AMMO RACKS TALK! – M103 ONE SHOT KILLS – ( War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. Phly hello

  2. Awesome Vid Man, Thanks. Love Your VIDS


  4. when is the new update coming

  5. Do you guys have any feedback or suggestions? let me know!

  6. shoot them with your mg’s in the track, shows you the modules so you know
    where all the ammo is ;)

  7. Phly love your vids :)

  8. Dat T54 has hax!!!!1!!!1!

  9. monkeypuppybaby

  10. i’ve stop playing the game because the russian in tier 5 one shoot
    everything and you cannot…

  11. i pressed 1


  13. How do you get your golden eagles.

  14. German ammo racks aganist stupid russian shells.that’s why i unistalled the
    game after unlocking Tiger 2

  15. Next time drive out the Jagdtiger please :)

  16. sim battles pls

  17. no shrapnel at all… wtf?

  18. A video about effective armour usage, angling weak spots etc, would be
    pretty cool.

  19. I pressed 1, I knew it.

  20. Phly, do you remember back when every time the ammo rack was hit, it blew
    up? Those were the days

  21. 1 it’s always 1
    Also, Phly, even fuel tanks are RNG.. Sometimes they don’t even catch

  22. we complain a lot but what we should do is stop playing it

  23. The problem with APDS, is that is has no explosives in the projectile, its
    just a tungsten dart, where as APBC pens THEN explodes spraying shrapnel.

  24. I agree sometimes the ammo racks are a bit weird. Ive been hit by heavy HE
    rounds in my ammo and im just fine. Even AP too and little damage is done
    to my tank. In turn the same has happened to me when i am the one firing at
    a tank.

  25. get an air kill with quad maxim! (tier2 battle or higher)

  26. APDS is not good at blowing up ammo, it is just a rod of metal traveling at
    hight speeds, without any explosive filling, and only beeing able of
    blowing up ammo if a spark hits the the explosive that propels the shell.
    And it doesn´t shrapnel much because it overpens at the most common war
    thunder combat ranges

  27. 9:18 you lost like 10k in that engagement, they CHARGE 1500 PER SHOT

  28. Press 1 if you feel bad for the kid

  29. I personally feel it’s been quite a Russian bias game in the tanks since
    they were released. I also feel it’s more that the British and some
    american tanks can’t deal with T-34s so on very well due to this, where as
    the germans deal with them a little better, due to the ammo. It’s just
    putting me off playing tbh, i have tier 5s in them all other than the
    British, and i’m starting to lose interest in playing those, the constant 1
    shots and never killing anything in less than 5 17 pounder rounds is

  30. Finally another M103 video YEEEEEEEEES

  31. crap thunder at its finest ;/

  32. Mighty American Combo:
    The endangered M6A1 Buffalo and the P-82 double mustang with 2 1000 pound
    Deliver freedom to those crouts!

  33. Why do you complain about the ammo not exploding 100% of the T-54 you shot
    in the ammo exploded, and most likely it will with any other gun not the OP
    one on the M103, just deal with it pleb Russian tanks will be OP/troll in
    all games with tanks and Russian tanks, and you should start talking more
    about the BR problem and say the best solution for it if u rly wonder how
    can they fix it it is so simple just make the rating 1-5 like the ranks go
    that would fix it all Tiger 1s would fight with IS-1s, Panthers with
    Shermans, Tiger 2s with IS-2s and Pershings .

  34. pretty good challenge for you
    you should use that britisch m18 with horrible turret rotation and try to
    shoot down a plane!

  35. Kasper Soldal Nielsen

    I shot a KV-2 from the side (showed me the ammo go black) with HEAT rounds
    and nothing happened -_- didn’t even get a crew kill.

  36. ChaoticFluufyPlayz- Minecraft Pocket Edition

    Big ass gun

  37. Agreed,I neardly allways shoot for ammo and 40% of the time it doesant do
    anything and then they turn a ofc one hit kill me!

  38. Attempt-11/ m6a1 and the b-17g. Show the American tiger!

  39. Great, now the warthunder devs are gonna nerf the m103 heat shell. ;)

  40. its pretty bad in the skies and on the ground but nothing will be done
    until a game developer puts together a competitor to War Thunder.
    Monopolies act like this, that being, their view is law and criticism is
    quashed. Sure you got world of tanks but.. its just not the same visually
    and mechanics are megh in detail. Just long to see a day when the soviet
    era vehicles and craft are accurately represented over its propaganda
    riddled past, let the good be good instead of Op, let the bad be bad ..
    instead of op and ffs give players a chance to be smart with tactics not
    nerfed with game engine ‘balance’ – we are not someones free XP because the
    choose one nation in particular.

  41. The problem is: only russians have APCBC shells at higher tiers and they
    nerfed Sabot shells. So M60 and Leos are totally dependent on heatfs that
    (Jesus Christ) bounces off T10 even on side hits. Its ridiculous how they
    favor those damn russian tanks. Playing with Maus, my team win 1 out of 5-6
    matches. RIDICULOUS. The game is not about skillz. Its about who plays

  42. I saw the Reddit tests a while back. 1-piece ammo tends to blow up when hit
    by Sabot and HEAT-FS consistently, but 2-piece ammo was very tanky. This
    proved to be the case on the Russian IS series and the Maus and E-100.

