AMERICAN MUSCLE (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay) Tank Request

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Tanks Gameplay – M4A1 & P-39Q-5
War Thunder Gameplay – Sherman & Aircobra w BAZOOKAS!

Thanks for watching!


  1. AMERICA F*** YEA!!!!!
    What tank do you want to see in the next Tank Request Episode? Leave your
    vote below and like those with the same vote.

    Also, permission granted to have an amazing weekend! o7 Last TR Episode:

  2. Tiger II (p)

  3. T-44

  4. Your ignorance makes me cringe

    Baron what are your political views?

  5. Joseph Stalin Plays

    Can you play the StuG III G and the BF 109 E-4?

  6. Good ole’ American muscle.

  7. so Ehen you are gonna stream? its not offen that you streaming

  8. Muse vs pather

  9. Please do t95 with the twin mustang for Mercia!!!!!

  10. jumbo tank it!

  11. please do bt5 or t26 and any version of the i15

  12. baron can you do an aircraft battle on men of war:plz

  13. M4 (not A1) Sherman and P47 D28 please.

  14. Shepard Playz (D0GG1E)

    M60 and F86 sabre

  15. King tiger? plez

  16. Tortoise and Landcaster ????

  17. under 300 club

  18. ok second try comet and firebrand for the king

  19. Hi baron

  20. M4 (105) and the Skywhale with the space cannon.

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    this dog every where. i have started my campaign

  22. I Don't Understand Math

    I will say something … but i cant because i forgot what i whanted to say

  23. the M4 is just a god awful tank but the jumbo Sherman is good

  24. The Mighty GamerFTW

    why not try the M3 Lee and the TBD Devistator. Because why the F*** not?

  25. My favorite tank! #Merica

  26. Baron, you must use the Stallinuim Russian captured Television (Panther T-V
    Thunder League reward), as your air support use the flying tank, the Po-2.
    Good luck komrade, or Gulag for you.

  27. I Don't Understand Math

    And yeah i remember oh yeah, just a sec please lemme just ughh ok PLAY THE
    M60 AND B-29

  28. the audio is kinda crappy

  29. Super Pershing and the B17

  30. Next tank please be crusader British tank

  31. I agree with the tiger 2 p it’s a Bad ass tank and Baron u should also take
    out te king tiger 

  32. Why not the SU-100 : 3

  33. 0:55 Oh My God, cadkiller was in my old squadron, Rogue Squadron

  34. leopard, play it, baron

  35. random acts of teamwork: war thunder edition

  36. M3 Lee with TBD Devastator. For giggles.

  37. Can you fight through the rage mr baron ?

    M26 or M46 with F8F 1B


  38. Polish eagle in the thumbnail? Lol

  39. Liviothan_ productions


  40. Can you play the Is3 and the IL28?

  41. itscamandh bro squad

    hetzer or if u done DAT Ferdinand

  42. wasn’t it polish camo on sherman in the picture?

  43. How about a British combination: Tortoise + Lancaster

  44. T 54 and PO 2

  45. m36 jackson for freedom

  46. M18 Hellcat and the B-17

  47. Tiger1 h1 and the Me 410 b6 r3.

  48. TheBattlefieldMaster(Matt)

    Panther G and the FW-190F-8 with 2 MK-103 cannons

  49. like for the Polish eagle ?

  50. play tiger 105 and me262 with 50 rockets

  51. Baron why don’t you do vlog’s? only true fans watch them. according to
    slick bee, if we follow you for your war thunder content we are all just

  52. king tiger and the vera

  53. Play the t-34-85(DT-5) and Yak-7 plz!!!!!


  55. That awesome drum and bass song playing on the background, what is it Baron?
    So many people have asked on previous videos!

  56. How about the Leopard 1 with only Hesh rounds? Use the Leopard 1 and the Ho
    229 with Hvaps to complete this challenge!

  57. Barón the Tortoise

  58. tiger 2 henschel

  59. Mr. Godzilla (Godzilla7007)

    More Maus platoons!

  60. Pro tip? I’ve only been playing 1 year and I swear I’m better than u

  61. Churchill vii and Typhoon

  62. Baron – take the British CANARVON & DE HAVALAND MOSZZY 57MM

  63. m4a3 76 and the f6f

  64. Archer and The Firefly with Rockets
    British Power!!!!!!!!

  65. Ze JagTiger

  66. Next play the Landkreuzer P 1000 Ratte and the Siegfried zeppelin

  67. I know a someone by the name of diplex who is staying with u, love dat
    American muscle!

  68. M8a1 Scott with plane of your choice !

    2nd attempt

  69. +BaronVonGamez Hey Baron, I’m a new subscriber and really enjoying the
    videos. Keep it up.

  70. Baron pls use SU-122-44

  71. Plz play the Fw-190 A-5/ U2 and the tiger E.

  72. Tiger E and Me-410 B6/R3 or Hitler will send you to camp concentration

  73. Jayden Tate-Anderson

    King Tiger !!

