M41 walker Bulldog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  219. that digital camo is called… cadpat – canadian disruptive design.
    sometimes its cool to be canadian.

  220. that awkward moment when a Turkish player is in a Russian tank

  221. m18 and P47 for next video. gotta get some hellcat action

  222. Matthew Micheletti

    Wunderwaffe!! HO-229, HE-162, ME-163 combo!

  223. they r milkjugs

  224. God damn Baron you’re absolute trash at this game.
    Had you not been sponsored and given free shit in the game, you’d still be
    in Tier 2.

  225. How about the m47?

  226. Infantry would be cool. Would give more reason for those side skirts.

  227. t 92

  228. Best intro EVER!

  229. M26e1 or t32

  230. So Baron. I would like that you play the Tiger Zwei Porsche next time. What
    about you guys?

  231. I am glad you play solo without slick, I find it you are more funnier
    without slick :)

  232. M60 PAKTON 4 ze winnnnnnnnnnNNNNNN

  233. M18 hallcat


    Play heroes and generals Baron!!

  235. Panzer IV H

  236. you should use king tiger tank next

  237. They should add the sturmtiger!

  238. Biljana Marjanovich

    tiger 1 like

  239. m47 patton for the suprise but sex sneek attack

  240. the grind is real,i will never buy a premium account,after this 1.53 update
    i have had 2 rp trophies,2! in the daily unlocked trophies.
    before id get them every other day alternated with sl trophies.
    oh and yeah all russian tanks have gotten more op,and dont get me started
    on the uk and usa planes in tier 1 and 2 with shit7.62mm guns while the
    russian start with 20mm i really hate the guys behind this game but its the
    best tank game out there.

  241. The mighty T26E Tier 1 Russian premium tank plez Barons !!

  242. m103 or m2a2

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