  43. What got my attention is that when you hit ammo and it doesn’t explode, you
    still have all your ammo. It should take away however many rounds that ammo
    rack has from the total ammo amount you have in your tank.

    Just imagine you hitting a tank in the engine and it turns red, and he
    still drives away like nothing happened to his engine…

  44. phly combo of the pzIV F2 and the bf 109 E-3 with bombs in RB plz!!!

  45. Woah watch it Phly, critiqueing (is that how you write it?) War Thunder
    might get you banned lol

  46. t54 did not had sabot

  47. a regular AP shell wouldn’t ignite/ explode ammo but it would make that
    ammo useless, why not make it so when ammo racks to take AP hits of any
    kind player vehicles lose whatever amount of ammo was stored there

  48. Nice vid, Phly, ur my main source of War Thunder entertainment!!! Keep it

  49. If you want to see what happens when a real HEAT round hits a tank watch
    some of the fighting in Syria.

  50. Russia op?

  51. I mainly play the soviet tanks where I’ve got to the 4th tier and I never
    notice my ammo being hit but not exploded(probably because It’s not the
    no.1 priority in a battle to check your ammo rack status), but I also
    rarely get killed by having my ammo exploded. Also about half of my kills
    consist of destroying other players’ ammo racks and about one in 10 games I
    see someone in the chat, friend or foe, calling the soviet tanks
    overpowered(in which this might be one of the reasons). I would support
    making the tanks ammo racks more sensitive and/or increasing the damage of
    APCR/fin stabilized shells/sabot against ammo. I would happily have a bit
    more challenge if it made the game more balanced for others.

  52. I was playing some RB in my Conqueror (only apds) and I killed one T54
    after anorher, only by shooting at their ammo (3 in total :))

  53. Well if you want realism on realistic mode then HEAT ammo should lose alot
    of effectiveness when shot at a slope which isnt currently the case but if
    it is shot at a straight surface it would one shot the crew in most cases.

  54. Am sry phly but you’re a shitty tanker. Always aim for cannon breach with
    tanks. Ammo racks arent consistent enough.

  55. You do realize that the less ammo you put in your tank some ammo rack will
    be empty. The remaining shells will be housed closest to the gun breech

  56. the say sabot round need to get hot to ignite the ammo rack , and for that
    it needs do be shot at a steep angle , just like the AP round in m18 and

  57. Russian Bias at its finest

  58. Sir Stefan Channel!

    this is why I have such a love hate for this game. I know I am a decent
    player, but I just get shafted by the game a lot of the time.

  59. The APDS problem on ammoracks is especally hurtfull on Late-Tier Britains,
    So much frustration and Money loss…

  60. Kraftwerk aus Leidenschaft


  61. 90% supporting your statements, but even arcade needs a rather reliable way
    to ammorack tanks, not just the “aamorack-favorites” centurion mk10 and
    conqueror, which explode at ANY time your ammunition gets scratched by

    right now, russian tanks simply have additional armor inside their tanks in
    form of ammunition and vehicle-modules (fuel tank, engine, even the crew),
    while other nations tanks are loaded with nitroglycerin-coated TNT-barrels

  62. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    russian bias?

  63. Gaming With Daniel The Scot

    Phly stop raping tanks at gunpoint jesus where has my money gone?

  64. Reading the comments below makes me worried you’re gonna advertise shit
    like Baron does now.

  65. so if you hit a Russian tank in the ammorack it does nothing, HOWEVER if a
    su100y hit me in the fucking commanders hatch (and for the record all my
    ammo is stored on the floor off the tank and I only take 25 rounds in my
    tiger) is shrapnel’s into the floor and blowes me up.
    I love this game but sometimes……

  66. B-25 vs Biplanes

  67. Solid ammo such as APDS or pure AP can’t really explode. There’s no
    explosives, however they should become unusable

  68. I don’t mind ammo nod exploding on first shot. I mind it became black and
    start actking like another piece of armor. Another thing is that germans
    ammo explode 9/10 and russians its like 1/10 and only if another russian
    tank shoot me :D

  69. current state imo? all gone to shit

  70. sabot doesnt explode. its a solid, needle like round that is meant just to
    penetrate and some shrapnel. chances of it exploding anything are very
    minimal. ur right on almost everything but this is wrong. it should
    probably still damage them more but no blow up

  71. Fuel tanks absorbing 200pen shells… only in soviet Russia.

  72. 0:37 I told you it was Left ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  73. Korpen - Tank & Strategy Games

    Well said Phly! We need more realism in the Realistic and Simulator battle
    modes for ground forces. I want to see more one shots and perhaps even a
    crew morale mechanic (SB exclusive?) that will bail the crew if your tank
    take a hit that sets your tank on fire (an ammo or fuel fire doesn’t
    matter) or if the tank takes a crippling hit in some other way. All the RNG
    can stay in AB in my opinion.

