Ammo Types in War Thunder EXPLAINED | War Thunder Tank Shells Guide

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Source: skDoger

There are quite a large amount of different ammo types in the game, and itÙs easy to get confused about them. I spent a lot of time with detailed explanations and animations to help you understand each shell in the game. If you don’t understand a shell or you noticed something wrong with the video, please leave it in the comments and I’ll try my best to help you guys. Massive thanks to the War Thunder Wiki for providing much of the information in the video. But hey, ammo types part 3.

📕 Kinetic Energy: 0:19
L 📙 Solid Armor Piercing: 0:39
| L 📒 APC: 1:02
| L 📒 APBC: 1:19
| L 📒 APCBC: 1:38
L 📙 High Explosive Filled Armor Piercing: 2:20
| L 📒 APHECBC: 2:48
L 📙 Sub-Caliber Armor Piercing: 3:09
L 📒 APCR: 3:44
L 📒 APDS: 4:23
L 📒 APFSDS: 4:58
📕 Chemical Energy: 5:31
L 📙 High-Explosive: 6:05
| L 📒 HE-DF: 6:25
| L 📒 HE-VT: 6:33
| L 📒 HE Grenade: 6:47
| L 📒 Rocket: 7:00
L 📙 Anti-Emplacement: 7:26
| L 📒 Shrapnel: 7:44
| L 📒 HESH: 8:07
L 📙 High-Explosive Anti-Tank: 8:52
| L 📒 HEAT-FS: 9:17
| L 📒 HEAT Grenade: 9:32
L 📙 Guided Missiles: 9:53
| L 📒 ATGM-VT: 10:12
| L 📒 ATGM Tandem: 10:21
| L 📒 ATGM-HE: 10:36
| L 📒 SAM: 10:47
L 📙 Utility: 11:17
L 📒 Smoke: 11:22
📘 Q&A With Discord Server Members: 12:00


  1. 🅱️esh

  2. Retard Dickinson

    I’ve never seen anybody premier a video before, da fuck is this

  3. Admiral RoadRunner

    Good stuff

  4. good vid and still find it very helpful

  5. Jeff gets brutally murdered by dog for about 12 minutes straight: the move: the game

  6. Antoś Appleseed


  7. There is also armor piercing rockets from planes.

  8. 8:38 not anymore, they got a huge nerf now, roughly half of normal pen at 60° angle (if 90° is a flat line and 0° is a flat wall)

  9. Good video but I need my M E M E S

  10. Qickguide: Dont use APCR. Like ever. Just dont. Never.

  11. Dang it, 1 hour late

  12. Martin Reynoso Baltore

    I know how survive to all of shells
    “No armor is the best armor”
    Flack 88 aproves

  13. 7:44 yes fuccin finally!!! Shrapnel shell

  14. I found this on home page

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  16. Rafael Gonçalves Dias

    Much better than the one from warthunder

  17. Semi armor piercing high explosive was missed

  18. What about kv-2 and anti-concrete shells? 🤔

  19. thx man the are rlly useful these tips are going to change my gaming tactiques

  20. Thank you so much for remaking this video,the HEAT explanation in the last version was horrible

    • Yep, last time I did 0 research and made stuff up. I was just trying to release part 2 as quickly as possible so that people would stop complaining about it 😂

  21. The Master Tanker

    I always just looked at the pictures to see which shell penetrated the most armour and picked it.
    Ah, what an idiot I used to be

  22. I found you in the best moment ❤️

  23. T:::###dead###:::T

    03:08 few

  24. HESH and HEAT are totally wrong in the game. When a HEAT grenade penetrates a target everything inside should be dead because of the hot gas and the rapid change of the pressure inside the tank.

  25. Can you do the version with aircraft ammo types

  26. Since we have more night battles now, it would be nice to have illuminations rounds implemented somehow.

  27. The best April Fools joke.

  28. You forgot that you can use Smoke as HE on exposed crew.

  29. U forgot semi armor pircing

  30. ля,пришлось русские субтитры включать,чтобы узнать что-то новое.Хоть и играю в тундру 5 лет,но некоторое не знал :DD

    • Спасибо за просмотр видео! Я надеюсь, что анимация помогла вам понять 🙂

    • @skDoger ah, and u speak at english, but also in russian?) Yes, animation say me new about the properties of projectiles(i hope i translate it correctly :DD)

  31. regarding to why APDS is better at angles than APCR is because they actually are Capped rounds ”The sub-projectile consists of a high density core with a penetrating cap, enclosed within a high strength sheath (steel) with a lightweight alloy (aluminum-magnesium alloy) ballistic cap.” – wiki, this is also the Case for APFSDS rounds, they are more than just a Tungston penetrator

    • Thank you for clarifying! I kept looking but I couldn’t find an explanation anywhere. That makes a lot of sense.

  32. High budget animations

  33. Great video, not trying to be a dick but a little correction, you said fins help over long distance which is kinda wrong because the fins are there simply to stabilize the projectile since the projectile is so long it cannot be stabilized by using rifling, so like the fletchings on an arrow, the fins help to stabilize the long rod penetrator.

    • I wanted to make it simple for beginners to understand, but you are very correct. What I was trying to say was that the fins make the shell’s path more predictable, therefore you can use it over long distances without having to worry about it going somewhere other than where you aim.

  34. None work, even if you DO hit the right spot, the game will make your shell do nothing. Yeah and NO one uses APCR and most HE

  35. But what about APHEATCBCCRFSDSSH?

  36. I think you forgot AC (Anti-Concrete) shells. Honestly that doesn’t matter though; nobody actually uses them in combat anyway.

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