American Tanks In a Nuttttshell | T29 HEAVY TANK (War Thunder)

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American Tanks In a Nuttttshell | T29 HEAVY TANK (War Thunder)

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  1. Great choice of intro music nice vid

  2. Another tank that make mid tier germany cry.

  3. Hey phly, i know u may never see this, but i need some advice, im EXTREMELY into Warthunder, but even running it at the minimum settings i get only about 10 fps and 150 ping, do you have a recommended beginner setup that has decent graphics and fps/ping? I just really want to get to play this amazing game, while having enjoyable gameplay. Thanks!

  4. I have t29 and I love how it has one of the best turret cheeks at its br but, it’s entire front is a weak spot

  5. My wishes came true, I wanted you to play the T-29

  6. So I’ve got a question… I was playing WT and after dying my computer took a complete shit and stopped displaying anything. Never shut off or anything. It shuts off almost instantly when I push the power button (not common for it to shut down so quickly) but I’ve swapped the HDMI cable. Switched things around and the such… still no luck. Any advice?

  7. @6:08 that is nerd af talk like outta context idk if any one would recognized that

  8. I do recommend t 29
    It’s my highest ranking vehicle off all.

  9. Why don’t people shoot that little lip at the top of the turret or is that only on the T34 I’ve never used the T29

  10. How the fuck can you see a gun barrel like that and pick it out of that view, you’re an alien or something bro
    And since when did wwii German tanks field 7.62??

  11. Bruh I remember when this thing’s mantlet was like impossible to pen. When it first came out this was a certified BEAST, and it still is, just kinda watered down a bit.

  12. Dude what song was that in the intro!?!?

  13. I would, but I’ve reached the end of the US tree.

  14. T29, T30 and I think the T34 should all be 7.3 or 7.7 tbh

  15. I take offense to your title. My last name is Nutt and I require at least one nutt joke if my name is to he used lol

  16. Anyone know the intro music?

  17. I love killing a t29

    *German main*

    Im sure russians have the same feeling

  18. I have the t29 and phly sits here trying to tell me its awesome, meanwhile I get fucked in it constantly.

  19. Yes i recommend t29 i have it and it is awesome.

  20. eccoc909 robloxplayer

    American STEEEL.

  21. “Ganji” *MAKE NO SENSE*

  22. Hey can you make a can you make a b-17 war German planes

  23. Americans are crazy Vol.4


  25. I got one question how can i Setup the distance 2:50 ?

  26. I love the T29…. But it’s no T30.

  27. My Life on The Peninsula

    T34 better

  28. Ok Boomer

  29. What the…. no 7,7 or 8,0 this is B.S. 🙁

  30. Phly,”What is this game”, Gajin,”It is communist bias American”

  31. i have a t29 and i do not recommend it

  32. The leo l44 was moved up too and its a nightmare to play 0 armor and a heat that dont do anything to tanks now do to the internal armor before you would vs tanks that had a bit of armor but u dont get tanks like the m1 abrams or t80u that u cant do anything to unless u use the really expensive apfsds round that cost 1k per shot

  33. War Thunder map designers 10/10 best

  34. Bane of my existence when using the ru 251, god damn thing just absorbs Heat.

  35. Intro song please

  36. Ze Fox TheBoredDude

    No I don’t have a T29, but I have a T34
    so no biggie cuz they’re the same but different gun so yeah

  37. Phly: I play a Ferdinand as a main battle tank.
    My Friend: *REEEEEEEEEEEE*

  38. The T29 is the best looking looking tank in the game change my mind.

  39. Bigsmily2001 [aka King_Beaufort]

    Attempt #8 i belive for loving the unloved. Play the top of tree heavy fighter for japan, the ki-83. It brings so much stopping power to your fingertips.

  40. Dude I have been listening to Howling by Lupus Nocte for weeks now over and over, heard it on one of your previous videos and now I’m addicted to it, it works so well with game play sometimes. Thanks for the great song man! And cheers to no more copyright strikes!

  41. dudes i use this tank in 9.0 games lol it can still bounce shells up their lol

  42. Hey phly. I was watching your wolf in sheep clothing video (yes from a year ago) and you asked a question about flaps. Combat flaps are meant to be used in combat, but in combat where you’ve lost all your energy and need more lift to prevent a stall. They aren’t really meant to go out at 400 or even 300 kph.

  43. What’s the difference between the T29 and T34? I just finished researching the T34 the other day and these two look pretty similar

  44. I’ve always loved my T29

  45. My most hated vehicles in game

  46. Its 7.0 because the tiger E

  47. No future for war thunder. Since helis are introduced from 8.7 -10 tier game is pure crap. Playing sice 2013 and stop playing 6 month ago. Until tier 7.7 is playable after that is crap. I would like that gaijin introduced mode without helis. Until that happen wont play WT. Hope U can move community to adress this issue to Gaijin. All the best man , keep doing good things.

  48. I still haven’t played the T29 or the US heavy series. Might give them a try soon.

  49. This should have been done ages ago… the t29, compared to the tiger 2 is an absolute unit

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