    I actually liked how the game was during the CBT when you tended to get one
    shotted alot from all kinds of different reasons.

  74. I don’t think that there is a problem: If you shoot a tank shell with a 9mm
    pistol, what should happen? The ammo will be damaged, unusable (that would
    be a problem) but it won’t explode, it’s just a piece of metal that gets
    pushed into the shell. Also the bullet would provably stop in the tank
    shell, especially when there are multiple rounds next to each other.
    But when a stream of molten metal or a little grenade explodes inside a
    tank shell, it will blow up.

  75. Andy Play's [BogAco]

    I clicked 3 for middle.

  76. The problem Phly is that APFSDS (Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding
    Sabot) doesn’t spall/shrapnel to begin with. the round your firing is
    basically a dart that rips a 30-50mm hole in the tank. It goes so fast that
    it doesn’t give the armor a chance to shrapnel to begin with. It’s similar
    to why you shouldn’t fire APCR unless you absolutely have to at lower

  77. Fuel explosions and Fires cause me more concern than Ammo Racks. The game
    gives me a choice of how much ammo I can carry BUT I have to run a full
    load of fuel. In reality full tanks are less flammable than empty or
    partially filled vessels. The fumes of fuel is what burns. More air in tank
    the greater the chance of fire. In this game full fuel tanks blow like

  78. The ammo stuck by the shell/shrapnel should be unusable. So, if I start a
    RB/SIM battle with 25 rounds of 88mm for my pretty Tiger, and 30 seconds
    out of the spawn, a P47 drops an egg near me, damaging 15 rounds. I should
    currently only have 10 rounds available.
    I never understood the point of showing “Ammo Damaged!” after striking a
    tank in the ammo rack. If it has no effect at all on the ammo.

  79. Twat Damon!

  80. Phly do you belive in Russian bias?Please awnser

  81. Богдан Роман


  82. I Don't Understand Math

    T-54’s be like “Oooh Fu… BOOOOM!!

  83. The realistic thing about apfsds shells is that it’s just a high velocity
    “needle” that pokes through. Not much shrapnel is produced in this process.
    But I agree that shooting the ammo rack should do something to the tank,
    for example disable it for a second.

  84. ammorack Russians? it’s like trying to extinguish an oil fire with water.
    since the last 2 weeks I’ve shot hundreds of heatfs into Russian
    ammoracks… maximum of 5-10% detonated. bias everywhere, ground forces is
    actually not playable anymore unless you play Russia.

  85. You’re such a better tank and plane player than Baron Phly.

    Pleasure watching you play.

  86. The US had wet storage boxes for ammo, which decreased the chances by a lot
    of the ammo burning up, exploding ect. So in my opinion the US tanks should
    have that feature, period as I prefer historical models to “Balanced”
    models which is not happening in WarThunder right now.

  87. German ammo racks blow up immediately

  88. How about the reload on Russian Heavy tanks though? IS3 and IS2 Mod take
    forever to reload. whereas a german Tiger 1/ 2 can pump out 2-3 rounds in
    that time. Even with a maxed out crew the reload is still horrid.

  89. I don’t have this problem with British tanks.

  90. Yup, I put 4 APDS rounds from my M60 into the ammo rack of a T10 the other
    night and it didn’t do anything but piss him off. He then turned and
    one-shot killed me.


  91. Well, the intro pretty much discripes my whole ground forces career in war
    thunder… :|

  92. ArmorPiercingHighExplosiveBallisticCapSoyUsedRussianSpaceShipShell . Next
    Ammo to be added in WT? 😀 hahahahhahhahahah

  93. I completely agree with your summary Phly. As an RB tanker, I hate not
    being able to detonate/ignite ammo racks with direct hits. It detracts from
    the gameplay too much, and takes realism away from a game mode literally
    called “realistic”.

  94. So this is why I saw you using an M103 a couple days ago. Honestly you are
    my favorite YouTuber for WarThunder because at this point you don’t even
    give a fuck about saying bad things about aspects of the game and being
    honest about it. You are like the voice of the RB tank players who get
    ignored by Gaijin’s censorship.

  95. did somebody have problems too with the britain repair costs? :c

  96. Hay Phly i Killed you today at 20:43 German Time im so sorry

    Why so you go out of your pt 76 ???
    I Shoot just mg

  97. Ha! “they don’t have very much penetration” my ass

  98. Every time in my tiger 10,5 I get ammo racked

  99. I’m so sick of seeing a shell hit the ground or the hill in front of me but
    kill you a millisecond later

  100. *complains about ammoracks not exploding*
    *every ammorack he hits explodes*

  101. I think only tanks that have wet ammo racks would be able to survive any
    hit to the ammo. (unless they carry 2 piece ammo and only the AP shell
    itself gets hit) but yeah, the state of russian bias in War Thunder is
    absurd, not only do they get rediculously strong ammo racks they can burn
    for half a battle before they eventually die whereas every other nation
    gets wrecked within about 3 seconds if they don’t use their extinguisher.

  102. Totally agree phly good rant

  103. onestopshop slop the rop

    barron is a arcade scrub for tanks i want a sim 1v1

  104. RNG? Rigged number generator? Based on how much money you’ve spent?

    OK… thought so… just making sure we’re on the same page.