  74. Baron, I’ve bean trying for SOOOO long, PLEASE do the T-32 with the f7f
    with 1000 pound bombs

  75. The M3 lee and the TBD-1 devastator
    A devastating combo

  76. Why did you put Polish white eagle on your M4 ? Btw I like it :D

  77. what you talking bout nubcakes, that spot that Panzer 4 F2 was in is an
    awesome high risk high reward position.

  78. Why do people even play the Sherman? It’s such a piece of shit.

  79. play the is2 or 3 with il-2 :)

  80. Conqueror mk2 and canberra B mk6

  81. Baron do the maus plz

  82. How about trying the Tortoise (“Churchill’s Kettle”), with either
    Wellington/Lancaster. A cheeky Commonwealth cuppa’

  83. SU-122-54

    please stalin wants you to

  84. can you use the 75mm gmc and the xp-55

  85. second try Play the Königstiger and the 262 U4 to save the Vaterland from
    the evil allies

  86. Baron love the videos, but I wish you could do more World of Warships.

  87. Baron
    I have a request.
    I wish of thee to take out the only British tank on the American tree. The
    Grant and the P-40
    Go kick those Afrika Korps Krauts right in the ass!

  88. MrJackson12345678909

    Let’s be honest no one likes slick

  89. That opening… I like it.

  90. Can someone please tell me what game mode/difficulty baron plays on

  91. Tiger

  92. Can we se the t34 1942 and il2

  93. 2nd Try: Valentine Mk 1 and Hurricane Mk IV. The 40mm combo!!

  94. Play IS-2 and KV-2

  95. Baron play the fortress, the jumbo sherman and b17 Flying Fortress

  96. in 3:00 i thought you said JOHN CENA!!!!!!!!

  97. The Germans have titanium op hitler racks

  98. How about you try out the T-126? Totally not Russian bias)))

    still waiting on my T-127

  99. Leopard 1 for the Fatherland

  100. ZambieDude_Official Banterlopes

    When baron said hard left he sounded like brad pitt in fury

  101. ZambieDude_Official Banterlopes

    take out the pride of russian army t34 57 and illyushin sturmovik IL2

  102. M-22 and PBY. I would very much like to see that…I wonder if the M-22
    could fit inside the PBY…

  103. TigerE
    Fw190 A4
    Have Fun

  104. T95 and F-86-25

  105. do the m18 with p-400 for more amercian metal

  106. po2 and kv1

  107. crusader

  108. Hey Baron, why did you stop with the Fallout 4 Let’s play series?
    They were so fun to watch haha and since i don’t have the game myself i
    loved to watch you play it with your dog.

  109. MLG Colonel Sanders


  110. love the m4 great tank and i pull some crazy kills with so far iam a
    tripple tank ace with mine do the archer next plz

  111. M103 plz do it like if he should

  112. What is the name of the intro song?

  113. King tiger plz

  114. Doomturtle T95 America

  115. Good Ol’ Murican Muscle.

  116. The tier one kv2, the t26-4.

  117. So Baron, how does it feel to have two Swedes under your roof? A lot of
    random gibberish and “JÄVLA JÄNKARE!!” being yelled around the room? xD

  118. Kristofer Pähklepa

    oh nice, war thunder for my bday, ty

  119. Any derp german bomber

  120. what’s the name of the song at 19:05 pls :3

  121. What about the tea time combo
    Churchill III and Wellington Ic late

  122. Hey baron I went to a museum a while back with a working m4a1 Sherman but
    tracks were in really bad condition but it was crazy how tall it was though

  123. Thanks man! Keep up the great vids!

  124. Isn’t that ammo rack crap simply just because it was an empty rack?

    From what I remember, WT tracks your ammo racks / ammo and if there’s
    nothing left in that rack, then obvs it won’t go up in flames.

    I often run my tanks with bare minimum ammo simply because it helps prevent

  125. what would u say is the best sherman in the game i was looking at the easy
    8 and thinking of heading towards that

  126. The Shermans are great tanks when you don’t have idiot team mates who think
    you can bum rush the capture zones with them in RB.

  127. T-34 Mod. 1942 and Lavochkin 5,for Mother Russia comrade

  128. Pershing and P47

  129. panther with focke wolf 190

  130. T1 heavy or Churchill l.

  131. Soviet muscle is me.

  132. OK i got one how about the t54 and the la 15

  133. or the leopard and the mig 17

  134. Is3 with any bomber

  135. The M26 Pershing the America Sniper

  136. is3 and yak 7

  137. Jonathan Schostak (Jon Plays, Jon Reviews)

    Baron can you please please PLEASE use the Canadian M5A4

  138. Play the Tiger E(6.0) With Stuka G2

  139. Centurion Mk.10 and the Tempest Mk.II/Vampire FB.5 (Which ever aircraft you

  140. Logan Parrish (Prussian J3T)

    ((second attempt))

    F6F or F8F and the M4 76

  141. DAMN IT BARON! USE YOUR BINOCULARS! it gives you a higher view point, easy
    to spot targets.

  142. M5A1 Show that Rank doesn’t matter !!! :)

  143. I appreciate that Baron and Phly have taken in a foreign exchange student
    from Doofistan (aka SlickBee), but I’d enjoy his commentary more if his mic

  144. Do what Im doin, 76 M4A1, and the P47

  145. the title, LOL

  146. this sherman is great in Sim battles


  148. Black prince with Lancaster or Wellington cookie bomb ftw

  149. 19:05 song name pls?


