American Heavies / War Thunder

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

During WW2, there were lots of heavy tanks going around. The USSR used them to break through German defences… the designed them to support infantrymen in an attack… but some major powers, including the US, didn’t have heavy tanks at their disposal. The WW1 era Liberty tank was a thing of the past, and for quite a while there was no contender for the title, at all. It made perfect sense: there were no major land battles for the country to fight, and, on the global stage, there was heavy emphasis on the Air Forces and the Navy anyway.



  1. Максим Ермаков


  2. That Super Pershing sounded sexy as

  3. USA T-34♥

  4. Pershing was designed as a heavy tank along with M46 Patton, they whernt reclasified untill later

  5. M103 isn’t that bad in close combat, you need only to hide hull cuz his thicc armor turret help you to survive some shots

  6. It would make the game a lot more fun if you guys made all vehicles and secondary weapons in said vehicles available to test drive/fly/sail.

  7. Climbing the ranks British tanks???

  8. You forgot the famous line going with the m6a2e1, “What the hell is this?”

  9. I personally like the M6

  10. MBTs= combine all the best features of medium and heavy tanks!

  11. Can someone explain to my friend how the super pershing was in wwii

    • Super Pershing is created in early 1945 to improve the Pershing by adding additional armor and upgraded gun

  12. americano sovietico

    M6A1 one of my favorite tanks

  13. Just that one annoying guy

    *I can see you’re only interested in the exceptionally rare*

  14. The Jumbo is weak, a Tiguer can destroy one head-on and the opposite doesn’t happen anymore, the T26 is already doing the job and I’m loving this tank, despite being slow and taking a long time to load the cannon, I’m dead to put it down. hands on a T30 and forget about the Jumbo disappointment

  15. Nika Kvanchakhadze

    Hey gaijin team. Will we see some cold war planes in game? Like a-10 warhog.

  16. i dont get it why the T26E1-1 is more repair cost (almost 18k SL)
    rather than the T34 (10k SL)
    can u make the repair cost of the T26E1-1 (12k SL)or lower pls

  17. Just fix the damned Matchmaking plz! That Balancing isnt quite fun

  18. Better than German tank

  19. Doktor_Kuzniak _

    its world of prototypes

  20. British: Infantry Tank
    French: Multi-gun Heavy Tank
    Germans: Super Thicc-armor Tank
    Soviets: Super-gun Tank

    US: Tank

  21. Savage Titos 180

    “More importantly it’s frontal armor” ….Hah…haha…..ha…..

  22. Bloodsong_the_Wolf

    Bruce the M26 on WWII was considered a Heavy tank

    • But in-game, it was Medium

    • Bloodsong_the_Wolf

      @Kalashnikov 413 because in game it goes after the Korean War designation after the introduction of the m-46 the m26 was also reclassified as a medium tank for the Army however the Marines still classified as a heavy tank

  23. 2:13 now this gotta be my favorite, the *best tank of WWII*

  24. 6:54 “which allowed the tank to engage targets at long range”
    >non-existing zoom scope like what the King Tigers had

    Thanks Gaijoob

  25. Espeonage the Espeon Spy

    Oh, cool. Russian Badger is going to do another War Thunder video soon.

  26. American Heavies after the Jumbos are too expensive to use. I don’t want to have to drop 5 kills in RB, lose my T34, and lose Lions overall.


    Значить ест и на английском вар тандер

  28. Sebastian Müller

    The two Tubes ontop of the superpershing are needes to Lift the heavy Gun.
    They should be a Part of the vertical aiming system.

    This would allow Medium and Light Tanks to do at least some Kind of Damage on a hulldown Superpershing

  29. Me in chi to: kills jumbo with 1 shot
    Me: was that a jumbo?

  30. American “heavies”? Everything american is heavy like the american citizens

  31. Despite being at a bad br, the 76 Jumbo is such a fun vehicle. You can’t go wrong with it.

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