  105. 1 like = School cancelled one day because of snow

    1 sub = School cancelled one week because of more snow

  106. Good ideas phly. What about if the ammo doesn’t explode if for example its
    the t54s ammo rack it then means that the ammo in that rack is not usable,
    so the t54 u shot would be unable to shoot u unless has had a shell loaded,
    sound good?

  107. Oh lawd that Jeopardy music reminds me of Highflyer when he still did WoT
    videos :/

  108. in mother russia we train ammo to eat enemy sabot rounds fired by puny
    american and brittish tanks

  109. phly, you were ranting on how you cant kill or ammo ract other tanks the
    russian tanks, however the only video proof of you not 1 shotting is in the
    beginning, when you actually shot the wrong side of the tank, that was on
    you, and in your realistic gameplay, within 5 minutes you got 3 kills 2 of
    which WERE 1 SHOTS, so stop complaining, your making yourself like the
    stereo topical Americans who complains just because its not a fucking cake
    walk for you to stomp on other tanks by 1 shotting them, dont get me wrong
    I love your videos but this one was plain stupid.

  110. Gunpowder requires a lot to go off. AP and APCR will not consistently cook
    gunpowder and other propellants.
    Note I only stated AP and APCR.
    The ammo storage system needs to be re-balanced and more diverse.

  111. i think if you get pinned you should be stunned but then pen would have to
    at least almost kill a crew member or kill one which will stun the whole
    crew for a few seconds at least. that will help with that turning after
    they are shot and one shotting you.

  112. They should nerf fin heat is fckn annoying to get one shot killed across
    the map while I’m angeld beast af. The should reduce it to 5 fin heat
    shells per tank or just give all t5 tanks ( except German ww2 tanks) fin
    heat. Cause I bearly pen a m60 from 1 km away but het can shoot straight
    through 200mm of solid steel angeld at 60 degrees ffs

  113. I remember before the update, where you could just shoot the ammo and it
    would explode, I knew exactly where to hit for shermans and I would always
    just annihilate them

  114. Superior Russian statistics show Russian ammo rack under performing, buff
    incoming comrades

  115. Is anyone els cursed in wt like always one shot when you shoot it always
    bounce even when it’s not supposed to and when I angle it fuck that it goes
    right through

  116. Could you please tell me, is the He 162 good or not? Is it worth my time
    spading it out?

  117. *paper vs darts* challange!!!! Enemy team grab any tier 1 tank vs other
    team grabs any tier 5 tank but you could any use APCR

  118. I am
    1. A ps4 player
    2. A Russian tanker
    so you must hate me :)

  119. I tested US and British APDS on 100 tanks of each nation tier 4 and up, at
    200 Meters apart, and these are the results. British APDS Vs US 52/100,
    Russian 32/100, German 86/100, British 51/100- US APDS Vs US 58/100,
    Russian 29/100, German 89/100, British 53/100. This my be the RNG, but when
    Russian tanks have a small chance of getting ammo racked and the Germans
    have almost a %90 chance of getting ammo racked by APDS, something isn’t
    right. this was a test done by some friends and me in custom match, not in
    test drive. It was tested on 1/25/16. If anyone else does a test, I would
    like to know your results.

  120. Oh hey there mister

  121. wait wtf
    bitching that ammo racks dont explode then we got video from you where
    every ammo shot made ammo rack to explode
    Did i miss something here?
    I dont see you complaining on exploding radiators, like tank engines were
    cooled with alcohol or somtin.

  122. come on russian are easy to destroy theres no such bias thing only
    crybabies who cant admit defeat

  123. I’ve been hit in my ammo by an is 2 in the M41A1 but I think it’s beacuse
    my armor wasn’t thick enough for the warhead to detonate and um ya my ammo
    age the entire round

  124. talking half the video about non expoding russian ammo, and the next few
    minutes of actual gameplay every ammo hit is a one hit explosion kill…..

  125. Did anyone else notice that 3/4 times he blew a t-54 up, it was the fuel
    tank in front of the ammo that he ignited? Also, why don’t you just try to
    kill the crews? I know it takes more rounds, but hitting the turret is
    usually much easier than trying to hit ammo. Furthermore, why don’t you aim
    for fuel? It usually disables/delays tanks long enough for me to reload and
    finish them off.

  126. I see it as tough love… I would exclude RNG (even from arcade) form War
    Thunder and favor the people who know the anatomy of a tank. I say, you
    don’t know the science of tank warfare get out of war thunder

  127. Different ammo storage types should be taken into account too obviously.

  128. well now the m103 gonna get serious nerf next patch.

  129. My is-1 and kv2 get ammo racked so frequently all this russian bias stuff
    is plain bullshit considering if you play russian tanks you would know that
    they are fragile

  130. The one shot challenge:
    Take out any tank you want (you probably should take out one with a good
    gun) in tank RB. You are only allowed to bring ONE SHOT with you (you are
    still allowed to choose what ammo type though). Position yourself in a
    friendly cap circle, if there are none, cap one. Then you have to get the
    most kills possible with having to reload that single shot every time.