  151. kv-2 unlimited fire rate please

  152. Tiger H1 and the ME 410 B-2/U4

  153. I know this isn’t related to War Thunder but what mods do you use for Men
    of War Assault Squad?

  154. Baron use M26 Pershing

  155. which do you think is better? M4A1 Sherman, or a Sherman 105?

  156. play as the panzer 3

  157. Tortoise TD vs. T95 custom hype!!!!!

  158. baronvongames ur so awsome ur the reason why I love world of tank world of
    warships and world of planes

  159. Jhon Cena???

  160. Play as an aa like maybe a gepard! :)

  161. Germany needs the halftrack with the AT guns on them, I like all the
    different variants for theirs.

  162. Dat Polish eagle on Sherman. 10/10 would charge the turks

  163. Baron, play the T95 Doom Turtle and the B-29 Flying Fortress

  164. Also How do people stay in the planes for so long?

  165. let me give you a little challenge… Play the JagdPanzer, or play the
    Panzer IV(70) (it doesnt really matter which once you choose) with the
    HS-129 with the 37 mm installed (told you it was a challenge) Maybe you
    could also fly out the FW-190 F-8 with the 30 mm ;)

  166. I think y’all should use the T-50 tier 1 op drag racer and the BB-1 with
    insane amounts of bomb storage to explode ze Germans back to 1918

  167. T54 1947 and IL10, t44-100 hype!

  168. Nick Hecht (OneChanceShot)

    Tiger H1 with the 50mm Me-410

  169. Calvin Threepercenter

    M4A2 76 with P400

  170. Sherman firefly and Sherman jumbo

  171. Yo baron the intro songs sounds like some Barbie magical journey on some
    unknown magical land movie lel

  172. i like that sherman

  173. The United States of America

    That was me in the stug! i killed them both and had no idea! i know no one
    believes me but its true!!

  174. do the tiger 2 or tiger 1 pls

  175. Baron, Baron!! Where do you get your golden eagles?

  176. A.43 Black Prince and the Typhoon with the 1000 Ibs bombs

  177. I love intro music. :)

  178. baron play the legendary sniper duo with these 2 viehicles no tank or pane
    can live yes im talking about the narwale and the elephant. the elephant
    with its powerful trunk can kill most any tank and if you cant kill them
    then the narwales long range sharp pointy gun thing can finish them off

  179. Baron starts with B and so does Binoculars. Baron, you should use your
    binoculars occasionally, like when you couldn’t see over that hill and BAM

  180. Good o’l ‘Merican muscle

  181. t95 and b29 superfortress #like the comment?

  182. why does baron have a clip of him missing on the intro?

  183. y not the su-152

  184. The su152 and a good plane

  185. zis-30 and a plane of your choice

  186. How about the:

    Panzerbefehlswagen VI (P) and Ta-152

  187. Play The Zsu-57-2 or bt-7

  188. Jagtiger and ME-410/A1-U3

    Because 128mm and 30mm are the same.

  189. What is the music name?? And next tank jpanther

  190. like the intro music very calming and a reminder ^^

  191. 4M GAZ and the PO-2!

  192. Baron, you are a little inaccurate with your history.
    The reason the Pershing wasn’t introduce earlier was because they wanted
    them to actually work.

    The Germans had this problem, they pushed the Panther into production early
    and as a result they had many technical difficulties in the battle of
    The Americans wanted to avoid this situation.

  193. T-25&F8F WITH BOMBS

  194. Su 152 and IL10 (1946)

  195. Ze

  196. The P-39 sure is a good looking plane!

  197. m4 Sherman 3.7 the last tank for the Americans can have fun that 1.0 spread
    stupidest thing of all time

  198. Polish T 34 85 ” rudy 102″

  199. did they kind of weakened Russian tanks because lately I have been having
    an easier time with Russian tanks.

  200. Tiger-E1 with the flying fortres FW 200 with the biggest bomb you can have

    sorry for miss spelling have dyslexia


  202. Baron. Do the valentine xi and the hurricane mk vi derp plane

  203. Sorry mk iv derp plane

  204. Can you visit my channel?I play War Thunder too..

  205. Play the t95 pleas baron!!!!!!

  206. Or su 152

  207. tommoproductions213

    Baron please can you do the M26 Pershing with the p-47D Thunderbolt?

  208. centurion mk 10 with the attacker fb1

  209. how is called introductory music

  210. Kv2 + Yak9t! Just do it! (Atempt 2)

  211. I would like to see you playing some German Heavy Badasses like Tiger 1 E.
    or Tiger II oder Jagdtiger 🙂 with Ju 87. R2

  212. lol he requested the m4 and got the m4a1

  213. conqueror and attacker!

  214. ze sherman with the 105mm

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