  131. I almost smashed my keyboard pressing “1”… I need a new keyboard…… :P

  132. As I said on the other video, Have you asked to developpers of the game
    about that? Because if you complain about that but you dont say anithing to
    game developpers it is very unuseful.

  133. i play english and when i aim for German amo rack, it explode all the time.
    So i do not have any problems with german tank. i even feel seorry for
    them, it is really easy to make them explode with apds. Russian’s are
    another story unfortunately

  134. APHEBCSRSS: “Armor-piercing-high explosive-ballistic cap-soyuz- Russian-
    spaceship-shell” Phlydaily 2016

  135. I can’t remember where I heard it, but aren’t there types of ammunition
    containment that prevents or delays ammo detonation?

  136. Is the ammo rack on the front left side on most tanks?

  137. I did a test run in a Panzer III M with APCR. I shot the Kv-2 on test map 3
    times on each side. 3 Direct hits each ammo rack. Did the ammo expload?

  138. Taka “elpape44250” PS

    +++++++! at 100%

  139. So im not the only one who thinks Gaijin might be a little biased? Good.

  140. Why would this be Russian Bias?
    4/4 times the ammo exploded inside a Russian tank….

  141. Would like to add this, I ammo rack Russian tanks at 6.7 with Panzer 2 H
    APCR every day.

  142. ooo pen a Russian tank and hit fuel tank AND ammo rack… nothing happens,
    couple wounded crew and damage to a few parts, he returns fire and I’m lit
    up like a Christmas tree. not always a problem but it is when I’m a
    Churchill with masses of armour being penned by F-34 cannon that shouldn’t
    even be able to pen 89mm of armour unless they are using solid armour
    piercing rounds… which they’re not. isn’t that why there are different
    rounds so that you change the ammo depending on what you are shooting at???

  143. Phly! Why did you turn the turret! should have just face straight into that
    T54 since u will have high-chance bouncing that shell. just little turn on
    the turret of M103 will literally lost its angle effectiveness just like in
    IS-3 hull. (Intro)

    *Just random rant damn gaijin for breaking my fav M103 and removes its
    APCBC when it did have APCBC*

    But well wer talking about ammo-racks here….yes, russians ammo rack are
    protected by stalin, they can’t be 1 shooted *sometimes* *sometimes they
    blow-up instantly but 30% chance*
    and as for the APDS and HEATFS they are nerfed as hell, they have less
    spalling/fragmentation cause it was written in the sekrit documents of
    gaijin that they should be nerfed and its historically correct)))))

    Oh btw what are you thoughts on the new T44-100 russian tank?

  144. the sad part is that this wasn’t a problem back when Sim existed because
    everything used to die in one hit. you were actually lucky if you survived
    the first shot but you almost never survived the 2 shot.

  145. I’m not a tank shell knowledge professional, but I’m pretty sure that when
    an AP round penetrates a tank, it will bounce around the tank’s inside
    destroying the tank and its crew, not all the time, but most of the time. I
    think that’s what AP rounds should do since this is a “realistic” game.
    Please correct me if I’m wrong, this is just what I’ve been told by other

  146. there is no ruski bias

  147. i feel like a hit to the ammo rack IRL is still unlikely to cause any sort
    of explosion, id imagine an ammo rack explosion is the least likely thing
    to occur when struck by an incoming round. ammunition doesnt work like
    that, its not like a little bomb just sitting there, without the pressure
    of the chamber and breach in the gun the propellant doesnt have a large
    amount of chemical energy like an explosive would……….. i suppose a
    LOT of ammo all blowing up would create enough pressure in a small tank
    compartment but itd have to be multiple rounds going off…….. like A LOT
    to kill………… or maybe im wrong, but at the very least an ammo rack
    explosion IRL would be very very rare i think……… anyone can test this
    who owns firearms, go set up some ammo downrange and shoot it, it will not
    explode easily, itd probably take 100 tries before you got anything to
    happen. same idea, smaller scale

  148. True,but Not for KV-2’s their ammo racks are easily destroyed as Long,As
    You shoot the charge Not the capped Shell.

  149. omg imagine if phly worked with gaijin. war thunder would be such a good
    game. no bias. no physical bullshit. no shitty br. no shitty mm.

  150. I Know this from being a experienced German tanker myself Not saying its
    Not a problem but KV-2’s Are easily killed. But all the Rest Are Hard to
    ammo rack.

  151. Now when I play tanks I can’t even play because I die every time because
    people aim for my fucking ammo racks

  152. Fuck warthunder

  153. War Thunder is so fucking biased it isn’t even funny…

  154. lee christmasgaming

    play world of tanks, no one shots except for arty

  155. Please don’t treat arcade as a dumpsite of bad ideas.

  156. Yeah, so +PhlyDaily, you earned a little under 13K in silver lions for what
    I would consider a solid match in the M103. How much did using all that
    premium ammo cost you? 20K? 25K? You shot that T54 at point blank range and
    it took you what, 4 shells at 1800 a shell to kill him. You spent 7,000 SL
    to gain 4,500 You had a great round and seconds away from ace tanker and it
    cost you probably 10,000 silver lions.That is the thing that I resent the
    most. The stock round is worthless so in order to be competitive, you need
    to use costly ammo when the stock round for a T54 is almost a guaranteed
    1-shot. It would go a long way if they fixed the damage model of the ammo

  157. +PhlyDaily idk if you will read this but i have a challenge for you that me
    and my friends started doing, simply get a Zis-30 and go on a Tier 5 Tank
    RB and see how many kills you get. (NOTE: it’s easy but hard at same time)

  158. complaining about russian ammo racks, kills after that a few russian tanks
    with the ammo racks..^^ #ikhewastalkinaboutaprcjk

  159. I totally agree with you phly. A thing i would like to add is when i shoot
    the fuel of a T-34 the fire from that thing should set off the ammo because
    the ammo is right next to that fuel tank.

  160. Olds_96 Vanguard (MLGxOldsx96x)

    thats the Squadron im co-operate of in the game with you VGN haha thats

  161. PhlyDaily….. That is why you ALWAYS shoot the turret!

  162. so is playing the Russians more beneficial if you want to complete a tech
    tree, in other words is it quicker and easier to complete the Russian tech
    tree than playing say the british?
    Would you say the the Russian game producers are biased when it comes to
    there vehicles or is it a simple case of them being more superior?

  163. Hey pull, I’m really happy you made this video. Look at all the nations
    alone though, the ammo rack at the front of the side on a Sherman, will go
    off 90% of the time. German Panzer IV’s and tiger. Will go off 95% of the
    time. Then British.. IF PENNED will go off maybe 80 (I have noticed they
    don’t go off as often) then Russian…. They go off about maybe 30% I have
    been playing Russia a lot and not even when I get hit does it go off. These
    are my stats, what do you feel about the RNG in each nation?

  164. For your challenge video you should try to put out a fire in the A6M3 or
    any other Zero… I think I’ve done it twice in all my time in WarThunder.

  165. I love the smell of ammo racked T-54’s burning

  166. No russian bias tho

  167. Phly if you take a close look even at this video, you can clearly see that
    NONE of your kills on the T-54s were from ammo racks, they were all fuel
    tank explosions, not ammo rack explosions

  168. i had to stop playing war thunder until they fix the top tier tanks get
    back to 8.0, its just stupid to play against m103s, maus, t54’s, etc as a
    tiger 2 or t44

  169. THANK YOU, someone has finally touched on the russian bias!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thank you phly!

  170. The True Gamerz Dynamite

    No matter what round you are firing if you hit ammo directly it should set
    it off all the time.

  171. they should add oxygen tanks in jets so then their not in space.

  172. I’d play ground forces but my graphics suck so badly that it’s almost
    unplayable. :P

  173. If you just don’t give one, skip to 8:20 for the gameplay.

  174. Hello my good sir,
    Please mister phly I ask you to take the British Grant and the P-40 with
    any sort of British skin as you choose and see how many of those Afrika
    Corps Krauts you can bag.

  175. Yes the fragmentation model is pathetic right now in the game. When you
    have APDS round hitting armor at 1400 ft/sec it is going to create alot of
    heat and alot of fragmentation when it punches thru. Gaijin only believes
    that APCBC rounds of Russian design work that way with the small a bomb HE
    filler that they use.

  176. Just bleep out the occasions that you swear, then post it on the WT forums
    to bring this great video to more people’s attention please!! 😀 That way
    Gaijin can’t take down your video without it being obvious Russian bias))))

  177. Is the b-57 good for a first jet?? Sorry it’s irrelevant but I hope it is..


  179. Well if u see knocked out tanks during world war 2 or Korea, the disabled
    tanks aren’t on fire or blown to pieces. There is just a hole and the tank
    catches on fire sometimes. The ammo can be held in a box and be called a
    ammo “rack”. And this box can be armoured. Later modelled tanks ammo
    “racks” can be protected heavily. I might be wrong but it might be.

  180. only plz make a seperat did for you talking that just redicules that u
    spent 8 minutes and 25 seconds talking about the tank

  181. I’ve been ammo racked on my russian tanks, those PZGR39s

  182. that’s longer then how long u were in battle

  183. 4:30 the truck floating in the background, PRICELESS! Phly being serious
    with a floating truck in the background.

  184. Well Phly, you have to consider that in real life, a tank getting knocked
    out by an ammunition rack detonation was actually fairly uncommon. Much of
    the time, the knocked out tank was able to be towed back to an armory and
    returned to service after some relatively minor repairs.

  185. Why do people always cry “Russian bias, fix it”. It is no Russian bias in
    the game. Everybody thinks it because gajin is from Russia. You also have
    to talk about the German or murican bias, like the horten and the early
    p80s. So stop this shit phly. I really like your videos but in the last
    time it gets a bit annoying because in every video you blame gajin for
    something that is not always right.

  186. i just learn that the 2017 at the summer i think, they will bring new
    airplanes from 1960 – 2000 (i think) is that true?

  187. why is the ammo not the same to make it fair same as none exploding ammo
    rack op russian bullshit

  188. Thank you for making this video Phly. GF DM was best when it was in beta,
    nearly everything died in one shot as it should if you aimed well.

    The problem with Gaijin GF imho is they use the same DM for RB, SB, and AB.
    Ab just gives you aim assistance with AB physics, but that’s where the
    difference basically ends. Your idea of tailoring DMs for the game mode you
    select is pretty brilliant.

    Going to post on r/warthunder if that’s ok with you?


  190. Gaijin tweaks the models, if you played CBT ground forces you would know
    this. Testers proved time and again certain vehicles would have their
    armor/module models ‘buffed/nerfed’ for gameplay “balance”. War Thunder’s
    historical accuracy went out out window by the 2nd CBT test…Still
    remember how soon after the howls of how ‘op’ the Tiger 1& Panther D
    were..both got hit with a ahistorical bat ..and how suddenly the T-34s&T44
    were ‘accidently’ have spaced turret armor(they had doubled the armor) & or
    as in the case of the T-34-85., you were not able to hit its turret ammo
    rack…cause game would not register the hit.
    My favorite was when they boosted the Soviet APHE burst damage so much that
    players would simply firing under a German tank. Thus pen through its belly
    armor, cause a transmission fire…….. BTW biggest case for Soviet or
    Russian bais..frontal mounted transmission fires….

  191. dude the T-32 needs a patch if u shoot the lower glacis than the charges in
    the bottom will blow up no matter what

  192. I do agree that if the ammo rack does not explode, the fragments should be
    allowed to proceed in their original path. However, concerning the ammo
    rack detonation with apds or solid shots, I’m kind of hanging in both
    directions. I understand why some people would like to it to explode (like
    it did in the past), but I also understand that this way gives each shell
    type a more distinct role or advantage. For example, Apds be a more
    consistent round that is not disturbed by an external object in its way to
    the target, like fences, and the connection with the target is guaranteed
    with the lack of likeliness of ammo detonation. On the other hand, Heat
    rounds are vulnerable with external objects (fences, trees) but if it hits
    the target’s ammo, it will go off. Now, are the external obstructions
    enough to justify the differences in ammo detonation of each round?
    Personally, I dont think so. However, I do think it should not be as
    effective as the heat round.
    Gaijin probably doesn’t even take these considerations account I’d assume.

  193. Phly it’s not just the M103’s HEAT-FS, every HEAT-FS shell does it. HEAT-FS
    is also good for picking out crew, especially against Russian tanks due to
    the tight crew spacing from the compact design.

  194. I disagree with the ammo racks because I get one shotted all the time even
    with less ammo careing

  195. phly with that left or right side…for the next time that happens just
    look at the driver viewports and then you know were to shoot ;)

  196. I usually take around 20 shells into the battle. So if some of my ammo
    racks are empty, you can hit them 100x and they won’t explode… but
    shrapnel fix.. sure.

  197. its the russian bias with their gay ammo racks being stronger then any
    other nations. fuckin faggot gaijin

  198. banba miharu/shinya yuri is the best genre

    shot Russian in the turret you can 1 hit them every time : D

  199. On all those T54s it is the fuel tanks you blew up, not the ammo. To make a
    real “Russian bias” test you should compare ammo hits on Russians and other
    tanks while using a Russian tank yourself.

  200. You should do a custom game of M16s vs 2 B29s or B17s but you can only use
    the turrets/50 cals on your plane lol have fun!!!! :D

  201. “Armor piercing high explosive ballistic cap Soyuz Russian spaceship shell”

  202. finally, the T-10m has invincible ammo racks whe not firing HEATFS.

  203. Still doing a great job!
    I think we have to draw for Gaijin understand how to be a realistic mod!

  204. I’m fairly certain the game mechanics are accurate – non-explosive,
    solid-shot rounds should NOT reliably detonate ammo racks. Many kinds of
    explosives, such as C4, cannot be detonated by being lit on fire – they
    need an explosion or spark to get set off.

    Also, I never understood the whining about OP Russian shells – American
    APHE shells are just as effective as the Russian ones (haven’t played
    Germany or UK yet so can’t speak for them). The only difference is the
    default loadout of most American tanks is the stupid solid-shot AP rounds
    so it takes considerable research before a newly-unlocked US tank is
    effective in battle. Don’t complain if your solid-shot AP rounds don’t
    detonate the explosives in an enemy tank – not only do they not have
    anything but their physical presence to detonate those explosives with, but
    those explosives also have precautions against being set off by external

  205. APHEBCSRSS Confirmed

  206. Mr. Atomic Annahilation

    It would be nice if you would loose the shells that have been hit/scratched
    by shrapnell, making them unoperational.

  207. It’s called Russian bias

  208. It’s no different than russian heat shells.

  209. enough said, Russian tank op

  210. The problem with the t54 is that it has a fuel tank in the from and behind
    it….it has the ammo so that’s why it explodes

  211. I got ammo racked last night after an artillery sheet hit my gun barrel
    then the shrapnel somehow went inside the tank (105 Sherman) and hit my
    ammo… Oh and the artillery came from a T34E usser

  212. The 40mm matilda

  213. I remember when warthunder was simulator and wot was the arcade. Warthunder
    needs to stay in the area of simulation instead of trying to become a
    arcade game. Gaijin needs to stop making bad decisions; it’s killing a
    great game.

  214. Lol, Phly still thinks they care about realism. Realism is you would
    abandon your tank after any penetration as a tankers worse fear is getting
    trapped and burned alive. Your in a metal coffin surrounded by flammable
    hydraulics, no one sat there returning fire after you been penned. So
    realistic battle in a game where you not only have to account for where in
    the tank to hit to pen but what module you have to pen to “kill” the tank
    in game or risk return fire. It’s like saying Anti Tank Guided Missiles
    can’t kill a tank because it cant pick out the right module to pen.

  215. Best tank kill I got: A-13 kill. Ran into the enemy who was much better
    than me and I fired a point blank shot, I laughed so hard.

  216. Put simply its the stupid russian bias that is ruining the game.

  217. Gameplay at 8:21

  218. Use the Russia too stronk bt5 kill a plane XD. Russian OP 45mm anti air!!!

  219. I get one shotted in Russians all the time

  220. wanna know what ammo racks every time? T10M’s M62-TS 122mm APCBC shells..
    wanna know something? its free and you get it with the stock tank… its my
    favourite T5 tank, like it better than M60, Leo-1, Conqueror, Centurion,
    T54’s.. just T10M love for everyone

  221. That’s why I only play gf arcade and then in T5 basically mainly the Maus
    (as a german tank player). Yes it’s vulnerable to HEAT spam (they might
    don’t do much damage but enough to peek your slow maus to death) but the
    128mm fits the current meta at best. It basically one shots everything it
    penetrates and that’s all what counts in WT. Apart from that I love
    trolling T10-m with the 128mm HE when they hide behind something with their
    commander cupolas exposed. Smash a 128mm HE against it and watch the T10-m
    die miserable.

  222. Only in Russia is ammo and fuel used as armor protection. And 45mm of armor
    on a T-34 will bounce 160-200MM+ of pen regularly.

  223. If a tank survives getting ammo racked, they should also lose the amount of
    ammo that was destroyed

  224. With how troll ammo racks are I usually just take out their gunner than
    kill everyone else with the next shot

  225. New epic challenge !
    take pe-8 with the 5000kg bomb on RB at map krymsk , and bomb the
    note : it is possible to do that.
    you have to dodge the AAA and stay 200 alt and keep dodging .
    guys give some like if you want to see daily doing some epic actions !

  226. How do you go into binocular mode

  227. Could you do a video on polish planes/tanks I know there isn’t much but I
    really like the polish planes and they’re close counter parts plus I love
    the videos keep it up

  228. Phly… Phly! How do you not know where the usual Soviet ammo rack is?!

  229. Maybe Russian ammo doesn’t “blow up” because they sometimes filled their
    ammo with concrete because metal was too expensive? They shrapnel very well
    but I don’t think they blow up.

  230. “russian aphe rounds dont have that much pen” IS2 shoots straight through
    the front armor of the tiger 2 and its dead instanty no chance for the
    tiger that historicly was the much stronger tank the tiger 1 was stronger
    than the is2 but wt doesnt give a shit

  231. gameplay starts at 8:21

  232. If ammo doesn’t go off but gets destroyed, it should result in a loss of

  233. Do you guys know the useless piece of 5mm steel on top of the stuh 42? The
    other day, a HE round hit my stuh there (from a Sherman 105) and 3 pieces
    of shrapnel went downwards, penetrated my roof armor and cooked off my
    ammo. That’s Gaigin logic to you.

  234. You went full Highflyer15 with the Jeopardy music! Tagging +TheRiisingSun
    because I’m sure he’ll find it funny ;)

  235. The issue is that all the components of a tank are static. So if a ammo
    rack is hit by a pure AP shell, it should send that ammo flying about the
    fighting compartment of the tank injuring whoever is in the way. Also that
    ammo should not longer be usable.

    I think another point that should be made is that large caliber HE shells
    should also stun the crew. War Thunder fails to model the
    malleability/rigidity of the armor, meaning it doesn’t bend/cave in or
    crack and shatter when large cal HE shells hit it.

  236. well phly here oneshot every t54 ammo with apc and people here still
    comlaining abot bias. As far as i can see this people need to learn how to
    play with armor as lilke russian bias need to learn how to aim in specific
    place with worse velocity guns. And at high distances it’s quite difficult
    too. And for 400 mm apc shells that germans and americans have, the armor
    of russian bias is like not in the game for them.

  237. I get that you want realism, but for the time being instead of complaining
    about ammo not exploding, you could just start aiming for vital crew and
    parts. Just an idea

  238. My Most Favorite Tank In The game lol. And you do good using it. God bless
    you phly :)

  239. ammo problems? M4 Sherman Jumbo. enough said

  240. Nice phly, great job at not-sucking-Gajin’s dick like some other *not
    calling names because you know him pretty well* big WT youtubers. You got
    valid points and i agree with you.

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